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Chapter 119 Peaceful Days (1)


While I did console Vivian, she burst into tears. While I was at fault, she did not let me go for almost an hour.

“What did I do wrong…? I really tried to do well. Did I tell you to take care of me like a child? Just treat me with kindness…!”


I had to work hard to calm her down, and Sangyong Shin had inadvertently seen me hugging a crying Vivian. He had lowered his head in a bow and closed the door.


“You don’t hate me?”

“Of course. I depend on you, Vivian.”

While I said soothing words, I thought that I did like seeing her crying and teasing her. However, I could not say such words. I wiped her tears and went out of the motel. I sighed again. How did I change so much? Was I affected by the time I spent with children? I thought my tastes were becoming too extreme.

Anyway, I quickly went to the plaza to visit a jewel store. I started for a shopping district but would only visit one shop. As the things I needed to do in Mule were expensive, I needed to make some funds.

While I had time, I liked to do things in advance. The problem was that I found another thing to do after making some free time.

Frontier cities guaranteed user residence, and it was rare that a frontier city was empty like this. That meant the Golden Lion Clan’s Steel Mountain March plan was that much popular, and Barbara would be bustling with people now.

It would be a jackpot if the plan succeeded. If I managed to secure a safe route between southern cities and Atlanta, the profit would be amazing. However, as I had participated at Steel Mountain Expedition before, I had no regrets about not going there. The expedition party would lose a quarter of its men in two days, and by charging on, only a few survivors would come crawling back.

The clans that calmly assessed the situation would arise from that time, as they would have stockpiled their resources. Things would have changed much after I came from the Cave of Screams, and that was why I had left that cave for the last.

I saw some users looking for caravans as I was thinking such things and entered the street filled with stores on either side. A newbie user would lose his way, and I managed to find the jewel shop I had been looking for.


“Will the old man be there?”


I wanted a smoke but remembered that the old man did not like the smell of tobacco. I turned my head to the signboard to read the black letters.

<The Old Man’s Jewel Shop>. The naming sense was bad every time I thought of it. I saw an old man user observing a jewel. I secretively used my Third Eye out of curiosity


<Player Status>


  1. Name: Mansung Lee (6 years)
  2. Class: Rare: Jewel Certified Public Appraiser
  3. Nation: Barbara
  4. Clan: —
  5. True name / Nationality: One Who Wants Seclusion / Republic of Korea
  6. Sex: Male (67)
    7. Height / Weight: 173.7cm / 51.2kg
  7. Tendency: Neutral / Moderation


[Power 18][Durability 26][Agility 34][Stamina 28][Magic 86][Luck 78]


<Achievement (0)>


<Unique Ability (1/1)>

  1. Value Seeker: Rank B+


<Special Ability (1/1)>

  1. Jewel Craftmanship: A+


<Potential Ability (3/3)>

  1. Traditional Magic: Rank B Zero
  2. Fast Casting: Rank D+
  3. Item Assessment: Rank C+


His class was rare, but stats were questionable. However, his true name told me his intentions. He had no greed at his age and was preparing to wrap up his life in this small city. However, his ability would have given him a few choices.

His unique ability suited his current job, and I remembered that he had not been a bad person. Mansung Lee did not look up but spoke only when I remained standing.


“Are you a customer?”


“Then why don’t you speak to me?”

“I was afraid of bothering you.”


He lowered his jewel to turn to stare at me. Then, he motioned me to come closer.


“Well, it has been a long time…anyway, sit here.”

“Thank you.”


While I was powerful, I had no intention of flaunting it. I needed to act like a 0-year user, and it was not a bad idea to maintain a good relationship with the man in front of me.


“So, are you here to buy or sell?”


The old man had not liked rambling customers.


“I am here to sell 8 rubies.”

“Show them to me.”


Mansung Lee had a bad reputation among users. He had an irritable personality and did not negotiate jewel prices. He rejected those who wanted to sell higher than the actual price and those who wanted to buy cheap. While some would attack him, Mansung Lee was a capable magician.

However, he suited me. Mansung Lee did not lose time talking and was fast and accurate in his jewel assessments. People like me came here, and Mansung Lee did show that he valued regular customers a bit.

I gave him the pouch that held the jewels, and he took out the eight rubies I had found in the lab to quickly evaluate them. It took him five minutes to place the rubies in a row and speak to me.


“From the left. 108, 112, 102 117, 136, 122, 147, 101. A total of 945 Gold. That’s the accurate price, and I do not take negotiations. If you don’t like the price, you can get out…”

“I will sell them at that price.”


The old man looked at me strangely at my answer. While he did seem like he glanced at the jewels, I knew his assessment was accurate and his skill one of the best.

Mansung Lee spoke in a husky voice after staring at me for a while.


“You’re not going to negotiate?”

“Someone introduced me to you. I heard you are an expert and trust your judgment.”

“You and the person who introduced you to me are strange people to say such nice things.”


While he spoke bluntly, I could see him smile. He cleared his throat on seeing me laugh.


“I do not know where you got such large jewels in good quality. The magic in them is high, and magicians will like the concentration.”

“I do not know much about jewels, but I believe it’s a practical price.”


The old man looked at me like I was a weirdo when I did not oppose his assessment. Newbie users tended to negotiate hard when they got lucky with jewels as it was difficult to earn money initially. However, I saw Mansung Lee in a new light because it was extremely rare to see him talk this much to a first-time customer.

Mansung Lee dropped a money pouch in front of me at my polite answer.


“This is a 1000 gold pouch. I will give you some bonus.”
“You do not need to…”

The old man scoffed at me, refusing the pouch, and just pushed the money at me.


“It is just this once. It’s rare to see this quality, and there are few customers due to that expedition and others. Just take it…and.”

“Thank you.”


I took the pouch and smiled at the extra money. It was nice since I would spend a fortune to establish a clan. While I had plans to use GP to make extra money, it was money after all. Mansung Lee spoke again.


“…Come often. Don’t go next door. I will be a better choice.”

“Of course.”

“Get out if there’s nothing else.”

Was he actually embarrassed? I smiled and went out. It was time to go to the temple. I needed to report my process for it to be approved as an achievement. Also, Seraph would have called once by now.

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