For other strongmen, it may be important to have what Powell thinks he should have, which refers to reckless spirit to the point of struggling, and the realization that comes from a life-and-death situation.

But he was a ‘player’ as Powell said, and the level-up and inner coordination through him were bound to be the primary driving force to raise the stakes.

And for that level-up, what was needed most was to ‘quote’ and ‘calculate’ monsters as efficiently as possible.


‘Certainly, the occasional realization is giving me more power than the level, but……and now that I’ve been raised to this level, I can’t even be sure when that realization will come, or ever again.”


In conclusion, Vulcan never thought the fighting style he was sticking to at the moment was a drawback.

However, Powell, who heard Vulcan’s thoughts, shook her head and refuted her remarks.


“You are the one that deals with thunderbolts and fire, which are the pinnacles of violence, and you say that….you’re not even a man. Get rid of your third leg.”

“……Isn’t that a sexual harassment?”


“Hmm, is it because of my appearance right now? Then should I say it in this form? If you are going to fight like that, get rid of your third leg, you idiot!”


Powell, who instantly turned into a bearded, muscular dwarf, kept teasing Vulcan.

Vulcan, with a bewildered look, wished her grotesque act would end, but Powell did not stop.

When the Vulcan was about to get angry at the scene where she even created a song with a pitch, Powell returned to the figure of a woman.

Then she looked at Vulcan with a serious look.


“Do you think I’m joking?”




Vulcan lost his words as Powell’s tone suddenly changed.

Toward him, Powell continued to pour forth her words.


“Of course I know the player is a very different creature from other races. But if you look at it in a big frame, you’re a magician, too. Among other things, you are a magician that deals with thunderbolts and flames. Two of the most self-indulgent, ruthless, violent and hot-tempered of all the attributes. But if you stick to the current style of fighting, driven only by cold calculation, can you expect more than a level-building stat? Wasn’t skill as important as level to the player?”


Powell went straight to the point.

When Vulcan heard it, he had no choice but to look at her without words.


In fact, he had heard something similar before.

After being taught by Werner in Belong City, he was able to clear Act 1 with great enlightenment.

However, after entering Act 2 with an increased weight on his shoulder, Vulcan had no choice but to return to a stable style of supply and demand of experience points to save the world, and the style became entrenched to form a battle method that values efficiency and estimation like he was using currently.


‘In a way, it’s surprising that I could increase the skills of thunderbolts and flames with this mindset…..’


Perhaps at the moment of epiphany, he measured nothing, and by instinct blew his inner violence to its fullest extent.

Thinking this far, Vulcan struggled to pull himself up, and bowed his head toward Powell.

It was a kind of expression of his gratitude for reminding him.

Powell looked at it with her eyes wide open, laughed in a high-pitched voice and said,


“You are cute in a way…….”


Powell looks like a female soldier looking at her young disciple.

She cut open the air, took out a special potion in a glass bottle and threw it at Vulcan.

Then she added her words, looking at Vulcan who was gulping it down and recovering with it.


“Of course, you know that listening doesn’t change your style straight away, right? From now on, I will teach you every method I know, from how to give bones and gain the flesh, how to fight for life, how to fight recklessly, how to fight like a madman……all of them. It’s been a long time since I found someone I like. It’s also good that you deal well with sparks.”


“That sounds like a hell of a tough word……how are you going to teach?”


Somewhat energized Vulcan looked anxious and asked Powell back.

Toward him, Powell replied with a bright smile.


“If I push you to the limit of death, you can learn what I said above at once!”


*       *       *


The threat of life under the guise of sparring with Powell worked quite well.

From the outset, Vulcan was the type of person who became stronger with experience than theory.

For him, however, the battle with Powell, which made him pass the boundaries of life and death every moment, became a pretty good catalyst, and Vulcan gradually became adept at handling fire and lightning.

To be exact, he’s become accustomed to bursting and pouring out everything he has in a moment of time.





Vulcan’s magical power was gathered to its full extent, without caring about what would happen next.

There, the enormous power of fire and lightning surrounded Vulcan’s sword.

Instead of the godly power that could not be used in the Demon World, he had injected the two attributes of the spirit into the sword.

Of course, it was quite difficult to boost the power of flames on behalf of the godly power.

Unlike the harmonious nature of godly power that suits any energy, fire and lightning were self-indulgent ones that would never yield.


‘But…..there isn’t really a reason why I should suppress these wild animals!’


The Vulcan abandoned the idea of creating a neat sword form with two energies being supressed.

The energies of flames and thunderbolts arbitrarily stretched to all directions, though barely curled by the lightning sword of the thunderbolts.

It was an unstable situation that seemed to fade away even after a short period of time, but Vulcan didn’t mind at all.

If he can’t keep it for a long time, then he would have to pour it on the enemy before it’s gone!

Vulcan used his new technique, the Fire-Thunder Sword, for Powell, who seemed to be relaxed in the distance.




The powerful Fire-Thunder Sword was shot out forward, like the dragon’s breath.

Looking at it, Powell opened her mouth wide and poured out her specialty, Fire Breath.

The breath coming out of a real dragon, and Vulcan’s Fire-Thunder Sword just as powerful as it!

The two clashed and devastated the surrounding landscape.




A tremendous impact swept through the Demon World, which would have at least blew away a continent if it had been in the Lower World.

With a slight exaggeration, a damage so powerful that was enough to destroy a planet fiercely scratched out the land.

After the great crash of skills, Powell thought with a smile on her face, as she was looking at Vulcan, who was leaning on his sword and shivering.


‘……He is one surprising fellow.’


It had been exactly 100 years since Powell started teaching magic to Vulcan.

For the first time, Vulcan managed to safely stand after getting her breath in full-power.


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