[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #145 (Chapter 48-5)- Unexpected Encounter]


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Demon King Maramgang was infuriated to hear Vulcan’s arrogant words, and shouted.

Vulcan felt a chill and excitement at the same time.

As if they had made a promise, they lunged towards one another.

With the 20-meter-long Thunder-Lightning sword, Vulcan sliced diagonally, as if he was trying to decapitate a soldier on a battlefield.

To directly counter it, Maramgang gathered as much demonic power as he could on his right hand.

And with a gesture like a bear catching salmon in a stream, he blocked with his arm against Vulcan’s sword.





The clash of two titantic powers!

There was a tremendous shock wave loud enough to cause concussion to any nearby.

The earth split up like there was an earthquake and shattered into huge, ugly fissures, and some of the hills around exploded like a grenade from the impact and tons of debris shot like bullets into the air.

The other demon soldiers who had marched with the king shrieked and backed away, as they saw the magnificent and terrifying battle that looked like giants of Light and Darkness clashing from the distance.

Nevertheless, some of the slower and unlucky soldiers were swept away by the energy waves of those two and died, and those who were watching shuddered in horror.

How could there be such a fight?

For the first time, they were surprised by the king’s ultimate violent offensive, while also astonished at his opponent, who had refused to yield a single step against their king.

But it was too early for them to be surprised.

It was just the beginning, after all.

Vulcan and Maramgang shook the heaven and earth as they violently unleashed attacks on each other.






A mixture of titantic shock waves, massive lightning strikes and bolts of black demonic energy exploded out each time  their weapons clashed, the unimaginable energies striking the ground around the two and literally boiling the earth of the battlefield itself.

In less than 10 seconds, the surrounding land was unrecognizable, blasted and torn asunder, as each launched a flurry of savage strikes, secretly admiring each other’s strength as the unstoppable attacks were…stopped by the other.

Actually, Demon King Maramgang was shocked beyond wonder.

The power of the small brat’s thunderbolts were beyond belief.


‘I thought he would be powerful as soon as I saw him, but I never imagined this much!’


The pride of Maramgang began to break down as someone who thought was beneath him showed no signs of retreat against blows capable of shattering mountains.

With the way of fighting that he had inherited from his predecessor, he pushed Vulcan harder, and tried his best to smash Vulcan’s defence.

Maramgang’s moves and strategies became more focused.


Maramgang’s somewhat strange techniques reminded him of the fight with Cheonma Gangsi in Act 2, and Vulcan was taken aback, but of course Vulcan didn’t let it show and fought with all his might.

The fist of the Demon King swept past his head like a cannonball, and in a continuation of the same motion, the leg of the Demon King,  as big and hard as a dinosaur’s, swept past right before his eyes, but Vulcan refused to let the combo attack shake him, but rather the Thunder-Lightning sword slashed and thrust with even greater speed and strength.

Moveover, the fiery Fists of Ifrit poured out of the sky, which tangled up the attacks of Maramgang.

Of course, if Maramgang were to press the attack more closely, he could cause damage to Vulcan.

But when he calculated his risks and benefits, he knew it would be foolhardy to do so.

That kind of strategy would only be useful when he had a decisive advantage.

With the current stalemate, exchanging eye for an eye, it would only lead to mutual destruction.


‘There would be a better time….when that time comes, I will pop your head open and slurp your brains!


But that kind of opportunity didn’t come.

In fact, by little bit, Demon King Maramgang was losing, and Vulcan was taking the lead in the fight.

As if there was no tomorrow for Vulcan, he was pouring out his magic and wielding his swords against the Demon King, which shook the Demon King badly.

It was inevitable.

Whenever they confronted a situation where they could make a decisive attack, their reactions were different.

For the Demon King whose pride knew he was better than his opponent, he was reluctant to admit that Vulcan could be his equal.


So whenever he could make a telling, but risky attack, he tried to get past it with pure defense.

But Vulcan’s behavior was very different.

There can be victory without risk?

He couldn’t think such a thing, standing in front of someone stronger than himself.

In fact, he would risk his life, if necessary, if it meant he could gain a decisive advantage. This was the only way to be a true warrior, only if he risked it all, would he shake the heart of his opponent.

With the  long-term training with Powell, Vulcan was nearly brainwashed into this kind of mindset, and although he wasn’t fully committed, his will had been improved.


‘Although I do have a long way to go…….’


However, Vulcan thought he was much more determined than this absurd Demon King who was only full of narcissism.

He slashed out with his sword again with the speed of lightning.


The Demon King Maramgang stopped it with his claws.

Instantly, he jumped backwards to be further away from Vulcan.

He seemed to think that it was unbelievable.

Vulcan liked the expression shown on the face of the Demon King, to which he smirked back, and Maramgang stomped his foot out of fury.


‘Why, WHY?!’


He couldn’t really understand what was going on right now.

Well, beyond understanding, his pride couldn’t take it.

Later, had he finished the battle and had the time to ponder it, he would have noticed his mistakes, but right now he was in the middle of a life or death battle.

He was not given the leeway to play the game in comfort.

Maramgang with bulging eyes burst into an insane roar.


“Arrrggghh! I will kill you!”


But his roar was not at all useful for this fight.

Rather, Vulcan had instinctively spotted the gap in his defenses, and with even more force than before, he slashed with all his power horizontally.

Unlike before, there were even the faint fiery sparks in between the thunderbolts.

It was but a single step into the early stages of the Fire-Thunder sword.

There was the flame energy that has not been lost because of the insanely quick tempo of attacks.

As the flame erupted with cataclysmic fury, the Thunder- Lightning sword at its center, a terrible sense of pressure erupted from the sword.

Vulcan was not able to unfold the power of the sword properly due to lack of preparation time, as it was still immature, but thanks to Maramgang who lost his temper, he was given enough time to activate it to its full strength.


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