Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 299 City of Ganiz

On the 3rd of April, when spring was in full swing, Jin was able to successfully meet up with Reinhart.

“Matheus, he’s Jin. Although he does have the title of Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia kingdom, he is free of restraints.”

Reinhart introduced Jin to Matheus, who was his friend and escort.

“Jin, he’s Captain Matheus Gaist Fon Rialgar. He is a friend of mine and also the captain of 3rd squad of the Imperial Guards. He will become my brother-in-law soon, as well.”

“Nice to meet you, I am Jin Nidou.”

“Nice to meet you as well, I am Matheus.”

They greeted each other and shook hands.

“I have heard a lot about you from Reinhart during our journey. You seem to be a wonderful magi engineer.”

“Hahaha, that’s right! Jin is a magi engineer whom I can’t even hope to reach! That much I can guarantee you!”

For some reason, Reinhart answered with pride. Seeing that, Matheus raised his eyebrows for a second there but soon went back to normal.

“I look forward to seeing you in action. And so, is it fine to assume that you will be travelling together with us from now?”

Reinhart went and answered that question as well.

“Yes, of course. Jin is my guest, after all! …Jin, so is it okay if I get on your carriage right away?”

“Y-yes, sure. I have a lot to talk about as well.”

“Right?! And so, let’s depart, Matheus!”


Slightly astounded by the excited Reinhart, Matheus ordered his subordinates to depart again. And now, 15 people were guarding Reinhart while they were heading towards their country.

“Let’s go!”

The carriage Reinhart had been riding on departed without its master. The driver knew Jin so he didn’t mind either. After all, this happened often before too.

However, that was not true for Matheus. The person he was supposed to guard, his friend, his younger sister’s to be husband, just went off happily with a person of doubtful origins (although Reinhart did introduce himself as the Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia kingdom) he had just met.

And there’s also this girl called Reiko riding with them. Seems like she is an automata but that just makes her even more mysterious.

And not to mention that a iron made golem was driving the carriage, the type of which he had never seen before. It seemed to be inferior to Reinhart’s Schwarz Ritter in every single aspect.

However, the carriage was being pulled by a golem horse. He was honestly amazed by that.

(To be able to recreate such horse-like movements… I can’t measure his ability.)

*   *   *

“Is Elsa doing fine?”

“Yeah. She is teaching the kids at a village called Kaina at the moment.”

“I see. That’s delightful. Well, as long as she’s happy.”

Reinhart said and lowered his voice,

“…Jin, Elsa’s brother, Fritz, the reason why he turned weird… no, the reason why he returned to normal — you had a hand in it, right?”

There was a sound-proof barrier spread around Jin’s carriage so there was no need to worry about being wiretapped but he ended up whispering unconsciously.

“Ah. That ‘hypnotism’ and ‘seduce’. Before, Rucall cancelled it by stimulating and stunning him but now I understand that the same thing can be done by a magic called ‘shock’.”

And then, Jin went on and explained how the Unifiers became Nostalgia and how they are now helping each of the countries.

While they were engrossed in their conversation, before they realized, they had reached today’s destination, the city of Ganiz.

“Looks like we are here.”

Reinhart said while looking out the window.

“Time sure passed by quick, huh. We will stay here today and head to Toskoshia tomorrow, which is just before the border. We also have the visa needed to pass through, so they probably won’t make us wait.”

“Ah, yes, I am looking forward to going to Shouro empire.”

“I am happy you feel that way. Well then, let’s get down for now.”

The carriage stopped at a simple checkpoint just before Ganiz.

Reinhart was the most highest ranked person among them so he had to show his face while passing through.

Matheus surveyed Reinhart as if to make sure everything was alright when he came down from the carriage.

And glared at Jin for a moment, who was still inside the carriage.


While Jin had noticed Matheus’ glance, he didn’t understand the reason behind it so he decided to pretend he didn’t notice for now.

*   *   *

The city of Ganiz was not a fortified city. It was surrounded by normal wood fences.

But it’s not like the city was only inside the fences, from the looks of it, it seemed like they were in the middle of expanding the city.

Although, there was no doubt that the part outside the fences were less developed.

The city was in the remote region of Serroa and the reason why it was flourishing lied in the mine halfway up the Karter mountain towards the south.

Mines of valuable mithril metal were found at 3 places, one of which lies along the road used for ore transportation from Bololon.

“Hmmm. Well, I understand how that would make Bololon prosper but why would it make this place prosper as well?”

Hearing Reinhart’s explanation, Jin asked the obvious question.

“That’s because the more important of a point Bololon is, the more stricter the management of Serroa kingdom gets.”

And with that, Jin could guess the rest. Certainly, it would be hard to develop a business district where most of the country’s soldiers and officials were.

“Well, you can also say it’s a very disordered city.”

After parking the carriage at the carriage point outside the city, Jin and the others started walking to the city of Ganiz.

Reinhart was attracting quite a lot of barkers, as he was well-dressed.

“Sir, we have a very nice inn over her, with the best food and great girls! Please come!”

“I have some nice magi crystals which were collected from the mines. I will sell them to you cheap, so why don’t you buy some?”

“If you want to have fun, then please visit ‘Namiina’! All you can drink wine at a cheap price!”

Matheus went and drove those people away.

“Seriously… this place is always like this. Reinhart, we have already decided on the inn. Let’s hurry.”

Matheus had sent his subordinates ahead of them to book a proper inn.

“Ah, as expected of Matheus. You’re very reliable.”

And then Matheus looked back at Jin and apologized,

“Sorry but we couldn’t book a room for you. We didn’t know there was going to be more people, after all. Please search for one yourself. I am sorry.”

“Jin, if that’s the case then why don’t you come to my–”

Reinhart had started talking but Matheus interrupted saying,

“If it’s okay with you, would you like to sleep with one of our guards?”

But Jin refused.

“No, if it’s completely necessary, I can always sleep in my carriage so please don’t mind me.”


After giving a short reply, he made his subordinates surround Reinhart and advance on. It looked like Reinhart was complaining about something but he didn’t lend an ear.

“Well then, Jin-dono, we depart at 8 in the morning. Don’t be late.”

Matheus said and started following Reinhart at a quick pace without even waiting for Jin’s reply.

(…I feel like I am disliked quite a lot here…)

Having no memory of saying anything bad to Matheus, Jin just stood there, puzzled.

And even to Jin, the barkers came up.

“Hey fella, why don’t ya come have fun at our inn?”

“Hey, won’t you treat me to a drink?”

“Wanna spend the night with me?”

Well, they weren’t even barkers, they were prostitutes.

“You’re in the way. Please don’t touch father with your dirty hands.”

Reiko got rid of all those women.

It took about 30 mins for them to realize that Jin wasn’t another easy mark and they went away.

“It’s my first time in a city like this.”

Being close to the border, it was a city with little public order. It seems it would be better to not stay long here.

“Doesn’t seem like there are any places worth seeing, so let’s head back to the carriage.”

“That would probably be the best.”

*   *   *

“Oi, Matheus.”

Reinhart found Matheus’ attitude towards Jin a bit intolerable so when he tried to complain, Matheus went ahead and said,

“Reinhart, we will be at our homeland soon. You do understand, right?”

“? Ah, of course I do.”

“Then don’t do anything that will make Belche cry.”

“I haven’t done anything of the sort, have I?”

“I know you haven’t been to a brothel. But…”


Reinhart asked, being curious. To which Matheus murmured,



Reinhart tried listening again as he couldn’t hear properly. Getting desperate, Matheus said with a loud voice,

“You don’t need to run after men now, right?!”

….It seems, Matheus had misunderstood something.

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