Nevertheless, the fact that there was no such quest as ‘destroy the Demon King’, meant that there was no high-ranking demon above level 1,000 in this Demon World.

Eventually, he concluded that it was worse than the hunting grounds of the Act 2, apart from the reward of the quest.

Vulcan sighed again.




He stared blankly into the sky of the Demon World, as he had lost all the enthusiasm.

But he couldn’t stay like that forever.

He jumped up from the seat and used the strength of the god of the lightning to its full extent.

Then he ran out in any direction, scurrying around to find the city of the Demon World.

He was going to cause a scene as loudly as he could and bring in more demons to take down.

But even after 30 minutes, an hour, and two hours of running around like a madman, he couldn’t find a large city.




There is no place to call a village, let alone a city.

Vulcan stopped because it felt so incomprehensible.

Then he used his flying magic in the center of the empty wilderness, where there was nothing.

The idea was to broaden the horizons to see what was around.

But the situation didn’t go as he intended.


“……There is literally nothing.”


There was no demon to be seen.

Although he had concentrated his vision from quite a tall height, there was not one demon to be seen. This reality got Vulcan agonizing as if he had received an unsolvable riddle.

About 100 years had passed since he started to go back and forth the Demon Worlds.

He had been to thousands of Demon Worlds.

However, it was the first time for him to find such a calm Demon World where there was not even an ant.


‘Well, there was one, when I revisited the Demon World that I had destroyed…..’


It was similar to when he had two visits to the same Demon World, one that he had destroyed on his first visit.

But he was here, the Agameth Dimension, definitely for the first time.

The case was completely different than before.

Fortunately, the worries of Vulcan didn’t last long.

As if someone eavesdropped on his innermost thoughts and gave him a helping hand, a demon came into his sight.

A small demon ran out of the cave, with a scared look on his face, as he looked around to see if anyone was out there.

Upon seeing it, Vulcan uttered yells of delight and approached towards him in a speed of light.




The small demon with only a level 15 looked surprised, as the powerful Barlock appeared in front of him.

But then, he started to have tears running down from his eyes, and kneeled as he appealed to Vulcan.


“Aaah! The birth of such high-ranking demon……it must be a blessing from the Demon God! Barlock, please save the Demon World in despair!”


‘……What is he talking about.’


Vulcan, who was about to torture the demon to find out where the high-ranking demons were, got greatly taken aback.

But without showing it, in a poker face, he waited for the small demon to speak. A moment later, the small demon calmed down enough to explain the situation.


*       *       *


‘……So a demonic dragon showed up to massacre the demons, and take them?’

The emotionally unstable small demon could not explain properly.

But as Vulcan organized things in his head, it seemed like some unknown creature, the ‘demonic dragon’ had killed all high-ranking demons, including the Demon King.

This was an unusual event.

In Demon Worlds, it was normal for a stronger demon to kill the Demon King to become a new King.

But as for this demonic dragon, instead of becoming the leader of the demons like the others, he massacred everyone, including the Demon King.

The demons that gathered to celebrate the birth of new King, wanting to get some benefit, were scared to death as they ran away…..


‘This terrible being…..dug up the whole Demon World, killing us and sometimes taking us away. It’s been almost ten years…now there are hardly any demons in this Demon World, except for a few newborns.’


The small demon told this sad story, and asked him to go where his friends were held and rescue them.

For Vulcan who was looking for more demons to finish the quest, he welcomed the opportunity.

So the two of them moved rapidly to the place where the demons were locked up.

Of course, Vulcan had no intention of rescuing them whatsoever.

From what he heard, there were hardly any demons left in this Demon World, except for those that are locked up.

This meant that he might be able to complete the quest just by killing them.

Also, it would be better if this demonic dragon were to show up at the scene.

Since that creature seemed to be the boss of the Demon World, Vulcan concluded that he would be able to perfectly finish the quest if he dealt with it.

Vulcan continued thinking in his head, then sped up when he saw a huge building in his sight.

Literally in a blink of an eye, Vulcan arrived in front of the entrance of a ugly-looking rectangular building.

He tilted his head as he saw the golems that seemed to be gatekeepers.


‘……do the demons make these things as well?’


Of course, it didn’t matter too much.

Their level wasn’t much of a threat, as they were about 600~700.

He brought up his magical power to lightly shoot out 3 shots of Ifrit’s Fist to take care of the golems. He then also used magic around the entrance.





The sturdy-looking doors got destroyed like a piece of cardboard, and the inside was revealed.

There were rooms lined up on both sides with a long corridor in the center

The demons, who had a look of hopelessness between the bars made out of unknown material, looked at the entrance in amazement at the sudden uproar.


“Wha, what?”


“No way! It’s a Barlock!”


“Could it be, to rescue us…….”


“We’re safe! We’re going to walk out alive from that terrible being!”


“Well, sorry.”


Of course, Vulcan had no intention of living up to their expectations.

Vulcan created four runes in the air.

He looked a little sorry as he shot them right down to the prison.






Countless demons got destroyed with the building, without even being able to resist properly.

Seeing what Vulcan had done, the small demon stared at Vulcan in disbelief.

But Vulcan was ruthless.

He blew away the neck of the small demon without giving him a chance to speak. Then he soon caused an even bigger scene as he poured out more magic.

He wanted to meet this demonic dragon as quickly as he could.



Ka-boom! Boom!



Among the magic that Vulcan had learned, the loudest ones of them unfolded at the same time.

The sheer deafening roar shook the whole Demon World.

The building has long been destroyed with no trace left, and even the terrain around it had been crushed beyond recognition.

Vulcan, with the appearance of Barlock, had destroyed everything.

He smiled while smashing the world like a toy, which seemed so hideous that anyone would point out that he was a demon.

His efforts must have paid off.

Vulcan felt a great presence coming from afar and stopped shooting out magic.

Then, with the naked eye, he checked out the being approaching towards him, and then he mumbled to himself with a dumbfounded look.


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