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Chapter 118 Interesting (2)


Hayeon said it was all right, but I escorted her to the door. I had woken up together and shared a meal with women I spent a night with when I had lived in the contemporary era and thought it was impolite to go alone. While I had done such a thing because I had been innocent then, I could do only things like this for Hayeon now.

I saw her in her room and went to the VIP room I would use for work. However, the door opened before I touched the doorknob.



I saw an excited Sangyong Shin with his glasses on, and he looked surprised on seeing me.


“Did you see everything?”

“No, not yet. I have something to bring under my teacher’s name.”

“Is that so…”

“Then, please go in.”

Sangyong Shin lowered his head and passed me by like he had urgent business. I wondered what had gone inside and saw Vivian turn her head, noticing me as I went in.


“Suhyun Kim?”


“Did you talk things over?”

“Yes…What do you think of the room? Can you use it as a workshop? Please factor in that the room has to be returned to its original state when we go.”



Vivian now looked at me like she was analyzing my mood and then took out something from inside her clothes to wear it on her face. I was astonished.


“You…what is that?”

“I thought you knew. Sangyong Shin said that this item was called glasses.”


While I wanted to say it barely resembled the glasses I knew, I remained silent on seeing her proud expression.


“Right…How did you come by them?”

“You remember my job, right? I can make items like this easily. How is it?”


While some items from the contemporary ear could be made here, Vivian’s glasses were not up to par. She realized what I was thinking and pouted.


“Why, it’s not bad.”

“I said nothing. Why did you make such a thing just for fun?”

“It’s not harmful. Alchemists are a curious lot by nature.”

“It doesn’t suit you.”

“Who cares what you say!”


Vivian took off her glasses with a frown and then let out a long sigh. Was she rebelling against me?

“…Anyway, go on. Why do you want me to create a workshop?”


I heard Vivian talk to me in a weak voice. As I had more important things than glasses, I took them out two times from my pocket.


“This is…”

Vivian had a good eye, and she looked greedily at the items I held in front of her.


“One is the demon’s heart I took out from Belphegor, and the other is the orb that used to hold your body together. Where is Sangyong Shin?”

“I told him to bring something. Are you saying…”

Vivian changed her attitude on me, asking for Sangyong Shin, and she gaped at me when I nodded yes. She closed her eyes to think, and I waited for her.

Magicians and alchemists tended to be like that. I liked talking to them because they speedily understood what I said. I saw Vivian was mumbling and listened in to her words.


“…There is a possibility. However, the heart is too strong…If Suhyun Kim can purify it, it’s a different matter. My orb is indeed lacking, but it did go through mana flows over time. If there are no crashes, the difference between the two items does not matter. However, the efficiency…so that’s where Sangyong Shin comes in. These two problems may be solved through that Magic Square of Harmony…”

Vivian’s brow furrowed, and she now opened her eyes to speak to me.


“You want me to work them through Sangyong Shin’s Magic Square of Harmony, right?”


“It’s difficult…”

“I won’t blame you if you fail, so let’s try.”


Vivian looked like I had hurt her pride, and she shook her head.


“Suhyun Kim. I think we should wait on the workshop.”


I was inwardly surprised as I had not expected her to refuse. She sighed as she began her explanation.


“I’m not saying I won’t do it. This place is too inferior for the work you want to do. Even if we push it, the item quality will not be good. While I’m not saying things right, I’m saying I don’t want to rush it despite acknowledging that it may work even here.”
“Are you saying the ingredients are too rare?”


Vivian nodded seriously.


“Yes. While alchemists always try the impossible, such items you’re holding should be used in a proper workshop, where the possibility of success will dramatically increase. That is my opinion as an alchemist.”


Vivian’s words were logical, and I really could not find a reason to refuse her.


“It would be worth the wait.”

“You thought well.”


Vivian’s smile was pretty, and I saw that her old personality was gradually disappearing. While it was not bad, I did miss it. I sighed and put the items in, thinking I may have rushed things. I then stared at Vivian and spoke in a suspicious voice.


“However, it’s not like you.”


Vivian smirked at my words, which made me surprisingly irritated. She sighed and teased me.


“My name is Vivian la Clasidus. I did have pride in that name once up on time. I’m getting back my logic after becoming human again, so don’t think that I will be childish like before. My past antics embarrass me, and I hope you treat me like a twenty-four-year-old, which is my age.”


While she was calm, I did not like her tone or attitude. I approached her and raised my hand, but she only smiled despite my threatening pose.


“Don’t treat me like a child. I was a competent alchemist, you know…”


I let a clear flame show in my hand, and while Vivian seemed calm, I saw her eyes were afraid.


“You think I will bat an eye? Come to think of it…”


I clicked my fingers together as she spoke on.



As I had no intention of harming her, the flame on her hair would not burn her as it was under control. However, Vivian would not know such things.


“Ahh!!! You really did it!!!”

Vivian ran around the room and jumped up and down. She whined at me as I raised my hand again.


“You really are, Vivian. I thought you were a different person.”


I murmured and turned off the flame on her hair, and Vivian clenched her teeth on seeing her unburnt black hair.


“Why did you do this to me?!”

“I thought you were a doppelganger or a monster in disguise…”

“Is that an excuse?! What did I do wrong, you bastard?!”


I took out the contract I always held dear, and Vivian could not control her expression on seeing it. I stifled a laugh as I spoke.


“What did you say? That I was a bastard?”


Vivian’s face turned white, and tears filled her eyes.


“I must have been crazy…”


She burst into sobs at that point, and I quickly went to console her.

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