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Chapter 122 Peaceful Days (4)





“You guys and I are similar.”
“Your name was Suhyun Kim, right? Do you want them to be alive again? It may be possible, and they will coerce you with such words.”

“It may be like a loser’s tirade, but don’t forget that you were played by them…!”



I felt something burn in my chest on remembering my first time. There was a time I had believed Seraph, but nothing had changed after getting the zero code. Actually, things had…

Anyway, I had nowhere else to go. I decided to think about the problems that would come with this delay after going to the Cave of Screams.

I decided to go to the library because it seemed better to show my comrades that I was researching even though I remembered the path. Also, checking facts would be safer.

It did not take long, and I went straight to the motel after finding the document. The motel was still empty except for us. I went to our rooms on the third floor to see Vivian and Hyun An looking over records of the Ancient Spearman we had gotten at the ruined laboratory.

They lifted their faces, and Vivian quickly took off her glasses with a yelp. I decided to let it go as Hyun An welcomed me.


“Yes, is Vivian deciphering those documents?”

“Yes, pictures are not enough.”


He answered calmly, and Vivian also chimed in after making sure I would not make fun of her.


“Yes, but there’s a lot which will take time, so we decided to do this in parts.”

“That’s not a bad idea.”

Hyun An also smiled, but his face was dark as he pored over the documents. He then stared at me.


“I need to ask a favor. Can you help me out a bit with the training? Things written here seem to be too difficult.”

“Well, I can help you out a little.”

Hyun An’s face lit, and it seemed that he had been mindful that I was training Yujeong. While I would not teach him swordsmanship, I could help him out a bit since I also knew how to use a sword.

I gathered together the luggage I would use in the office rooms and turned to give Vivian an important task.


“Vivian, come to my room immediately after you finish that up, as I need to ask you something.”

“… All right. I will go.”


Vivian looked depressed, like she remembered what happened in the morning, and I smiled awkwardly before heading to my room.

I organized my luggage before taking out a book. It was a record that a user could use to receive the Rare Class Chimera Alchemist, which I had gotten from Vivian’s dungeon.

While I knew that Sangyong Shin was the best choice, as he had the capacity and the skill, I was hesitant to give him a Rare Class. This was that rare a record, and he would have to come with us to the end if I gave him this. I did not know whether I could trust him that much.

While he seemed not bad and left a good impression on my party and me, the record was too valuable to offer so soon.

However, I needed to make a decision soon. He would increase his magic even more as a two-year user, and he would be a valuable asset if he also got a special ability.


“I was going to take on a promising user and give this, but now I have a choice.”

I was mumbling to myself happily and thinking about Sangyong Shin when the door knocked. I told her to come in, but Vivian stood outside.


“I am going in.”


Why was she announcing herself again? She came in with wary steps, and it seemed that the morning had left a lasting impression on her.


“Why are you so tense? Sit here.”
“No, I will stand and listen.”


While her answer made me smile, I went straight to the chase as I did not want to tease her too much.


“I need to ask you something.”

“Before that, I believe you will need to teach Sangyong Shin much in the future. What is he like?”

Vivian looked at me before thinking things over. I thought she would know more as she had spent more time with him. However, she shook her head.


“I don’t know much, but he seems to be a good person. He is polite and nice.”

“I see…”
“As a student, he has been good. Why are you asking?”

I sighed and pushed the record on the table towards her. Her eyes widened on reading them.


“This is…”
“Users who can use blessing can use those records to get a higher class. You keep it and give it to Sangyong Shin when it’s time.”

“These are the conditions.”


I gave her three. One was that he would join the clan, and the second was Vivian’s approval after spending more time with him. Third was that I would talk with him and make a final decision


Vivian nodded after my explanation.


“So, you need to approve before I can give this to him?”

“Yes. It is too rare.”

“Is it? That’s flattering. Do you want me to write more?”


I shook my head with a faint smile. While Vivian would not know, angels had put in their power over that book. I was surprised that Seraph had not talked about Vivian, or maybe I had left before she could say anything.


“It won’t be as effective. This record has stored power over time, and it’s similar to what Hyun An went through in the laboratory.”
“I see.”


Vivian seemed happy that her book got such high praise, and I went on to keep the atmosphere happy.


“Hold that. I am going to talk about the clan tonight and will speak to you again tomorrow. However, the answer is probably yes. Just focus on whether Sangyong Shin is trustworthy.”

“All right. It means I have an official apprentice if Sangyong Shin makes it.”

“Yes, you can go now.”

I was surprised to see Vivian frowning.


“I should leave?”


What was she going to do? While she continued to surprise me with her emotions, staying true to her feelings made Vivian special. However, her next words left me in shock.


“Aren’t you going to tease me?”

“I did prepare to be teased, you know.”

It took me two seconds to understand her words, and I pointed my finger to make her leave. She went in a pout. She continued to look back at me, and I felt a strange feeling come over. It seemed that we were thinking dangerous thoughts about one another.

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