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This page contains all the original Pre-Asian Hobbyist unique names. This is a comprehensive and complete list from chapter 1 to 121. It is also useless. This is because there have been multiple translators, who have quite simply translated unique names as it pleased them.

However, here at Asian Hobbyist, we took the time to compile every unique name, as they FIRST appeared, because its our job to make sure that we’re carrying on the intent of the original translators. This is so that moving forward, we are as accurate as we could be. The torch has been passed to us, and this becomes our obligation to you, the loyal readers. (please excuse the inconsistent format. I was more concerned about accuracy, and basically cut-and-pasted everything)

Chapter 1 Elder Lich Frezole
Chapter 1 Rubel Continent
Chapter 1 Asgard Realm

Chapter 2 Beloong City
Chapter 2 Goblin Mukushu

Chapter 3 Shop-The Sundries
Chapter 3 Third-rate Swordsman Jake
Chapter 3 First-Class Fighter Fulvike
Chapter 3 First-Class Swordsman Jung Yeop Lee

Ch4 Duke of Willyf, the ‘Sword of the Empire’
Ch4 ‘ruler of the city’, Dokgo Hoo

Ch5 City of Nokrim
Ch5 Cho empire
Ch5 Pub owner, Filder
Ch5 Vulcan-Jae Hyuk Kim
Ch5 World-Murim
Ch5 God-Powel
Ch5 World-Powel

Ch11 Weakened Skeleton King Wreric
Ch11 Berenere-necromancer of pure evil-General Store Owner

Ch12 Mereham
Ch12 Rockweed
Ch12 Folken the captain of patrol squad
Ch12 Heywood-blacksmith

Ch14 Logweed, the Leader of Adventurers Alliance

Ch15 Anderson warrior
Ch15 Puhuturu, level 200 devil goblin
Ch15 Jale mage
Ch15 Ruko archer

Ch16 Pakumu Goblin Patrol Captain

Ch18 Uruo leader of Players Alliance
Ch18 Berkman second in command, Players Alliance
Ch18 Lee JungYup Zenith Swordsman OofV senior officer

Ch19 Miluwall Players Alliance
Ch19 Huran Players Alliance
Ch19 Turan Players Alliance

Ch24 King Cheetah

Ch27 Horune HDofW
Ch27 Carfield
Ch27 Murim’s Order of Virtue
Ch27 Powel’s Holy Denomination

Ch28 Hororo from Powel

Ch31 Sun Wu-min Murim
Ch31 Beck Yerl Left Handed Swordsman
Ch31 Seo-Whee
Ch31 Ultoru
Ch31 Ho-Gwang. The son of the leader of the Order of Virtue

Ch34 Ho-Gyung Leader Order of Virtue

Ch35 Battle King Bellon Archbishop of the Holy Denomination of War

Ch36 Ruwan second in command HDofW
Ch36 Royan HDofW

Ch38 Jin-Gwak of the namless spear OofV

Ch39 Baek-Un OofV

Ch40 Jang-Ho OofV
Ch40 Hwang Bo-Huk OofV

Ch49 Ja-gyeong God Spirit Baek

Ch50 Belake Demon
Ch 50 Hum Demon
Ch50 Kiru Demon
Ch50 Hudura Demon
Ch50 Amarus Demon Leader
Ch50 Naramhart Demon Leader

Ch51 Pokuru Demon
Ch51 Koros Demon
Ch51 Hokera Demon Leader
Ch51 Count Burubelmong Demon Leader

Ch52 Count Nukuham Demon Commander
Ch52 Marahamka Demon Lord

Ch53 Vanhell City

Ch54 Rumithus manager Act 2
Ch54 Arunean
Ch54 Chung-juk
Ch54 Cha – pierre
Ch54 White Tiger Ku
Ch54 Espo City
Ch54 Kiba a Legend of Vagrants
Ch54 So-Hyung airship
Ch54 Elcane

Ch55 Toolkas, a demi-god, son of Mumnus
Ch55 Phantaero, Hegatus’ Brave Hero

Ch56 Happy Harpy
Ch56 Griffon Calioru
Ch56 Wyvern Arudo
Ch56 Gargoyle Kuruchief

Ch58 Ryur-ryul fox demon
Ch58 Blue Wind Blue Dragon

Ch59 Kina Kina beast bird

Ch61 Big

Ch62 B-137 chimera

Ch63 Karil the fortune teller

Ch64 Gao, the Great King Tiger

Ch65 Parukuru
Ch65 Parkers, the god of blacksmith
Ch65 Mumnus the great
Ch65 Forwaru General Store Owner Ancient Predator (Anglerfish)

Ch68 Chimera B-092
Ch68 Gang-Shi

Ch69 Poison Gang-shi Go-gwang
Ch69 Poison Gang-shi Nam Gung-un

Ch70 Nam-gung Jae-huk master gang-shi

Ch73 Madorugi, the owner of the Oracle

Ch74 Bae Su Jin organization of human mages

Ch77 Barlock Belgeram the demon duke in middle of reflecting upon his sins

Ch80 Elumhal

Ch82 Han Surl-hye Ying-Yang Elemental Enchantress
Ch82 Dan Uu-san a vampire demon
Ch82 Rex Ruvero the leader of Bae Su Jin

Ch84 Malrop Human Mage
Ch84 Sinit Human Mage
Ch84 Baiel Human Mage
Ch84 Baeron Bae Su Jin
Ch84 Hellmout one of bosses of the Bae Su Jin

Ch85 Rex Bruo the Commander of Bae Su Jin

Ch86 Pei Human Mage
Ch86 Lati Human Mage

Ch87 Yur Dong-bin the Greatest Battle God

Ch88 Tom Logger

Ch89 Bramhal Demon Force Vanguard Captain
Ch89 Balgerom Demon Force Supreme Commander

Ch95 Yakumbo
Ch95 Shakun
Ch95 Chilma

Ch96 Tigerian Mu Horang
Ch96 Tigerian Buton

Ch97 Masters of Korun Scholars
Ch97 Dark Wave
Ch97 Yum Chyul-sang a Hell Demon Force

Ch98 Marake

Ch100 Vilhelum Phon Highest Enlightened God

Ch105 Alando
Ch105 Dabi

Ch106 Rinnen & Pao’s General Store

Ch108 Hokulus the supreme manager of Act 2
Ch108 Origin of Evil

Ch109 Clutus Demi-god
Ch109 Horius Demi-god
Ch109 Light inside Darkness – Final Trial
Ch109 Honus the younger brother of the Act 2’s Supreme Manager Hokulrus

Ch110 Jerumong Great Ancient God of Lightning

Ch111 Demisula the female Dragonian
Ch111 Karugos the Demi-god

Ch115 Kim Jung-hoon Dad
Ch115 Lee Hye-won Mom

Ch116 Oculus a patent that could inflict a mental attack on nearby enemies
Ch116 Paros
Ch116 Pahalrum
Ch116 wolfnian Kiba

Ch117 Poir = Forwaru

Ch119 Kim Ha-young Little sis

Ch121 Mohoke Demon Duke
Ch121 Metatron
Ch121 Kim Chul-hwan Grandson

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