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Magi Craft Meister

(Chapter 282)

Vol. 10 Ch. 16: Repairs


The next morning, there was breakfast as usual at 7:30. The nobles, being royalty, woke up earlier.


Hannah woke up at 5:30, and rolled around in bed, while Jin also woke up early, becoming Hannah’s partner for waking up.


That being so, Jin braided Hannah’s hair.


Erza woke up later around 6 am, arising to the opening of the curtains.


All three of them woke up, so they went to go wash their faces.


When they exited the corridor, an automata stood in their way.




The automata greeted them. Jin sensed the automata’s failure in its speech function.


Because there was a bathroom at the end of the corridor, they headed in that direction without getting lost and washed their faces, feeling refreshed.


Jin, who looked out the window of the bathroom, knew the automata had the bucket for drawing the water.


“This automata’s behavior is a little off as well…”


Knowing that Kurain Kingdom was understaffed made Jin feel a little concerned. At that moment, a cheerful voice came from behind.


“Oh, I see that Jin and you guys have woken up! Good morning!”


It was Princess Lieschen. She appears to be wearing a thin silk nightgown. The pattern was so close-knit that you couldn’t see through.


An elderly maid was with her, but the princess washed her face alone, along with her mouth. She took a towel from the maid to wipe her face, and started to brush her hair.


The bathroom had a mirror, but it was a little distorted, although it showed the brilliance of Jin who was lost in it but noticed and chanted,

“Transform. Face Treatment.”


And the mirror returned to its lovely figure. The princess saw and was quite delighted.


“Hoho! The Magi Craft Man has such an amazing talent! There is still more to be developed in our country.”


Said Elza, who was starting to devise a plan. Jin said,


“Elza, transformation seems easy, but it is actually quite intricate. The simpler the shape, the more important the image is. You have to make the mirror flat.”


Said Jin, lecturing Elza.


“Uhuh, I got it”


Meanwhile, one could hear the sound of Hannah’s footsteps as she walked back into the room. That same Hannah was being called over by Princess Lieschen.


“Wait, you said you were Hannah, correct? Come to my room. I want to do something good with you.”


“Eh? Whatever for, princess?”

“Don’t think about it too much. Now, come.”


Said Princess Lieschen to Hannah, as Jin and Elza refused to let the princess borrow their sister, and withdrew their hands. Hannah however, was happy to be called by the princess.


But then, how valuable is it to spend time with royalty like this?


As Jin returned to the room, he said to Elza,

“If you are with Jin-nii, all of your common sense will go away.”


However one heard it, Jin was aware his words were not necessarily ones of praise, as he smiled bitterly.


“Father, here are the materials I have received.”


Reiko, who came in as their conversation ended, showed Jin the material he ordered last night.


He put it in his leather bag that looked like one you could get anywhere, and asked when she was holding it, to which she replied she had been holding it under her coat since the very beginning, giving no signs of unease.


Jin confirmed everything was there, and gave a pleased smile.


“Oniii~ chaan~”


At that time, Hannah returned. As she opened the door, Jin looked, surprisingly with a loss for words.


“Tee hee! How do I look?”


Hannah had on a gorgeous dress given to her by the princess.


“They are my clothes, but how does she look? Do they match her?”


Said Princess Lieschen, who returned to the room.


Hannah’s chestnut hair, which was previously braided by Jin, was combed down and decorated with flowers and silver hair ornaments.


The dress itself appeared to be the princess’ favorite color, light pink. With laces and frills, it looked cute. A big ribbon was tied around, emphasizing her chest.


Wearing pure white gloves that go all the way up to her elbows, she looks just like a beautiful young lady.


“It fits you quite well. You look very cute!”


Jin said in praise, as Hannah smiled widely, giggling cheerfully.


*  *   *


“Since you have worn it already, you can take the dress home.”


Said the princess during breakfast.


“Anyhow, I can’t wear it anymore.”


“Okay! Thank you, Princess!”


Hannah was delighted. Seeing that, the princess smiled. Smaller than the princess, who is the youngest child of her family, Hannah’s cuteness was irresistible.


Usually, the princess is not this close with the common people, so this is valuable time for her.


“Now then, I’m going to put in my fighting spirit to fix this thing!”


Jin, who was finished with his meal, declared to the princess that was going to start repairs.


“Your Highness, would you please summon all the working automata to come here? Please also ask for the material requested yesterday.”


At the same time, Jin asked to borrow a room to work in.


The princess nodded, and brought Jin to another room. Inside was space of about 10 tatami mats, and in a corner, the material Jin had asked for.


“How is this room?”


Because there was a spacious and sturdy table placed inside, Jin agreed to use the space.


“I need Elza nearby to help me. By the way, how is Hannah?”


“Hannah is…. Taking care of me.”


Since the princess herself decided so, Jin was happy to leave Hannah with her. Plus, he was using the materials obtained from Hourai Island, and having those two around would make him feel a little nervous.


“Well then. I will start working.”


There were no observations made as to whether Jin was completely confident in his work.


Including Tia, there were 11 working automata in the villa.


“Now, shall I fix Tia first?”


“Yes, please do.”


Jin made Tia inactive and placed her on the table. He then removed all her clothing.



Elza, watching, made a sound and blushed. Just like Ann, part of Tia was made exactly like a woman.


Jin disassembled Tia quickly, not minding her appearance.


He stripped away all of her exterior, including her magical skin.


