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Second of three teaser novels

Chapter 117.  Interesting  =========================================================================


Come to think of it, I wasn’t thinking of Yujeong.  If it had been like the past, I would have just let it go, saying that it would be OK to do it alone, but recently, I realized that my consideration has been, more or less, centered on Anhyun.  Ansol is an exception since he was a priest, but Anhyun seemed to agree more with me when compared to Yujeong.


Even now, that thinking hasn’t changed.  Anhyun’s potential was greater to begin with, and he showed that difference more clearly when he succeeded the Lear Class, this time around.  Also, I was aware of the fact that Yujeong wasn’t always in peace with herself since she was considering Anhyun to be a rival.


At the same time, Yujeong wasn’t someone, with the level of capability, who could be easily discarded as a user, either.  She certainly had the potential to grow into a high level user.  Since I have personally picked her out and brought with me, her becoming a renowned user depended on how I teach and groom her growth.


Essentially, it was only the difference in the potentials.


It was better that I do not teach Anhyun for a while.  Putting aside the difference between the sword and the spear, reading that book and getting used to them was undeniably an essential part of the process.  I would simply work as an advisor, rather than awkwardly attempt to teach which can have a negative impact on the efficiency of a cavalry spearman.


After organizing my thoughts by tapping on the table, I turned to speak to Yujeong who was pouting.


“Yujeong…  It’s better that I teach you.”


Anhyun and Ansol’s eyes opened wide.  In response to those short words, Yujeong also stopped pouting.  I thought that image of her was rather a bit cute.


“O, Oppa will teach me?  Aren’t you busy?”


“I am, but…. I have been somewhat neglectful for a while.  If I shuffle my schedule somehow, I think I will be able to teach you.  Although it may be difficult for entire days, I will oversee your progress as much as possible.   In some respect, a sword could be considered an extension of a dagger.  Considering many things, it will be better that I teach you.”


“I… I mean… Still, it is so sudden…..”


I smiled, looking at Yujeong who was, unlike her, hesitant and wiggling her fingers.


“Why.  You don’t want that?”


“No, No!  Of course!  I’d like that!”


She shook her head exaggeratingly and put on a big smile.  Although Anhyun was murmuring, “How could you do that,” and Ansol, who was looking on with half envy and half sullen look, were nearby, I looked away, in lieu of a verbal response.


Later.  I was able to deliver the goals of this maintenance interval by spending about 30 minutes.


In summary, first of all, the main focus would be for Sangyong Shin to be under the guidance of Vivian   Like the kids, unless it was something of an importance, I’ve decided to not call for him.  He was a 2nd year user.  Hence, expecting acute growth, like in kids, was remote.  Yet, while there was a slight chance of similar growth potential, it was best to do as much as possible.


And Hayeon was left as a freelancer.  Freelancer meant, as the word suggested, that independence would be guaranteed.   Of course, since I’ve suggested Ansol to be under Hayeon’s guidance, it was difficult to interpret that as having a complete freedom.  However, understanding the meaning behind my thoughts, Hayeon accepted my order without any objection.


Giving her the freelancer status was a symbol that only a few people in the know understood.  If we have established a clan and solidified some form of organization, giving one a freelancer status implied the level of trust that was given to her.  Besides, as she has always been prudent with her actions, there wasn’t much need to monitor her activities, either.


However, being in a small city did pose some issues.  Among them that stood out was a place for the kids to train.  That issue would be easily addressed by going outside of the city, but there was not a plan to hunt monsters this week.  The sensory training that took place, so far, was able to be conducted in doors, but the upcoming training mostly required active physical movements.  No matter how good the VIP room was, it would be absurd to conduct such training in a motel room.


However, there was not a good solution.  It was a frontier town, and having marched through the steel mountain range, even the development was slow.  (Even the city’s representative clan was fully preoccupied with marching through the steel mountain range to begin with.)  Having chosen the small city of Mule, it was something that needed to be endured.  Yet, there weren’t any regrets.  Looking at the benefits and successes that were accomplished so far, that was an acceptable problem.


With that as the last item, I was able to complete most of what I wanted to explain.  The preparations for the next adventure or establishment of a clan were tasks that I, alone, needed to take care of.  Hence, there was no need to detail them.  Of course, there were some parts that needed to be addressed.


I said to the two sorcerers who were quietly listening to me.


“I have something to talk to you two about in private later this evening.  After the day’s end… Um.  Please come to the last VIP room on the left, on the 3rd floor, after dinner.  It is a matter of great importance.”


The two might have already guessed it when the clan’s story was brought up.  Hayeon and Sangyoung Shin were serene as they fixed their heads.  And I added one more statement.


“As a reference… I plan to use the VIP room, which I had just mentioned, as my private office.  If you have a need to see me, please come to that room.  Vivian?”




Vivian was diligently listening to me without goofing off.  That was how it was supposed to be, but I couldn’t help, but think of it as being praiseworthy.


“It would be better to reserve a separate room for yourself, too.”


“I’d like that… but why?”


“I need an alchemist’s assistance.  Can you put together a workshop in the VIP room?  I don’t mean for you to work incredibly hard.  Just showing an effort would be sufficient.”


Bringing up the word ‘workshop’ immediately caused Vivian to squint her eyes.  She spun her eyes around and tilted her head with curiosity as she spoke.



“Hmm… if it does not need to be elaborate, it might be possible.  I’d like to hear the details?”


“This may not be the right time.  I’ll let you know when I have more time.  At any rate, I’ll talk to the inn keeper separately, so go up and check out the room.  You may need some things in order to set up a workshop…”



“There are plenty.  Anyway, it does not seem all that bad for me.  Can I go up and see it now?”


“Certainly.  Even disposable items are OK, too.  I will support you fully, so don’t worry about the expenses.  Take a good look at the room.


As I nodded my head, Vivian got up cheerfully.  At the same time, as I sensed Sangyong Shin, looking at me desperately, I reluctantly nodded my head one more time.  Exhilarated, the two went up the stairs at once.





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