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Chapter 123 A Small Resistance



“We will wrap up for today. Please rest or look over your supplies.”

I told my party to rest, and two stood out. Yujeong bit her nails nervously while Ansol dropped her forehead on the table. It seemed Hayeon had been a hard teacher.

Hayeon was calmly sipping her tea, and it seemed like she had done her best to teach Ansol. She was that type. I was grateful to her, though, as Ansol was a difficult student. She was dense and would become teary when someone scolded her. However, Hayeon would quietly rebuke Ansol while being ruthless. I was smiling on thinking I got a good teacher.




Yujeong was hesitant as she called me.



“Are you busy tonight?”


Yujeong’s voice was listless as I took out a cigarette.


“I need to talk with Hayeon and Sangyong Shin, and also organize my records.”

“How about tomorrow?”

“I do have some work, but why?”


Yujeong seemed annoyed at my answer but did not elaborate. I was puzzled for a moment but now turned to Hayeon and Sangyong Shin.


“Hayeon. Mr. Sangyong.”


“Please speak.”

“I will be in my room, and since it may take a while, please wrap up things before coming. I would prefer you two coming together since it will save time.”

“I would like that. Vivian and I were talking about magic circles and summoning spells.”


Vivian was like that. While she may play dumb at times, she always did more than I expected when I asked her something. She straightened and elegantly drank her tea as I looked at her.

The desire to tease her again shot up, and Vivian turned away with a flushed face. However, I managed to control myself and decided that I misheard her clucking her tongue.

While Vivian and Sangyong Shin had a good teacher-student relationship, it seemed Ansol and Hayeon were a different story.

Hayeon nodded while Ansol looked at me in shock.


“I will do so. Ms. Ansol. I will teach you for an extra hour.”


Ansol’s face was white, and while I was surprised at her reaction, I had asked Hayeon for her help and decided to trust her.


“Please take good care of her.”

“Don’t worry.”


Hayeon smiled at my answer, and I had to sigh inwardly at Ansol’s reaction. While these youngsters were all nice, they were not desperate. Also, they could not fathom how happy their lives were as new users. It was mainly my fault, as they had never lacked anything from the passing rites.

Normally, new users could not survive on their own during the first year. It had been the same for me. I was lucky to have one meal per day and always looked for a caravan I could join in the plaza.

However, the kids were a different story for now. I decided that they would realize how happy their lives are now when they became more experienced and accepted things as they were.

I would wait for them to grow. I stood up since they may start to whine.


“I will go first. Don’t worry about being late.”


I went up the stairs, ignoring the gazes that bore into my back.



“Suhyun, don’t you think you’re overworking?”
“It’s all right. It would be nice to find another dungeon during our next journey.”


Hayeon came after an hour, and she saw me reading about the Cave of Screams. She worried about my health first, and this situation made me feel like we were a newly married couple.


“I do not expect such luck again. It would be enough to explore the nearby areas. Please, rest as you overworking makes me anxious.”

“Thank you. I will.”

Hayeon smiled at my answer, and her face softened me. While I worried such emotions would dull me, it was not bad. Then, Sangyong Shin came running in and bowed to the two of us.


“Leader, I apologize for being late.”

“It’s all right.”

“You were late for seventeen minutes. It may have been better to come at the designated time or be very late.”


Hayeon’s voice was cold and her face indifferent as she looked at Sangyong Shin. He looked surprised and bowed his head before sitting at the table. I felt sorry for him but focused on what I had to tell them.


“You two may know why I called you.”


They both nodded.


“I will get to the point. I am thinking about forming a clan…”


It was then the door suddenly opened after a cursory knock, and I looked up to see who could be so impolite. It was Yeonju Go.


“I thought you were alone. This is disappointing.”
“…Why did you come?”



Yeonju Go’s smile was pretty as she daintily walked up to us. She was dressed up, and even her hair was tidy, and I could not guess what her intentions were. She laid down the platter she had been carrying, and I could see tasty dishes and good liquor.


“I did not order them.”

“It’s free for my regular customer.”


She laughed and set the dishes on the table, and Sangyong Shin smiled.


“Thank you, I was becoming hungry. L- leader. Is it all right?”

“The food is… Thank you.”


Yeonju Go shook her head. While I wanted her to go out, she did not.


“You’re welcome. What were you talking about?”

“It’s private. Thank you for the food.”


Sangyong Shin spoke up, and everyone knew he was asking her to leave. However, Yeonju Go did not.


“Why? I’m bored, so can’t I sit in?”


Sangyong looked astonished, and Hayeon’s eyes narrowed. However, Yeonju Go only smiled, and all three turned to look at me.

I thought things over and thought about Yeonju Go, the Queen of Shadows. I needed to do something about her before we left. She could join, or I had to murder her. Her ability to gather information had been that formidable during my first time. I thought this was an opportunity as I opened my mouth.


“Please, sit.”

“Thank you.”


Hayeon and Sangyong Shin looked astonished as Yeonju Go sat in the remaining chair. While I understood their confusion, I anticipated their reactions once they learned who she was.


“Suhyun, who is this woman..”
“Hayeong Jung, a second-year magician, who had been thrown away from the Gold Lion Clan. Sangyong Shin, also in his second year and a lover of alchemist magic.”

Yeonju Go interrupted Hayeon’s words, and Hayeon looked at her in astonishment as Sangyong Shin gaped. Yeonju Go only smiled languidly as she now turned to me.


“Suhyun Kim, in his first year. The top graduate of the user academy and has already conquered two dungeons.”

“How do you know that?”


Sangyong Shin stared at Yeonju Go as Hayeon quickly cast a spell. However, Yeonju Go was calm as she looked at me with a hand supporting her chin.

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