But the situation had changed after he finished sparring with Powell 30 years ago.

He would definitely have a go at any Demon World with a level of C.

Also, he changed his own rules to challenge himself in a Demon World with level C+, which had the level higher than himself by 30-50%.

Of course, Vulcan hadn’t always gotten a victory at those fights, sometimes he had to make a “strategic withdraw”.

At times, he was so severely injured that his life was on the line, or sometimes he barely escaped to the Lower Worlds.

When that happened, Vulcan sighed in relief, and he was thankful that he got through the crisis, but he was also angry because he was afraid,  this fear that he couldn’t shake off.

He kept thinking about the great being.


‘Powell refused to back down even in those moments and continued attacking?…….’


She must have.

Surely, she wasn’t an idiot that challenged the enemy with whom she had 0% chance of winning against.

But at least, Vulcan thought she would have stood strong to somehow find a chance to turn things around, even in the darkest, most desperate times.

There was definitely a lot of difference between the mentalities of those two, in terms of how they fought the battle.


‘Whoa, it’s really not easy. I need to march forth!’


A vast amount of fighting energy, which could not be felt on Vulcan in the Rubell continent and Act 1, was flowing out of his body.

It was so strong that the other gods who were taking a rest around him got surprised.

They got tense with the vicious energy coming out of Vulcan that seemed to want to wipe out everything as he left the site.

The cooldown timer of the Entrance to the Unsettled Demon World was full.

He opened the portal in a rather safe place, once again standing on the Demon World, and shook his head as he read the quest message that it was a level D+.

He wasn’t satisfied.

He murmured quietly.


“Now a D+ wouldn’t be enough…….”


Their levels were around 1,100 at most.

He would rather spar with Powell, with which he has to risk his life, than fight with those mobs.

It wasn’t surprising, since Vulcan had the level of 1,243 right now.

Moreover, with continuous training, his skills were well above his level.

He could summon up to 5 hellfires, although he had barely managed to have 3 in the past, and it was easier for him to release the energy of the Thunder-Lightning sword.

He could even use the Barlock’s whip more efficiently, unlike in the past.

He was still not gifted in using it, but essentially the whip of Barlock was included in his flame skills.


‘I should have dealt it like a fire, not a whip.’


Vulcan changed his way of thinking, put more power into the Barlock’s whip to make it stiff, and started using it like a spear.

The inferno that came out when he inserted a tremendous amount of magical power, and the physical power of the whip itself was to his liking.

A powerful rotational force was added to it, and the Barlock’s whip that spun out was enough to become another one of Vulcan’s signature moves, and it showed its power this time again.






It was as fast as thrust by Klutus, who was an expert with spears.

Barlock’s whip flew out like it skipped through space, and pierced through the Demon King, and his body wrapped in the whip was consumed by fire without a trace.

On top of that, it put giant flames in the surrounding area, to which Vulcan was satisfied with.


‘Wouldn’t it be better to replace the fires from the thunder-lightning sword…with Barlock’s whip? I guess it could cause further damage.’


As Vulcan had been wearing the Demon Duke set for a long time, he was able to summon Barlock’s whip freely without the help of the effect from the set.

Since Vulcan was back in the Demon World, he thoroughly destroyed the Demon World, thinking that he should test it out, and leveled up with the goal of finishing the quest before he got back to the Lower World.

His level was now 1,244.

He had become one of the most powerful gods, with strong physical levels.

Of course, Vulcan wasn’t satisfied since his goal was to be like Powell.

After dealing with the most important accidents and incidents, he left the Lower World to focus on his training when the cooldown timer was full, and it was time for him to head back to the Demon Worlds again.

Without hesitation, Vulcan jumped into the portal.

The scenery before his eyes changed completely, and after a short while, the quest message popped up.



[There is a quest!]


[General Quest- Take down the Demon King Muduella of Galako Dimension, and destroy the Demon World.]


[Difficulty – C level (Demon World Standard)]


[Reward – A lot of experience points]


*Take down the Demon King Muduella, a boss monster ruling over the Demon World of Galako Dimension, and burn the Demon World to the ground.


“Umm……a C level isn’t bad, but I wanted at least a C+ if I could choose.”


Unlike 30 years ago, for Vulcan who had increased his level quite a lot, he wouldn’t have dared to risk a C level.

He would feel some tension if it was at least a C+.

But then he relaxed his disappointed face.

There were a lot of Demon Worlds with levels D or F, so a level C was rather okay.

Vulcan whistled as he closed down the quest message, and moved to find the Demon King.

But he had to stop walking since another quest message appeared consecutively in front of his eyes.



[There is a quest!]


[Sudden Quest – Save the innocent human beings suffering in the Galako Dimension.]


[Difficulty – Level C (Demon World Standard)]


[Reward – Choose one, either a skill or an item]


* Rescue the resistance fighters struggling to recapture the Galako dimension Demon World, and mankind and human beings suffering from slavery under the Demons.


[There is a quest!]


[Sudden Quest – Find the cursed being in the Galako dimension, and take it down.]


[Difficulty – Level B+ (Demon World Standard)]


[Reward – Choose one, either a skill or an item]


* Find the cursed one of the Galako dimension, someone that is corrupted by demonic energy but isn’t a Demon King, and thoroughly destroy him.


‘……There are three quests?’


Vulcan’s eyes was trembling due to the unexpected situation that has not occurred in the past 230 years.


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