Since most of the dragon-men wished to become a complete dragon once they clear the Act 2, it was probably true.

The appearance didn’t matter anyways.

Dragons, especially Powell, were peculiar beings that changed their appearances and the way of speaking as they wanted to.

What really mattered was her ability.



[God of War, Powell]




[Physical Level : 1405Lv]


[Godly Level: 120Lv]


[Tendency: Neutral, proud, violent]


[Potential: Best]


* God of Agameth Dimension: Has the highest physical level among the gods. Knows a lot about fire. Likes to fight and surprisingly, research.


‘The physical level is out of this world.’


The level was astonishing.

It was a tremendous ability, enough to deal with a level-A Demon King, even in the Demon Worlds where godly power is limited.

Considering that most gods have a physical level of between 1,000 and 1,200, it was no exaggeration to say that Powell stood far ahead of them.


‘Although in comparison, the godly level is terribly low.’


He was always wondering why a god with much more experience than him has such a low godly power, but it appeared to be because of the similar reason as himself.

He spoke to Powell, who was sitting on a boulder with her legs spread out like a man.



“When did you start coming to the Demon Worlds?”


“From about 500 years ago. And you?”


“….from about 100 years ago?”


“Hmm, is that so? When Haimuro invaded your dimension? So I guess you got confident then, and started to go back and forth Demon Worlds?”


“Well, yes…”


Actually, it started long before that, but Vulcan didn’t tell the truth.

Powell nodded.

He could sort of understand why Vulcan moved like so.

Since he had no Demon King in the Demon World his dimension, and has a fascinating disguise skill.

Because everything that could be of harm to him was all figured out, it was no wonder why he was so confident in going back and forth Demon World and Human World.


‘Although I came through without all that……..’


She remembered the time she went to the Demon World of her dimension, which was 500 years ago.

As she had lost all interest in the Human World, she was so excited when she visited the Demon World, avoiding caught by the old gods.

The real demons, and not the kinds that are artificially made that can be seen in Act 2.

The excitement of getting attacked by thousands of much stronger, and wilder demons!

On top of that, she almost felt her blood boiling when she was dealing with the strongest one of them all, the Demon King.

But that only lasted a moment.

After knocking them all down, rounds of everyday lives would repeat on and on.

Of course, she hadn’t lost interest right away.

She was a dragon-man, considered to be an innate expert of magic.

Additionally, she had become a more forceful figure, a dragon, by making her wish.

Thus, as she was good with magic, she could spend a certain amount of enjoyable time by conducting several experiments and researches with high-ranking demons that she newly met.


‘But that didn’t last long…….’


A hundred years had passed, and when it was about to be 200 years.

Powell started to lose interest in the Demon World, when she no longer had things to research on, and demons to fight against.

It had become a boring place, just like the worn-out Lower World and Asgard.

After that, Powell devoted herself into creating new magic.

That is, she was trying to find a way to head to another Demon World; the one that is not linked to her own dimension.

At that time, the joy of being alone in a world full of enemies and no allies!

And the pleasure of standing on the ground, tearing them all apart!

The sense of freedom at the time when she was free from all the tasks and responsibilities that she had to do as a god!

She almost thought that there was no need for eternal life as a god, if only she could feel it again.

However, it was not easy to study how to get to a Demon World of a different dimension.

In the first place, she was able to come to the current stage by force only to widen the gap between the tiny cracks in her regime and those that had been connected to it.

Of course, Powell had a strong magical power, enough to say that she was much better than other gods, but it was still hard for her to find a way to a Demon World of a different dimension.



‘Vulcan did it.’


She thought that maybe he had come to the Lower World that she’s in charge of, then found the hidden portal to the Demon World to come here.

But that was even more unrealistic, so Powell pressured Vulcan into telling the truth.

Powell asked how he could come to the Demon World of another dimension that is far away.

Vulcan didn’t have much to say.

He was actually still a bit dumbfounded.

Who would have imagined that he would meet a god that is not a Demon King, and even Powell, when he entered a randomly opened Demon World?

So Vulcan couldn’t let Powell’s interrogations slip away smoothly, creating room for her to keep digging.

Powell pressured even harder, threatening him that she would tell on the other gods of how he’s been going back and forth Demon World, if he didn’t tell her the truth.

Vulcan found it ridiculous, and spoke to her.


“Well, I’m not alone here, am I? Powell, you are my partner in crime; no, you started coming to this world long before I did!”


“It doesn’t matter to me. They already consider me as a pain in the back. The other gods have given up on me already. But I assume your reputation is different?”


“But still…….”


“And I remember that you smashed my experiment materials as you please, you know?”


“Ah……well. Right. It’s not like they are perished.”


Powell mentioned the incident of the prison being destroyed, thinking that it was done by a new Demon King.

Vulcan had hoped that it wouldn’t come up, but since it was brought up, he had no choice.

With an awkward expression on his face, Vulcan took out his most valuable item, the ‘entrance to unsettled Demon World’.

Powell was very surprised to see it, and ran towards Vulcan.

Powell carefully received the demonic item from Vulcan, as if she was handling a fragile glass object.

She grumbled, looking at the demonic item for a while, then turned her face away.

With an expression like a ferocious cat, she looked at Vulcan and spoke to him.


“You, did you get this from the Great God?”




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