“Ah, this is terrible.”


“Hm. She looks tattered.”


Since Elza watched Jin when he made Lotte in Blue Land, she was not the least bit disturbed.


“Oh, the skeleton is distorted and rusty.”


The skeleton was made from steel like Ann, but it is slightly rusted at the joints and bent in certain locations.


“I want to make it from silver, but that’s impossible. So I will make it using stainless steel instead.”


Said Jin, who took some chrome and nickel from Reiko’s leather bag. He prepared those materials which came from Hourai Island.


“Elza, look carefully. This is chrome, and this is nickel. Mixing it with steel makes an alloy called stainless steel.”


While explaining, Jin slowly removed Tia’s skeleton and used an alloying magic technique to create the stainless steel alloy.


To fix the distortion, he used  <Transform>. Then he coated the joints with adamantite.


“The skeleton is done, now for the muscle.”


He asked the princess to order sandworm leather, which is a specialty from the Japanese empire. It was quite expensive, since the location is quite far and there is not a big amount.


However, Jin was prepared, using a large amount of magic fiber produced in Hourai Island along with the sandworm leather. The combination was perfect.


“So, by combining these thin fibers and twisting them together makes her more sturdier and supple.”


Said Jin, who explained to Elza as he replaced the magical muscles. Elza looked at Jin’s hand movements in order to absorb his knowledge, trying to remember his precise motions.

“I think this is good. But the rest looks useless.”


“I think that Jin-nii is amazing for finishing it in 15 minutes.”




Next was the magic devices, such as the control core, which Jin confirmed yesterday to be nearly depleted of Magi crystal power.


He replaced the robust Magi crystal, and decided there was no need to worry about the Unifier anymore, but, just in case, made countermeasures against any possible enemy magic.


The Magi device was restored in its Mithril casing and surrounded with sponge made from gourasherum for cushioning. The finished product appeared a bit bulky because of the specific material used.


They exchanged all tattered magical devices with new replacements. The old nucleus control cores were decided to be analyzed at Hourai Island, since it is possible they could bring new insights.


“Without further maintenance, these will be fine for another 20 to 30 years.”


The improvements were made so that they would not deteriorate easily from daily tasks.


Jin returned the exterior to its original position. He used <Face Treatment> on the exterior parts and other places that were rusting.


Finally, the magic skin, which was also made in Hourai Island. Jin, who used the same colors, thought about what to do for the rest.


He heard that the princess used to drink milk from automata’s chest, so he left that part as is.


Because there was a tank to store milk inside the breast part, Jin redeveloped the automata to be a nursing nanny.


Jin admired that the inside of the tank was engraved with the magic formula of <Purification>, intended to prevent milk from spoiling.


“But, just using <Purification> will be useless.”


Effective, but not enough. Milk spoilage can’t be prevented just by using <Purification> that separates impurities. As long as there are no impurities, it will slow down spoilage. Because of this, Jin decided to add his own formula, named <Sterilization>.


“Underneath is…”


There was a problem in the lower abdomen. After all the trouble, Jin decided to leave it, only using <Reinforcement>, without exchanging any magic skin.


“Jin-nii, your face is becoming red.”


As Elza pointed that out, Jin ended his work, which took 30 minutes.


He dressed it and turned its power back on. Tia, who awakened from a deep sleep, lowered her head and thanked Jin.


“Jin-sama, thank you very much. Now I can work again.”


“Tia, you are now restored. Your performance should be better than before. I will let the princess know.”


After Jin’s reply, Tia smiled and responded.


“Yes, certainly. I exist to work for the princess.”


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The remaining 10 automata were restored quickly. The 7 automata who worked indoors were made by Egelia Kingdom, and the other 3 working outdoors were made by Selroa Kingdom.


There was no deterioration of the magic skin, and it seemed that it will last long enough because of Jin’s <Reinforcement>.


However, since most of the joints were worn down, they had to be repaired and coated with adamantite.


Since the skeleton was only made of iron, Jin added nickel and chrome to make stainless steel. This caused the nickel and chrome to nearly run out.


“There is no Ether converter….”


Because of the present era, mana tanks are used instead of Ether converters.


When Jin thought of where to refill the mana tank, he remembered that there seemed to be one behind the washroom.


The automata go there to refill there mana, which Jin can also do for them.


“There is a considerable amount of magic fiber left, so let’s use that to strengthen the automata.”


Jin strengthened the automata with the magic fiber. This made the automata 1.5 times stronger.


He then replaced the automatas’ degrading voice function with a magic crystal. Jin was quickly running out of them, and managed with only one left, which he put in his pocket.


“Okay, finished.”


He fixed them one by one, the last automata exiting the room.




Elza sighed as she watched them depart, her response understandable since she also helped Jin work for 2 hours straight.


“The last part is…”


“……we aren’t done yet?”


Elza asked, amazed.


“No, you see, we need to know which mana supplier is available for them to use.”


Oh yeah, Jin thought. Just walk through the corridor. He began to follow the automata.


“Inside the washroom… Is that it?”


There was a huge device, which made Jin want to analyze its engineering magic.


“Hmm, the principle it uses is close to those of Ether converters, but to make one this big…”


He stopped tampering with it, only meddling with the parts that looked inefficient.


“Well, I think this might improve its efficiency.”


That said, Jin looked satisfied.


Tia’s performance appeared to be 3 times better than usual.

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