[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #143 (Chapter 48-4)- Unexpected Encounter]


< 48. Unexpected Encounter(4) >


Vulcan seemed surprised, and looked at Powell.

As far as he knows, only Percus could fortify the item to this extent.

But even he, with his lazy personality, wouldn’t willingly fortify the armor full of demonic energy from an unknown source.


‘By any chance, is Powell as good of a blacksmith as Percus?’


If not that, did he upgrade the set through magical means?

Vulcan checked out the options of the Demon King set, which had become much better, and asked Powell.


“These…..still are full of demonic energy, how did you manage to get help from Percus? By any chance, did you fortify them by yourself?”

“No. I’m not a blacksmith, why would I?”


Powell answered, who was picking her nose after transforming into a nymph with a pointy hat, and Vulcan asked again.


“Then how were they fortified…….”


“I asked Percus to have them done, of course.”


“What? In this exact state? What were you going to do if you got caught?”


“I was already busted by Percus. About 200 years ago.”




“So it’s fine. He thinks that I got them from the Demon World, so it’s not like he knows about you.”


Vulcan thought that it was a sheer nonsense, and asked Powell again.


“I mean…was there another god except me, who knew that you had invaded the Demon World? Although Percus is not sensitive about that stuff, he wouldn’t just let it go by without saying anything, so how…”


“Well, if he reveals this issue…I don’t know but something bad will happen, I guess.”


One small nymph put a meaningful smile on her face, as if there was something else hidden.

Vulcan saw that, and thought to himself as he shuddered.


‘……I should try my best not to show my weakness to her.’


Anyway, Vulcan managed to get the items strengthened safely, so he gave Powell several ingredient items that he had collected from the Demon World and had stored in the inventory.

Since they were valuable and hard to get from just one dimension of the Demon World, Powell put a big smile on her face as she collected them.

Although it seems like she thoughtlessly goes around fighting with others, she was also a dragon-person who devotes herself to all sorts of magical researches.

No, she was now a more advanced figure; a dragon.

For her, these rare ingredients were much more valuable than gold and jewelry.

The little nymph, Powell talked to Vulcan, with a big bundle on her back and a big smile on her face.


“Hehehe, I really like it. I shall start your training from next week.”




“Should we do it here, where we are now? We could also avoid being watched by those old people.”


“What? My demonic device takes me to random places, not the Demon World I want to go to, so…….”


“You idiot! You can come to my world, and get here through the portal that I had opened!”


“Oh, right.”


“How stupid.”


Vulcan scratched his head as he was cursed at for nothing, and went back to his world, using the demonic device.

Then after that, Powell started to teach him magic.


*       *       *


Powell’s education was as strict as Vulcan thought.

She taught in a way that was more comfortable for the teacher, rather than caring for the learner.

And most of the teaching began with sparring and ended with sparring.

Vulcan resisted Powell’s violent teaching style, but it never succeeded.

It is natural that one cannot use one’s physical strength as much as one’s rival in the Demon World.

Powell’s magic attack, which reached a physical level of 1400, forced Vulcan to become half-dead, and the theoretical education would only begin after he was exhausted to the point where he couldn’t even lift a finger.


“You know, your basic skills aren’t bad. I don’t know who you learned it from, but it’s pretty organized. It’s not bad for someone who grew up alone after that. It must have been easy to get the wrong habits or inefficient ones, but it’s amazing how you’ve only walked in the right path this far.”


While lying down, Vulcan listened to Powell, covered in sweat and dust.

He slightly smiled as he got the praise, although he was gasping for breath.

However, he had no choice but to grimace at the ensuing harsh rebuke.


“But the way of fighting is completely rubbish. Calculate, measure, leave your spare time, and only care about the cost-effectiveness….. It’s not a fight, but it’s more like a chess game for you. Tell me the truth. You’ve never really fought a stronger man than you, right?”


“I ha…….”


“Damn right you have. But it was either as secure as it is now, or it happened once. What’s more, it was probably not with your own skill, but with the help of another. Am I wrong?”


Powell, looked down at him with an unshaken pupils.

Her red hair soared into the sky, thanks to the strong force coming out of her body.

When he saw Powell, who had become like a witch of fire, he could not begin to open his mouth.

Powell’s words continued.


“Well, I think all the players are like that way. You never risk fighting someone stronger than yourself. It’s likely that you pick a person who you can win against, since by doing so, you can easily get higher experience points. Hm…… It’s really easy when you think about it. Our Vulcan, you’ve been sucking honey all along, haven’t you?”


“I didn’t live such an easy life…….”


“Shut up. Just say yes.”




Powell went with her own pace, more than Werner and Dokgohu.

Vulcan gave up talking back to her, and listened to her words as he pretended to be an obedient lamb.


“Anyway… …because you’ve been so calculating and ingenious, every magic you use has too much thought. Hm…… The expression is a little strange, but what should I say? …Yes. There’s this little petty guy in your head who manages magic, and it feels like you’re bargaining with him when using magic?”


“That’s even harder to understand.”


“Just understand already. Do you really don’t get it?”


“Umm…… I think I do.”


She was probably pointing to the Vulcan’s style of fighting, which he calculates the necessary magic power needed depending on the circumstances, and only extract that bit out.

But Vulcan thought it was inevitable for him to have this style.

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