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Chapter 121 Peaceful Days (3)

Hell Plane had been written as Whole Plane every time in this chapter. I’m banking on that being an error.






Seraph stared at Suhyun’s still smoking cigarette he had left behind. She stared at the empty space and sighed. Shudders from being so lonely came to her now. She remembered his cold words that were like knives in her chest. She looked at her hand that had tried to grab him.


“I just… wanted to see whether you were well.”


Seraph let her hand drop as her voice shook. However, her eyes still stared at the portal through which he had left.



During my first time, Seraph had been almost always calm. Her shouting and grimace were very rare things. She had already regained her composure and spoke calmly as I turned around.


“Please, give me a little time. I have to tell you something.”


She was quietly pleading, and her face reminded me of my last meeting with Seraph during my first time around.


<User Suhyun, are you going to repeat those ten years of hell?>

<Please, be happy…>


One of the reasons I was doing so well this time was thanks to her blessing, as she had given me extra benefits with my GP. I would have not made some of the insane decisions I made or finished things so quickly without them.

I quickly thought things over and decided it would be better to hear her out. Regardless of what I thought, we were still allies on the surface. I sat down and spoke.


“So,  what do you want to say, and who is Sandalphon?”


I was still frowning despite speaking a bit softly, but Seraph seemed relieved.


“I will tell you all. Sandalphon is another angel who helps users, and she has been asking me to change users with her right after your graduation.”


I pondered, as that would not be a first. I had heard a few times that a user had his angel changed during my first time. Here in Hell Plane, angels needed to guide their users to their desired path. The thing was that angels desired the path, not the users.

I had to smile on understanding why.


“So, why didn’t you?”


Seraph spoke after biting her lips for a moment.


“User Suhyun has been astounding successful during your time. You have succeeded in exploring two sites and have defeated a high-class demon. However…”


Seraph was hesitating, which was unlike her. I patiently waited for her, and she spoke in a careful voice after a while.


“…I believe you need to improve your relationship with me.”


I took a cigarette out upon knowing my guess had been right. I lit it as Seraph stared at me. She did not say anything to me, but she had not done so during my first time.

I took a deep breath in, which calmed me down a bit. Seraph spoke again.


“I will not speak again about the role angels play. However, I am curious about one thing. Why do you hate me so much?”
“Would you like someone who has dragged you here?”
“…That’s a point, but I do not think that is the reason.”



I glanced at Seraph upon hearing those words, and she continued to speak.


“I cannot provide evidence, but that does not seem to be the only reason. I am almost certain that there is another…”


I tapped on my cigarette when hearing her words, and now she was waiting for my answer. I sneered.


“Is that so important?”

“Yes, it is. Many angels are watching your journey with interest, and they all see you positively. As we cannot directly intervene with Hell Plane, we need to have a positive relationship with our users. Users act on our behalf, and Sandalphon has asked for the change because our relationship is not going well. If you tell me the reason why you do not like me, I will try to fix it as much as I can.”

“It’s not that you cannot interfere, but you do not, Seraph. Or, should I say that you do not want to do so?”


Seraph looked like she was at a loss for words, and I enjoyed her expression for a bit before going on.


“Yes, I do not like you. Actually, I abhor all angels. While there is another reason, that reason makes me nauseous on seeing you guys.”

“Why… why?”

“The angels’ antics make me laugh. You guys smiled at me for acting like an ideal user, right? Why, are you afraid I may take up another side?”
“User Suhyun, what are you talking about?”

I shouted at Seraph’s stuttering face.


“Don’t act like you don’t know. If users get to know why we were forcibly involved in your dirty fight and the reason you brought human users here, what will happen then?”



Seraph paled at my extreme words. While I thought I may have gone too far, I knew that angels could not harm me unless I intentionally harmed them.

There was a brief silence, and I took a last smoke before throwing the cigarette on the floor. Smoke trailed from it, and I spoke again.


“So, what if you guys are so powerful. It seems that they may be better on that point, as they have entered Hell Plane knowing the risk. However, while you call yourselves angels…”
“…How…do you know that?”


Seraph’s lips were shaking, and she stared at me in disbelief. I had not known this initially, but surviving and researching there for ten years and getting the zero code gave me proof. While I had spoken dangerous words, just saying them made me feel relief. I spoke softly to a silent Seraph.


“Do not worry too much. I hate them much more than I do you guys. I will play by your rules and will not act out unless you give me the reason.”
“User Suhyun.”

“Also, tell Sandalphon that I will refuse to have my angel changed. I will not be friendly with an angel.”


“Don’t call me for a trivial reason like this again.”


I stood up. While I heard Seraph call me, I quickly went to the portal.



I saw the priest who had heard about my adventures waiting for me. I calmed down inwardly upon seeing his warm smile.


“Have you enjoyed your talk?”


While I wanted to say no, I should not say such words to a follower of the angels. I smiled and nodded.


“Yes, thank you for delivering the oracle.”

“That is my duty.”


The priest looked at me with envy, and I changed the subject to help me get out early from here.


“I will think then that the adventure record will be done as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, we will try our best, but it may take time.”

“I understand. However, I hope that things will be complete by early next month.”

“We will do what we can.”

“I will visit here again. Then, I will take my leave.”


The priest looked discomfited, and he no longer talked about angels. Anyway, he bowed to me politely, and I also answered him before heading to the long corridor.


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