[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #141 (Chapter 48-2)- Unexpected Encounter]


< 48. Unexpected Encounter (2) >




Vulcan closed his eyes as hard as he could, and looked up to the sky again.

This is because someone came into his sight, someone that he thought would never be seen here on the ground.

Despite his efforts, however, the situation has not changed.

Powell was still flying fast towards him, with her big wings spread out.

Instead of simply referring to a ‘dragon-person’ who inherited the blood of a dragon, she appeared as a real dragon, and seemed very majestic, almost to an extent of being combative.

When he had met her in Asgard, he only saw her in a solemn appearance without a facial expression, but when she twisted his face like that, she was so energetic that no other king could even compare.

So the Vulcan stared blankly at Powell for a moment.

But he could stand idly by for only a little while.

When he felt the unprecedented power, not demonic power nor godly power, coming out of Powell’s mouth, he was greatly astonished and called out Powell’s name.


“Almighty Powell! Wait, this is Vulcan!”


Powell had a slight change in his expression, as if she heard Vulcan.

Nevertheless, she didn’t care and poured out the power that she had gathered in her mouth.




The dragon’s breath, that is hotter than the heat of the hell, poured onto Vulcan in a terrible speed.

Vulcan cringed hard.

He didn’t know what Powell’s intention was in attacking him, since he had already said that he was Vulcan, one of the gods.

But then the mystery was solved soon enough.

As he held up the sword to block the breath, he realized that his hands looked just like that of Barlock’s.


‘Oh dear…… how stupid…….’


Vulcan thought that he should have taken off the disguise first, but it was already too late.

Vulcan put all his efforts into blocking the breath of Powell with his sword, which was very close to him.


The power of the breath was quite magnificent.

Perhaps if he had been a Demon King below level D, he would have been hit hard with this one move.

But fortunately, Vulcan had higher level, and Powell hadn’t shoot out her breath as hard as she could.

Actually, she was thinking it was too much to use such a technique to a demon like Barlock.

However, when she saw that the strange Barlock, who called out the name ‘Vulcan’, pulling out a sword and not a whip, and slicing her breath in half, that thought completely went away.

It’s been a long time since she had met such a powerful demon!

Her huge mouth made a big smile.

Actually, Powell was furious when she found out that it was Barlock who had smashed her research ingredients.

Although he is rather a high-ranking demon, she was not interested in him anymore, as she had researched enough of him.

She was disgusted with the fact that a demon of no use dared to destroy and smash her property.

So she was trying to burn him to the ground without a trace, by using more powerful technique than it was needed…

Seeing that he had blocked such technique so easily, Powell had gotten excited, beyond being interested.

Also, he was a rare demon who used a sword, and not a whip!

For her who had never heard of Barlock using a sword, she could not stop laughing at the thought of studying that precious sample.





The land around trembled a little, reacting to the tremendous energy coming out of her body.

It looked like as if there was a little earthquake.

It proved how powerful Powell was, and how excited she was right now.

Blue particles of demonic energy gathered in her two hands, and got longer.

A total of 8 huge blades of demonic energy grew like witch’s nails.

Watching Powell’s tactics, which seemed much stronger than the compressive strength of the warrior with hard work, Barlock hurriedly talked to her.



“Wait! Hold on!”


But for Powell who was in her own world already, Vulcan’s words couldn’t be heard. So she forcefully rushed towards Vulcan and tried to wield his right hand.

She couldn’t help herself but get stunned to see the demon turning his appearance into a human being, or more specifically, into one of the gods that she knew.




Vulcan easily blocked the attack from Powell, who had lost most of her power.

He saluted Powell, with a subtle look, a mixture of pleasant and curious feelings.


“Hello, Powell.”


“……Oh, yes. It’s nice to see you.”


“How did you end up here?”




Powell didn’t have much to say.

Although she was one of the strongest among the gods, she wasn’t allowed to go back and forth Demon Worlds as she wished.

But that was same for Vulcan.

Powell also asked the same question to Vulcan.


“How about you, why are you here?”



Vulcan also stayed silent, so the two of them stood by for a while, looking at each other.

*       *       *


“Hmmm…I didn’t know there would be one more of a wackjob like me………”


“What do you mean, a wackjob……”


“So you think it’s normal to go to the places that the old people say is dangerous, and that we shouldn’t go there?”


‘But that’s same for you…..oh, that’s why she said someone like me.’



Vulcan was about to talk back, but then giggled a little.

He looked at the God of War, Powell, who was in front of him.

A flaming red hair and red eyes.

She’s got a strong build, but she’s also got curvy lines and big breasts.

If it wasn’t for the porcelain white skin, it would be reasonable to call her a female warrior.

But for the Vulcan, who knew she was a huge dragon over 30 meters in length, he didn’t really feel like she was female.


‘They say that dragons are actually asexual…and I think she said that she evolved into a dragon from a dragon-man in Act 2 by making a wish.’


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