[Max Level Newbie: Munpia #146 (Chapter 49)- Unexpected Encounter 2]


< 49. Unexpected Encounter 2 >


“Oh, you’re here now? Congratulations!”


“Haha, it’s been a while!”


Tulkas smiled from ear to ear, as he was greeted by Klutus who he knew.

It sure has been a long time.

To honor his great father Mumnus, to prove his value, and lastly, to protect as many people in the Lower World as possible, Tulkas endured suffering and repeated training.

It wasn’t easy, even for someone who was always positive and relaxed.

Especially the time in the Light among the Dark was the most terrible.


‘A number of senior half-gods couldn’t take it, and they would give up as they let themselves down……’


There was nothing more to explain, since even the strong-minded Tulkas was affected by their desperation, with their expressions of disappointment and loss.

But he had finally made it though.

Out of all those sufferings, after completing the ridiculously hard exam of Hoculus, the god of water, he stood in this position now after he was nominated as a god with the celebration from all the residents of Act 2.

He observed the beautiful, peaceful scenery of Act 3 that he had only heard about from his father.

Klutus smiled a little, as he watched Tulkas who was spreading his arms out to feel the cool breeze.

He himself had become a god after going though a lot of difficult stages.

He could sort of guess how Tulkas would be feeling right now.

For a moment, Klutus stood silently, to give him some time. A short while later, Tulkas turned to Klutus to talk to him.

But their conversation was interrupted by an unexpected guest.

Honus walked towards them, stroking down his long beard with a dry cough.

Klutus saw him and spoke quickly.


“Ah, Honus. Welcome. I have something to do at the Lower World, so…….”




Klutus went down to his Lower World as if he was very busy.

Honus looked at him in wonder, then stared at the space that Klutus had disappeared from, and eventually turned his head to look at  Tulkas.

He spoke in a solemn tone.


“Congratulations on becoming a god despite your limit of being born a half-god. But there are still things needed in order to be a proper god. Some things that you don’t know. I may speak for a while, but everything is essential, so listen carefully.”


‘……Oh no!’


Tulkas felt like he was doomed as he recalled the reputation of Honus, who was known for his boring talks even in Act 2.

But he is a great being who has served as a god much longer than his father, Mumnus.

There was no way that Tulkas could refuse his instructions.

In the end, he had to head somewhere with Honus unwillingly, like a cow being dragged into the slaughterhouse.

Tulkas sighed quietly as he saw the Honus stroking his beard in front of him.

‘Whoa, how long will it take this time?……It’s never going to be over in an hour or two, is it? Oh, I would get in trouble if I were to doze off while he talks….oh?’




Tulkas was walking with a resigned look on his face.

Then he spotted someone familiar.

Someone that was meditating with his eyes closed in the distance.

He was way below him when they first met, but now he had become a great guy that went far above him and challenged his will to win.

Tulkas unwillingly said his name out loud.




Perhaps Honus had heard his words filled with a little jealousy and respect.

Like Tulkas, he stopped walking to turn his head and look at where Vulcan was.

But soon he frowned a little and turned his head.

Tulkas looked puzzled to see him like that.

He couldn’t understand why Honus reacted like that, since he had the attitude of facing someone that he didn’t get along with well.


‘What is it? Did something happen between those two?’


Tulkas became very curious and kept glancing at Honus.

As if he had noticed his curiosity, Honus spoke.


“You should never become a god like Vulcan.”


“Yes? What….did Vulcan do something wrong, and cause chaos?”


“Not chaos. After all, anyone insane enough to break down a Lower World or do such things wouldn’t be nominated as a god. But……”


Honus paused for a little bit.

Then with a disapproving look on his face, he shook his head.


“Neglecting the humans in their own world is never a good thing to see. You should try to not become a god like Vulcan….and Powell! Recently, among the gods…yes, Chungpoong! You should try to be a god like Chungpoong! You should see how he works hard for the people of the Lower World. Oh, but it’s not like something you can learn by observing once or twice, haha. I should briefly explain. It looks like we have a lot to talk about, so let’s go.”


“……Yes, sir.”


Tulkas followed Honus, with a saddened look on his face.

He turned around once again and captured the sight of Vulcan, who was still meditating.

Although Honus talked badly about him, to Tulkas, in his heart, Vulcan was still a legendary figure that he wanted to learn from.


‘It’s important to rule over the Lower World…..but in order to fight against the Demon Kings, it would also be important to strengthen my powers.’


Tulkas was determined concentrate on his trainings from now on, turned back and grimaced.

Right now, he had to endure the speech of Honus.


*       *       *


30 years had passed since Powell refused to spar.

She would talk about her research as if it would be over in a year or two, but she refused to come out of the lab that she made in the Demon World, as if something was stuck. Naturally, Vulcan had continued training on his own.

Of course, in the meantime, he didn’t neglect taking down Demon Kings.

Well, actually he was more enthusiastic to hunt them down than before.

In the past, he would hesitate even if the chance of something going wrong was only 10-20%, and wait quietly for 24 hours.

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