MCM 292

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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 292 – Leasehold land, village Kaina



“Hmm, Kaina village, eh”


The Kurain kingdom king, Alois the Third, said while smiling happily.


“Are you okay with just that? You could ask for much large land, you know?”


“No, I would like it to be Kaina village.”


Jin’s decision would not change.


“Hmm, that is fine as well.”


Alois the Third ordered the secretary to prepare the contract papers.



‘I will lend Kaina village to the magi craftsman Jin Nidou as leasehold land.’


That was the outline of it.

After which, the details were discussed — for example, the definition of Kaina village, its range, the duration of the lent, etc.

The lending period was decided to be 50 years from present time.


Each of the golems Jin made for the country would have about 5,000,000-8,000,000 Toll market price. For 20 of them, it would cost from about 100 million to 160 million toll. The cost of materials was about 80,000,000 toll.

Judging from the quality of the golems he made, the estimated cost of his work wouldn’t be less than 80 million normally but this time it was taken as 50 million. A difference of more than 30 million toll.

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On the other hand, the revenue from Kaina village in terms of wheat was about 5 tons which is about 450,000 toll, in 50 years that would reach 22.5 million.

Even after taking the reward into account, it doesn’t balance out no matter how you look at it and thus, Alois the Third said that it would not be a problem even if he asked for a bigger area.


And the condition text was read aloud.

It also had a condition which stated that if Jin conducted a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits, the contract would become invalid.

And naturally, the village itself and the territory would be extraterritorial.

As Jin himself couldn’t keep up with all the conditions the secretary read out loud, he made Laojun memorize them through Reiko and check them simultaneously.

And after having considered all of such conditions, the one which would likely cause problems was as expected, ‘a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits’–Reiko whispered to Jin’s ears.


“What do you think, Jin-dono?”


After all the text was read aloud, prime minister Powell came asking Jin.

There, Jin spoke of the point Laojun identified through Reiko.


“Right, the point ‘a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits’, this feels a tad bit vague. For example — and this is only as an example — but, say that someone belonging to the Kurain kingdom cause problems around the Kaina village, if I were to rebuke them for it, in that case, how much is permitted?”


The king had noticed that he was implicitly pointing out to the incident last year when Jin stopped Earl Walter’s overbearing attitude.


“Hmm, that is right. What do you think, prime minister?”


“Yes, then if that’s the case, how about acknowledging the self defense of the area, if an incident which would cause harm to it were to occur inside the area?”


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He was twisting his words but to put it simply, he was stating that in the case of an attack on to the Kaina village, a counter attack inside Kaina village won’t be considered a deed which would contradict the kingdom’s profits. It is obvious if it is an extraterritorial area.

Inversely, it also means that they can’t do anything if such party were outside of the Kaina village.


“In this case, is it okay to think of the village as not a village, but as an area with a certain border?”