Powell stood, crossing her arms in discomfort.

It wasn’t because she didn’t like Vulcan, but rather seemed like she wanted to know the secret about the demonic device as soon as possible.

After a moment of thought, Vulcan explained the process of making the demonic device, and the ‘system’, which was the ability of players.

This is because he didn’t think any other excuses would work, and he didn’t think it was necessary to hide the player’s abilities from someone who even shared the fact that they were travelling back and forth Demon Worlds.


‘Most people know about the players’ abilities, anyway.’


But after she listened to Vulcan’s explanations, Powell shook her head as if it were nonsense.

There was no way that she didn’t know anything at all about the player, since she considered herself as the best magic expert.


“No. Your ‘system’ is…definitely more powerful than other players. Do you think I’ve let the weirdos like “players” sit still? But I’ve never seen anyone that was capable of doing the same thing that you said.….”


“Is that so…….”


“Yes. To be exact…it doesn’t even make sense that the system completed the secret magic of physical alteration just with the ingredients. Well, it also is a nonsense that you could use the ability right away, only with one book of Blue Dragon vision…but that’s the same for other players. Hmm…anyway, the players are surely weirdos.”




“Among them, you are more peculiar. If you weren’t a god, I would have secretly captured you and performed some kind of an autopsy.….”


Vulcan backed away with blemish at Powell’s serious expression.

However, when she unwound her face and smiled blandly, he smiled back and scratched his head.


“Haha, you were obviously joking.”


“Of course it’s a joke. You are not like the other gods, and I like you quite a bit. In terms of exploring your own power and not just focusing on your own personal godly power……you get a passing grade from the fact that you jumped into the Demon Worlds ignoring all the old people’s words.”


“Haha, thank you. Then I should get going…….”


Vulcan was overwhelmed by Powell, so he naturally stretched out his arm to get the Entrance to the Unsettled Demon World.


But then, he forced a smile when he saw Powell reaching towards the demonic device first.




“You know, I have to do what I want to do, right?”




“This demonic device, I need to borrow…….”


“You can’t.”




Powell didn’t think he would interrupt her, known to be the most violent even among the gods, so she stared at Vulcan for a moment with a slightly absent-minded look.

Then after a short period of time, she let out a volcanic rage, and her body began to be fragmented as if she could not bear the momentum.

Then Powell returned to the shape of a giant red dragon with a brilliant light.

She said to Vulcan in a rumbling voice.


“How dare you interrupt me when I’m speaking? And to reject my favor?”


“Were you asking a favor? And you said you couldn’t figure it out even if you observed it, didn’t you? So what’s the point in taking it?”


“That was before I heard about the ingredients from you! It’s different now. I think I can figure out the way to pull out my magical knowledge, if I do some research to an extent!”


“In that case, shouldn’t you try to make a deal, and not take it by force?”


“Hahaha, you are one strong fellow…… but could you still speak as such after you get beaten?”


Vulcan seemed to be dumbfounded for a moment, after hearing the absurd words of Powell.

Then, he managed to come to his senses and quickly put the device in the inventory, with the power of the system.


“No, how? I was detaining it with magic!”


“It’s also an ability of players. And I’m a patient person, so no matter how scary you get, you won’t get what you want.”


“……What do you want?”




Once again, Powell, who has returned to the image of a strong yet beautiful woman, sat cross-legged and asked.

It became much easier to communicate with each other.

A sigh of relief, Vulcan gulped down and said what he wanted.


“……Would that be possible?”




The deal that Vulcan wanted to make was simple.

After he uses the demonic device, while waiting for the cool time, he gives it to Powell for her time to investigate.

Instead, once a week, Powell gives the dragon magic to Vulcan, which she has been bragging about so much.

For Powell who didn’t have much to do, she didn’t really have any problem with the conditions.

Of course, she didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t own the demonic device for the whole day, but that was understandable since it wasn’t hers anyway.

Powell nodded, and spoke.


“Fine. But can I add one condition?”


“I shall see.”


“You bastard…… It’s nothing big, but won’t you give me some needless things that you have been collecting in the other Demonic Worlds? That…system of yours, its magical power can make the complete product with the exact necessary ingredients, but for me, I would have to go through some failures, with many ingredients. I wouldn’t say that it’s to return the favor, but I will do one more thing if you have another simple request as well.”


“Then…do you happen to know how I can eliminate the demonic energy from my items, or even hide it?”


“Hmm……What on earth are you talking about?”


Powell answered in a strong, yet feminine manner.

However, he already understood that her way of speaking changes according to her appearance.

Without caring, he took out four parts of his collection of “The Set of the Demon King” and talked to Powell.


“As you can see…I got this as a booty from the Demon Worlds, but I cannot take this to Percus in this state. So I was wondering if I could hide the demonic energy, to trick his senses…..”


“You chicken…… You are afraid of him catching you going back and and forth, aren’t you?”


“Yes, I am a chicken. So, is it possible or not? I guess even you cannot push down the demonic energy of the Demon King, right?”


“You should use your mad-man strategy wisely. Well, I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t tackle that. And…you mean, eventually what you need to is strengthen the armor, right?”




“Sure. Deal.”


Powell waved her hands briskly, after collecting sets of the Demon King.

She said that she would see him later, and moved to her Lower World as Vulcan looked at her in suspicion.

But the next day, Vulcan was surprised to see Powell bringing back the four perfectly fortified sets of Demon King.

All four items were left as they were, with the appalling demonic energy still coming out of them.

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