[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #144 (Chapter 48-5)- Unexpected Encounter]


< 48. Unexpected Encounter (5) >


Of course, he had to pay a big price for that.

Powell still had some power left, but Vulcan only barely managed to stand, with harsh breathing.

But then, considering the level of Vulcan right now, it was very surprising that he could block Powell’s breath from the front.


‘You little bastard…….’


Powell recalled the 100 years that he spent developing himself.

Actually, Vulcan didn’t have much achievement, enough to say that he had knocked down a wall.

It was just a slight improvement in the habit of trying to get away with it, to say the least.

On top of that, he got a couple tips from Powell.


‘But….to think that all martial artists and wizards devote all their lives to get that little achievement.’


In that sense, Vulcan could say that he had an impressive pace of development.

It gets more surprising, considering where he got to.

Many gods including Hoculus was thinking that they had reached their limits of physical activity, which is why they were focusing on increasing the godly power rather than their fighting skills.

It’s a high level of improvement that requires more than a thousand years to achieve that half-step, but he had done that in a hundred years…….


‘He’s better than me?’


Powell thought she was the most talented creature out of the dragon-people, no, out of all beings including the gods.

Natually, she hurt her pride a lot before reaching this conclusion, which made her also step up her magical research and personal training to deny it.

She also wanted to see Vulcan, who grew without pausing for a moment, from a higher place, by growing her own skills.

However, as time went by, she could no longer turn a blind eye to the sparkle of the Vulcan’s talent, the more she taught him.


‘Even though it is not just pure talent, but he seems to be heavily dependent on the system..….’


That was his own ability, to an extent.


Powell smiled brightly, showing all teeth.

She had cleanly admitted that the growth rate of Vulcan was faster than that of hers.

But will that make him surpass her someday? Powell would shake her head at such question.

This is because Vulcan was yet to perfect his old habit.

Powell sparred with Vulcan a few more times, leading him to his near death, then gave him the special potion that she made, after which she returned to the appearance of a woman.

That was what she looked like before when she was a dragon-human, before she became the asexual creature.


“You sure have developed your skill to burst everything at once.”


“Whoo…hoo…is that, a , compliment?”


“Sure, it is. I am the kind of person who gives compliments about something that’s done right.”


“I’m getting complimented for the first time in 100 years.”


“Hmm, then you should have done a better job before.”


After a brief tour of the broken surrounding landscape, Powell picked out the right rock and sat down.

As he lay down and shook his head, Vulcan waited for a moment until the energy of the potion revived his body.

And when he recovered, he raised his upper body and faced Powell straight.


“Phew, anyway, it’s good to have a compliment. The attack I used this time was quite effective, right?”


“Yes. It’s not a big deal to use two types at once, but…..you managed to extract the power of fire and lightning to their full extent, although those are hard to handle. I guess you are now capable of bursting out your inner energy without thinking about what would happen next.”


“Ha, I had occasionally heard that I am very talented in Act 1 and Act 2. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to get this kind of compliment.”




When Powell showed signs of making negative remarks, Vulcan frowned.

It was because he thought there would be another word she’d always used to say.

Vulcan didn’t want to get nagged at, so he went ahead and opened his mouth.


“I have to pour out all my energy in one shot as if I’m going to die…… it’s not as easy as it seems.”


“But you have to. If you want to get a glimpse of a little chance, you have to pour everything out at once, without leaving any spare energy. The fact that you’ve endured two or three more of my attacks, even though you’ve used your specialty force, means you’ve been hesitant.”


“Well……it’s true to a certain extent…….”


Vulcan nodded.

Because he also knew that there was a little hesitation and concern in his mind, though he had reacted reflexively to Powell’s words.


‘What if I pour out all my energy at once in this one shot and fails, what would happen next? Shouldn’t there be some kind of insurance, just in case? In case Powell runs towards me right away, I should have the fire bombs underneath the surface, and then……..’


This is what normal experts call the battle of movements.

Powell defined it as something sordid.

She told Vulcan that wasting energy with these thoughts would slow him down, that he could not put all his energy into each movement without realizing it.

At first, he refuted as he argued that it was ridiculous to argue so.

However, the more he fought Powell, the more he handled fire and lightning in desperate life-or-death circumstances, the more he could relate to what she said.

Battle of movements, calculation, estimation, and brain play.

He realized that all these were not fit for dealing with lightning and flames.


‘Just take down, tear away, and kill all the enemies in sight! Do you need to have any thoughts in that process? No! Just go wild, and don’t hold back!’


The teaching of Powell that lasted throughout the last 100 years.

Although Vulcan was sick of her words, he tried his best to fix his habit and keep that in mind.

However, as long as he was in the world of unconsciousness like he was when he got enlightened before, it wasn’t possible for him to move in that perfect status.

He sighed.

It was frustrating for him, as he couldn’t move as he wanted to in his head.

Of course, he had earned a lot.

Several powerful techniques including the Fire-Thunder Sword that he got during the process of training.

The level of magical power that he could use at once, which had developed by following the fighting style of Powell, who never cared about allocation of power in any way.

On top of that, more practical and smoother movements.

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