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Chapter 124 A Small Resistance (2)

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While Yeonju Go was smiling, she seemed to realize that Hayeon was casting a spell. I took out my sword when Yeonju Go’s shadow moved. The sound of my blade coming out rang when her shadow rushed towards Hayeon.

While she seemed surprised at an attack she had never seen before, I could see her necklace let out a white light.


“Shadow targeted. Overlap.”


Magicians required iron will to cast spells no matter how the opponent was attacking them. Hayeon acted ideally, and her spell melted into Yeonju Go’s shadow. While she earned me only two seconds, it was enough for me to rest my blade on Yeonju Go’s neck.

A cold silence ensued. Yeonju Go looks surprised at having been bested once. Hayeon’s choice of magic had been effective, although it could work only once.


“Don’t play too much.”


I put more strength into my blade. Yeonju Go had decided to step back when I had been in her arms. Since she was at a disadvantage, she had no reason to charge us. As I expected, Yeonju Go took back in her shadow. I also lifted my blade a tiny bit while admiring Hayeon.

Yeonju Go touched her neck after I lowered my blade.


“Why did you interfere?”

“Is that all you want to say?”

“I apologize for fooling around.”


Yeonju Go bowed, but I knew she was insincere. However, I decided to stop things here. As someone who was one of the Top Ten, apologizing was the important thing. Hayeon looked at Yeonju Go strangely before her brow furrowed.


“A shadow…wait.”


Yeonju Go spoke up as Hayeon faltered.


“May I introduce myself?”

“Of course.”

Yeonju Go bowed majestically to introduce herself to Hayeon and Sangyong Shin.


“I am Yeonju Go, a five-year user called the Queen of Shadows. I manage this motel for private reasons and apologize for prior actions.”


Sangyong Shin gasped and flinched, and Hayeon managed to keep her composure. The two women exchanged gazes, and Yeonju Go smiled.


“It was only a greeting.”

“…Those in the Top Ten seem to attack instead of greeting politely.”
“I had no intention to kill. Who was it that cast the spell first?”
“I had no intention of casting at first.”


Yeonju Go narrowed her eyes at Hayeon’s answers, and they looked at each other for a long time. Yeonju Go spoke first.


“Are you looking down at me because I apologized? Don’t look at me like that, as I will want to kill you.”
“You’re one at fault, and your apology is insincere.”


Yeonju Go smiled at Hayeon’s words, and she straightened her back before taking out a dagger from her belt.


“Insincere? You’re too young. I had been interested because Suhyun seemed to favor you. What are you talking about in a world like this?”


It was true, as Hell Plain was ruled by power and abilities. Normally, Hayeon would not be able to look directly at Yeonju Go. However, there was a reason she could do so, and Yeonju Go seemed to realize that.


“You know why you’re still alive.”
“Yes. I have faith.”

“You speak well for a dependent. I will look over this for Suhyun Kim, but this is the last time.”

“Are you discrediting the meaning of caravans and clans? One should acknowledge that personal connections are powerful.”

“Everyone, stop.”


I spoke as they seemed too willing to fight. The two women looked at me with disappointed eyes, and I sighed loudly so they could hear. While Yeonju Go was technically at fault, Hayeon’s attitude had also been too forward.

Yeonju Go knew I was stronger than her despite being in my first year and had accepted that fact conditionally. Then, Yeonju Go’s fault had been to intrude and fool around while I had been present, as she had picked the fight first.

Hayeon had been unlike herself, as she had been too brash against Yeonju Go, who was decidedly stronger than her. She may have been killed. Hayeon would have believed in my prowess, and we had been at an advantage by working together. However, she had been too emotional.

I thought Yeonju Go had touched a sore spot by mentioning the Golden Lion Clan, as Hayeon’s brows had lifted up when she had spoken those words.

I decided to ask Hayeon why she had acted so irrationally later, as she would have a reason. I organized my thoughts before speaking to Yeonju Go.


“Ms. Yeonju Go. User Hayeon Jung belongs to my caravan. You had been too aggressive, please control yourself in the future. Also, I will talk to User Hayeon Jung later.”

I had taken both sides and placed forth my opinion, which meant I wanted the fight to be over. The two women nodded faintly, and Sangyong Shin looked relieved. He now started to observe Yeonju Go, as it was rare to be sitting at a table with one of the Top Ten.

Yeonju Go spoke in a sultry voice to him.


“Don’t stare so much. I enjoy such gazes.”

“I am sorry, but-”


Sangyong Shin lowered his gaze, but he looked happy at her having spoken to him. Yeonju Go spoke in a lighter voice and asked him to go on.


“You look so different from your reputation…”

“Like what?”


Yeonju Go laughed as Sangyong Shin hesitated, and she let her hair down with a hand.




Yeonju Go winked at me before I could go on. She then placed her hand on her dress and ripped it before I could say anything more. Hayeon and Sangyong Shin let out low shouts at the sudden move.

She now crossed her legs in a tiny minidress, and everyone could see her luxurious curves from top to bottom.

She now looked at us and spoke in a quiet voice.




Her attitude had changed completely, showing that she would now face us as the Queen of Shadows.  I could see Hayeon had decided wisely to let Yeonju Go go on.

She let out a sweet breath before coming closer to my side.


“How about a drink?”


“Tonight is long. Have one.”


Yeonju Go’s aura was too dangerous to think she did not have other intentions. I at least knew that by treating me differently from others, she was asking me to come forward. We were now touching each other side to side as Yeonju Go poured me a drink, and I could feel her flesh against mine as she did so intentionally.

I looked at Hayeon, who was looking at me worriedly. She did not show any jealousy but was seriously worried about me. I felt her gaze give me strength as it was now my turn to make a move.

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