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[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #142 (Chapter 48-3)- Unexpected Encounter]


< 48. Unexpected Encounter(3) >


“What do you mean?”


Vulcan asked back.

With the same stiff face, Powell talked to him.


“I said, is this thing from the Great God?”


Vulcan didn’t know why Powell seemed so upset.

Powell got frustrated, gently put down the demonic device and continued talking as he pointed fingers at Vulcan.


“Oww! Did you make this? Or not?”


“Well, yes.”


To be exact, he had upgraded what another guy made, with the help of the system. But Vulcan thought it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he made it, since that was also done with his ability.

Moreover, Vulcan was not trying hard to answer the question because the speaking tone of Powell was getting on his nerves.

But Powell didn’t let it pass by.

With the strict, stern facial expression, he looked at Vulcan and spoke.


“You? You couldn’t have managed to do so.”



It was as if she was looking down on Vulcan.

Vulcan got upset by it, and was going to nitpick over it, but shut his mouth as he saw that she was serious.

It didn’t seem like she was asking that to start a fight with him.

Since it looked like she was asking out of pure academical curiosity, Vulcan spoke in a gentle manner.


“Is there a reason why you think I couldn’t have made this?”


“A reason? Sure. Who do you think is the best at magic, among all beings of Asgards, including the gods like you?”


“….By any chance, is it you, Powell?”


“Yes, it’s me. What do you mean, ‘by any chance’? You want to die, don’t you?”


“Well, but we are both gods, please have some respect….”


Ever since he became a god, Vulcan had not heard anything aggressive from another.

Everyone spoke in a semi-formal manner, including Hoculus, who was much older than he was, as well as other gods.

Vulcan couldn’t help himself but get disconcerted, because he hadn’t encountered anyone that treats him like this in a long time until now.


‘She is a beautiful lady on the outside, but she acts like Bernerna Dokgohu….‘


Vulcan was comparing their rather proud, and quick-tempered personality with that of Powell’s, then focused on what she continued to say.


“Hmm, anyway. Right now, when the pure magical power is calculated, except for the godly powers and stuff, there is no god that has a better skill than I do. It’s not just limited to attacking magic. It means that there is nobody that can make and analyze good demonic devices better than me. But….”


Powell stopped for a moment.

She stroke Vulcan’s demonic device for once, with her white and smooth hand, and continued talking as she cringed her face in confusion.


“To have the demonic device that is so complex that even I cannot figure out… is it possible?”



“I do admit that you excel in many ways. I like you much better than those old folks that only put their efforts into increasing their godly power, being a clown to those idiot humans of the Lower World….But, that doesn’t mean that I believe you are absolutely capable of making this kind of high-level demonic device. There is only one being that can create such a device like this…”


“Would that be…….”


“Yes, the Great God.”


Powell spoke without hesitation.

Her determined attitude as if she was telling the obvious truth made Vulcan look rather embarrassed.

Of course, it was true that his demonic device had a performance that was out of this world.

It was surely a great treasure, since it let him go to and from Demon Worlds of another dimension, although it had a flaw in sending him to a random one, and not the one he wanted.

But it was not made entirely by himself, and it was only completed by the help of the system.

But since Powell wasn’t well aware of this, she was sufficiently mislead, and to clear the misunderstanding, Vulcan tried to elaborate further about the function of the system, which is a part of the players’ abilities.


However, doubts about the system that suddenly emerged led him to shut his mouth and think deeply.

The help of a system that has been taken for granted.

He just couldn’t explain it in common sense, so many players besides himself accept it without doubt, and now it had become so familiar that he couldn’t think about it.

He’s been passing this thought carelessly, and it wasn’t just a matter to be passed on easily, when he heard what Powell had said.


‘How do players……the system, what is the source of the capability?’


It helps players to reach the high stage easily, to which others have to struggle with effort and talent in order to grab onto a few rare opportunities in order to reach it. Also, it helps them learn magic, martial arts, and other skills easily.

It even allows them to break the human framework and transform into a superhuman, half-god existence, and helps them to learn the very complex Blue Dragon vision, or the secret art of reformation easily as if it was nothing, which normally requires a very difficult process to learn.


‘Also…now the capability had developed enough to whip up the unfinished item in whole if it has the ingredients…’


And the result of that is something so great that even Powell, with the best magical knowledge at all levels, can’t easily understand the principles.

It wasn’t as simple as something that can be passed on, after saying ‘Wow, my powers are so great’.

Vulcan felt a fleeting shudder in his spine.


‘……I, what kind of creature am I being protected by?’


The sound of the system that always whispered in his own ear in an unemotional voice.

He couldn’t help but feel anxious as he thought back on that old voice.

Of course, it could not be concluded that the “system” in his body was wrong.

Maybe the Great God is a blessing to himself.



‘To think that an unknown power that I wasn’t aware of is ruling over me…….’


It was hard to keep control of his thoughts.


Vulcan simply couldn’t understand why he had just come to this serious thought.

He was sure he could have doubted it if he wanted to.

Maybe it was because he dug so deeply into his life that he couldn’t take away from it, and because his life was too intense to live thinking about it.

Would that be the reason?

Vulcan couldn’t figure it out, since he was already steeped in the benefits of the system.

There was a being to separate him from his such thoughts.


“Hey! What are you thinking about, standing in front of me?”


“Oh, sorry. Something important came into my mind for a moment…..”


“Well, if it has nothing to do with me, think later. Come clean. The Great God gave this to you, right? Don’t fool around with me, saying that you made it yourself.”

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