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Chapter 120 Peaceful Days (2)


The users who welcomed me when I went to the temple were not those who I had seen with Vivian before.


“I pay my respect to the users who use blessings. Welcome, and please tell your name and reason for the visit.”


The blond priest with a kind face bowed politely. He was a resident and not a user. It seemed better to report my adventures to a resident than a user.

While residents were commoners if users were aristocrats in this world, those set as <Setting Helpers> were not many. Those in temples were almost equal to users. Therefore, I was also polite.


“I am Suhyun Kim, a 0-year user. I came here to report my adventures.”

“Come on in.”


Reporting was simple to the user, as I needed to summarize my adventures to a document and submit it. The residents in the temple would then read the document and question the user if anything was missing. Then, a research party may be formed if necessary. The usual reasons were if there was a threat to the city or the user’s adventure may be recognized as an achievement.

I gave the documents I had written down to the smiling priest, and he began to read them seriously.

After a while, I saw that he was in distress, and a normal resident would have raised his voice. Those in the temple were calm. He frowned before speaking in a quiet voice.


“The report is well written, and I have no questions. You’re amazing for a 0-year resident, but I cannot believe it.”

The resident finished reading, and he looked conflicted. While there would have been a search party, there were no men right now. The city’s largest clan was absent, and residents couldn’t go outside without protection.


“Can you guide us if the temple forms a search party?”

“I have a lot to do and am going out immediately after I finish my preparations.”


He sighed at my refusal, but we had no duty to guide them.


“Then, can you show us evidence? Please don’t misunderstand me. I am asking you this because what is written down here is too serious, and the temple is in a bad state. However, we need to confirm this if what you say is true. We need evidence to form a search party under these circumstances.”

“What evidence do you need?”

I nodded as I understood his situation. The resident asked me two things.


“I want to see the spider essence from the dungeon in the Dark Forest and Belphegor’s heart.”


I showed him two orbs, one dark with magic and a blue one with a strange light. The resident’s eyes widened as he observed them. He looked excited as he spoke to me again.


“I have confirmed that your evidence confirms your records. While your records would make amazing achievements, we cannot form a search party yet.”

“Can’t it be done in two weeks?”

He nodded apologetically.


“It is impossible, as it is difficult to even ask for other cities’ help right now.”


I had thought this may happen, but I was still disappointed. I needed these records to be recognized as achievements when forming a clan, which would delay things. The resident asked for my forgiveness as I did not say anything.


“I am sorry, but please understand our situation. Proving your records will take a long time, and the Ancient Alchemist’s Dungeon will be too dangerous as it has not been conquered yet.”

I clucked my tongue inwardly and decided to do what I could as I answered him.


“All right, it cannot be helped. However, please investigate as quickly as possible.”
“I am truly grateful. We will investigate these two dungeons the moment things get better. And…”
“Don’t worry, I know what penalties I would receive if I lied about records like this. Then, I will take your leave.”

“Wa, wait. Your evidence has made me trust you a bit.”

“It’s something else. The one blessing you has given an oracle. You need to go into the Summoning Room.”

I nodded and prepared to leave at hearing Seraph calling me.


“Then, I will go now.”
“You have made a good choice. I will guide you to a portal that will take you straight to the Summoning Room.”


I thought of the angel as I followed the priest. It had been long since I met Seraph, but I did not feel good about seeing her.



I went through the passing rites and entered the portal. A blue light filled my eyes. A power pulled me in as I went through the portal, and I saw a familiar sight.

The Summoning Room was the same, and I saw a familiar pedestal and a beautiful angel with flickering transparent wings.

Seraph had hair the color of moonlight and green eyes. I felt relieved at feeling my mood turn rotten on seeing her. I could not like angels.

Seraph spoke to me on seeing that I had entered.


“User Suhyun Kim, it has been a long time, and…”
“Your reason for calling me?”


I cut through her greetings, as I could not see this Seraph the same as the Seraph I had known in my first life.


“…Have you been well?”


She hesitated a moment before continuing her greeting. My words became sharper at hearing that.


“I don’t need to tell you, and you know the gist anyway.”

“User Suhyun Kim.”

“I’m busy. Just get on with it.”


Seraph was silent, and while her face was impassive, I could sense that she was surprised.




She was still silent. I shook my head and turned my back. Staying here would make me return to who I had been before.


“I will go. Don’t make me waste time like this from next time.”


I had ignored her words and was about to go back to the portal when I felt a massive mana movement. Lights spread everywhere, and something serious was going on. I turned to face Seraph, and she looked livid as she stared in the air.


“Stop immediately!”

I knew that Seraph was not speaking to me, as she was turning off the lights made of mana while talking to the invisible being making them.


“You cannot interfere…!”


I felt there was an internal fight between angels were going on. The Summoning Room was still filled with white light and Seraph erasing them one by one.


“Sandalphon. I am warning you. You cannot be summoned here. This room is only for User Suhyun Kim and me. Outsiders cannot intervene.”


“This is my last warning. I am in charge of User Suhyun Kim and have no intention of changing users.”

I could see the lights had now completely disappeared, and Seraph now quietly speaking with a calm face. I had been waiting as I thought I needed to know what had happened. Seraph turned her face to me, and I stared at her relieved face.


“User Suhyun Kim.”



Seraph now began to speak in a consoling voice at hearing my still sharp tone.

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