Right now, his level was 1,200, being increased by 100 from 1,100, but he was successful enough to say that his power was much higher than that.

But Vulcan couldn’t be satisfied by those.

No, he didn’t want to be satisfied.


‘If I was going to stop here, I wouldn’t have come to Act 3.’


Vulcan wrapped up his thoughts.

He felt that he was about 80% recovered, and was going to attack at Powell again.

But Powell stretched out her white palm and stopped Vulcan.

She spoke.


“That’s it for today. No, we shall stop sparring for a while.”


“…..why, all of a sudden? You were enjoying sparring with me more than myself.”


As Vulcan said, Powell was having fun sparring with him.

Not only were there few gods who enjoyed such a struggle without the godly power as they did now, but also it was fun to see Vulcan develop continuously.

Powell, who had no intention of hiding it, nodded.


“Yes. But I have something more important than that.”


“Something important? Oh, would that be…….”


“Yes. I’m nearly at the end of my research. I should be able to finish it…….soon, the entrance to the Demon Worlds.”


Powell looked happy as she said those words.

She looks excited like a girl on the eve of her overseas trip.

Powell wouldn’t normally hide her feelings, so he often saw a similar scene, but today she seemed to be extra happy.

He spoke.


“You really do enjoy knocking out other Demon Kings, don’t you?”


“Of course! Haha, I am so happy that I feel like I would fly out to the sky!”


Powell actually spread out her arms, turned around in circles and slowly floated to the sky.

Vulcan smiled a little, looking at the lively attitude of her.

It was because she reminded him of his little sister from a while back.

Vulcan had been watching Powell twirl for a while, then quietly got out of the Demon World of the Agameth dimension that had become the hiding place for Powell.

He knew that it would be hard for him to get Powell back, once she fell in her own world like that.

So Vulcan was taking a break after he got out without Powell knowing, then took out the Entrance to the Unsettled Demon World and opened the portal.

Then he jumped in, waiting for the system message to pop up as he watched the familiar scenery in red.




[There is a Quest!]


[General Quest – Take down Demon King Maramgang of Morukoru dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]


[Level of Difficulty- C+(Demon World Standard)]


[Rewards – A lot of experience points]


* Take down the Demon King Maramgang, the boss monster ruling over the Demon World of Morukoru dimension, and thoroughly sweep out the Demon World.


“……Level C+.”


Vulcan murmured, disguised as Barlock.

Since it was C+ in standards of Demon Worlds, it meant that the level of the Demon King was about 1200.

Vulcan in the olden days would have avoided such struggle, and would have left to search for other Demon Worlds with inconvenience.

However, now he was fired up from recently finishing sparring with Powell.

Also, he was thinking more deeply about his ‘hesitation’ that has always been his issue.

Was it because of that?

Vulcan made a very unusual judgement and released the ‘disguise’ skill of the Demon Duke Set.




Instantly, Vulcan returned into the form of a normal human being, from the wild and huge Barlock.

But his appearance would only seem normal in the Human World.

He would be the weirdest looking creature in all of the Demon Worlds.

Also, the existence of god that cannot be hidden was spread throughout the Demon Worlds.

Sure enough, Vulcan spotted in his radar, the nearby demons moving in a tumultuous manner.


“This time it’s rather close. Good.”


Vulcan murmured to himself, quickly got out of his place and headed that way.

Vulcan ran fast as if he was a streak of lightning.

Seeing his unfamiliar appearance, the demons ran wild, displaying a mixture of fear, malice and bloodthirstiness.


“Quuaack! Kill him!”


“Our enemy!”


“How dare he put his dirty feet in here!”


The demons approached without caring about their lives, as if they were brainwashed.

Vulcan scanned them without any emotion shown in his face, and stretched out his both arms.




Lightning field spread out in circles, with them in the center.

The Demons were burned to black, and faded away as they spit out a lot of items.

Just like that, Vulcan had destroyed one town in a blink of an eye.

Then me moved again to massacre other demons, and an hour of time had passed.

Finally, a deep voice was heard.

Vulcan put a little smile on his emotionless face, and turned his head around.

The Great Demon with seven horns on his head, who seemed to be outraged and twisted in great pain.


[Demon King Maramgang]




[Tendency : Evil]


[Potential: Best]


* Demon King of the Morukoru dimension

* He is outraged by you.

* Full of bloodthirst.


The level was higher than Vulcan by 85.

After observing his ability to be at the top of the C+ class, Vulcan looked at where he stood.

But it wasn’t the Demon King Maramgang that he was actually looking at.

The thing in which his aimless eyes contained.

It was Powell, a powerful dragon that remained a great wall for him for 100 years.


‘Just take down, tear away, and kill all the enemies in sight without hesitation, right?’


As he recalled Powell’s teachings again, he put a little smile on his face.

It was a ridiculous lesson, but actually was suitable for him.

Also, it was what he needed.

In a way, the current idea is a silly idea, and the style he adhered to in the old days may have been a wise one.

Step by step, step by step, up the stairs safely and you will reach a higher level than anyone else.

One day Powell will look down at the 1,450 level.

But Vulcan felt instinctively.

A greater presence than that

He thought it’s time to get out of the well-worn road and walk down the thorny path to become more powerful than that.


‘Just by relying on the system…… I would only get a little stronger!’


Then a thought struck by in Vulcan’s head.

It was the future that he never wanted, and didn’t even want to think about.

He kept thinking back and forth about Powell’s lessons and what he had in mind, and pulled out his Fire-Thunder Sword.

Then he pointed the sword at the hideous, twisted Demon King Maramgang.


‘To be more advanced than Powell quickly, and for my pleasure……this would be the right choice.’


The current situation in which a half-win rate is not guaranteed, unlike before when he confidently fought 99 percent certainty of winning.

The breathtaking tension really put a smile on Vulcan, since he had not felt it in a long time.

He spoke softly.


“Come at me.”

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