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Ch. 151

<Ep. 50  – The Foothold for Takeoff (1)>


Powell had disconnected all communications.

Vulcan immediately went off to find her, muttering under his breath.

He knew what Powell had succeeded in doing.


‘Seems she has succeeded in creating a controlled portal to an unstable Demon World. Amazing.’

He just couldn’t understand how to use the strange object.

Vulcan couldn’t believe Powell had even managed to find materials to fix the thing.

Surely, Powell had a completely different level of knowledge in magic. *

Also, judging from what Powell had excitedly told him earlier, it seemed she had not ended with simply fixing this object.

Vulcan pushed away the thoughts that had been bothering him all this time and decided to focus on what Powell had restored.


“Wow…” Vulcan exclaimed.

“What do you think? Amazing, isn’t it?”

Powell asked, her nose in the air.

Under normal circumstances, Vulcan would have refused to show the proper reaction, but he couldn’t help it this time.

What Powell had made was amazing.

And it wasn’t simply amazing.

It was an object that seemed it could solve all of the problems he had been having until just now. The object’s option settings popped up.

[A Legendary Item – A Portal to the Demon World]

[Level Limitations – Does Not Exist]

[Specialties : Open a portal to the demon world once a week. Unlike the unstable entrances, this allows one to enter the demon world they desire. You may return 24 hours later once you enter through the portal.

+This was a demon object made by the corrupt Dark Mage Marco Grid, but perfected with the use of supplemental materials. It has been upgraded by the Mage Powell, who is at the highest levels and knowledges in magic.


‘Good. I can now fight Rock Cigar whenever I want!’

Vulcan turned to Powell.

“Amazing. I can’t believe you can choose which demon world to visit…” Vulcan said.

“Just as I expected. Being a player is quite convenient. I can also identify magical objects as soon as I lay my eyes on them. Hehehehe.” Powell laughed hysterically at the sight of Imph, who had shrunk in size to work on the complicated parts. It seemed she needed someone who could handle delicate work.

Excited, Powell proceeded to explain about the fundamentals of the magical object.


“I still can’t believe I made this. This object is capable of sharing infinitesimal amounts of energy with other dimensions rather than existing on its own dimension and has only a minute amount of magic within it. If you study it closely, you’ll notice that they are all different from each other. But of course, it’s thanks to the demons from the different dimensions you brought me! It helped me to differentiate them all, so I appreciate that! Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how the demons can each be returned to its own dimension after the connection is over….”


Vulcan quietly listened as Powell droned on and on. He had to admit – Powell’s explanation was quite interesting. Vulcan also knew from experience he would only receive the beating of his life if he interrupted Powell in the middle of her ‘lectures’. Vulcan eventually reached the point where he didn’t understand a single word Powell was saying, but he continued to nod his head and reacted to Powell’s words throughout the rest of her speech.


When Powell was done, Vulcan spoke up, relieved he was over.

“But… how come you’ve made so many of these?” Vulcan asked as he peered at the objects rolling around their feet on the floor. Vulcan counted at least ten. Powell followed his glance and waved her hand dismissively.

“Oh, this? This is just to hand out to the other gods as a gift-.”

“Are you out of your mind?!”

“Excuse me? Is that the tone you use with someone who’s your teacher?” Powell snapped, frowning. She immediately transformed into her true giant form.

“You’re not even making sense, and you know it.” Vulcan retorted, still looking dumbfounded.

Powell shook her head.

“What don’t you get? Who are you, Klutus? And what was the name of that kid who became a god recently? Kids nowadays…” Powell grumbled. “You are all just itching because of the Act 3 lifestyle. If I send these anonymously, I bet they couldn’t be more pleased. And wouldn’t it be more fun if we all attacked the demon worlds rather than simply defending our world?”

Vulcan sighed.

“The gods aren’t as physically powerful as we are, Powell. Entering the demon world where they can’t even use magical powers would mean instant death.”

“But you’ve got loads of that – what was it – the Magical Armor Sets! Wouldn’t that offer protection?”


Vulcan shook his head dismissively. This dragon was truly submissive to its desires and interests, while not being at ALL considerate of the dangers that would follow.

“Also, don’t you think that having the capability to open portals to the dimension of one’s choice means they can choose the level of the demon world to fight in? We’re capable of doing that – we know the magic level of a demon world just by sensing the energy from the portal so if we teach the young gods how to do the same, they can choose a demon world they can handle and we can all have some fun.”

“So while we are over in the demon world, leaving our world defenseless, do you really think the demons will just sit back and let us take over? If they take that opportunity to attack us…”

“Then I’ll get rid of the demon kings myself and let the others each take over a demon world!”


‘She’s right in a way… looks like she also detests how Act 3 is currently being managed.’

Vulcan was also feeling frustrated with the old gods who were in charge of Act 3.

Not only did the gods always have a list of do’s and don’ts for him to follow, the gods were always asking them to watch over the humans.

However, Vulcan wasn’t up to dealing with the fallout no matter how much he wanted change to happen in Act 3. If something were to happen after the gods had taken over the demon world among themselves, he and Powell would have to take responsibility.

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