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Chapter 310 Deep water wells


Jin and the others had left the city of Banyuu and started heading west using the highway. They had an early lunch at Kurowas city and stayed the night at Hatata city.

They were travelling about 40 kilometers a day but since they were already in their home country, Reinhart wasn’t hurrying anymore.

In fact, it also seemed a bit like he was a little sad that the journey was going to be over soon.

Even though he had wanted to go to his motherland as soon as possible when they were stopped at Asunto.

Hatata city was the connection point of highways, and so many people could be seen coming in and going out.


As the spring sun was still high, Reinhart guided Jin and showed him around the Hatata town. Reiko silently accompanied them.


“Unlike Banyuu city, this one has quite a lot of single-storied buildings, huh?”


One could see quite a few two-storied buildings in Banyuu but one-storied buildings were more in number here.

The eaves on the roofs were small so the roofs looked even smaller to Jin.


“Ah, yeah. There is a lot of land compared to the population so there are no need for 2nd floors here, you see.”


“Certainly seems so.”


Although there were a lot of coming and going here because of the highways, since the city itself was quite big, people spread throughout it and, as a result, the city looked deserted at a glance.


“It doesn’t rain as much here. Banyuu had the Divide river close to it, so it has plenty water but you need to dig pretty deep wells here to get water.”


Hearing that, Jin understood why the roofs were small. When it rains a lot, inversely, the roofs are much bigger and the eaves are deeper.


“Ah, so that’s why it’s kinda dusty here.”

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The windows were also quite small to prevent the dust from entering.


“More or less. One more thing… you can’t really expect much of the food here.”


Reinhart said disappointedly.

They returned to the inn after 4 pm, after some sightseeing.


“Welcome back.”


The inn was different, being two-storied. And like the other buildings of this city, as the sites were wide, it also had a wide garden.


“I will bring the ‘rinse’ immediately.” The doorkeeper girl said energetically.


By ‘rinse’, she meant water and towels to wipe off the dust, as this city is always quite dusty.

Beside the huge entrance hall of the inn, a well was dug and a pulley and a bucket was there to pull up water.


“Here we go.”


Seeing the girl pull up water, Jin was reminded of Kaina village’s previous state. Seeing Hanna strenuously draw water, he had built a pump.

Hanna was 8 years old back then. Now, the girl drawing water was about 12-13 years old. Jin gazed at the scene, without any particular thought.


“Ah, shoot!”


Seems like her hand slipped, making the bucket fall down, making a loud noise once it hit the water.

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In case of drawing water using a pulley, it’s quite hard to stop a bucket from falling down if you let it go once.

And as expected, the girl’s palm was abraded as she had tightly gripped the rope.


“S-sorry! I will pull it up back again!”


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