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Chapter 125 A Small Resistance (3)

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Notes: It’s been a few chapters of Whole Plane being used by the translator, this is probably an intentional change on their part so I’ll no longer change it to Hell Plane


I began to explain about my clan after we drank a glass. I planned for my clan to have an elite team and also free mercenaries who would take short-term contracts for each project. Yeonju Go and Hayeon looked interested in the latter. As the users listening to my explanation were smart, I felt it was necessary to speak more about how profitable being a free mercenary was.

I organized what would happen in the future. The Vagrant Eradication Plan would succeed to some extent, but some vagrants would run away. Golden Lion Clan and its allies would fail in their Steel Mountain expedition and become weak. The control over the Northern lands would also weaken as a result.

While the Golden Lion Clan would summon other clans, some cities would announce their independence. Vagrants would attack again. Some of the users from the Eastern Lands would come to conquer the east cities and Barbara. The Golden Lion Clan would disappear, and its allied clans would either break down or run away.

This is what had happened in my first life. After Barbara was conquered, representative clans from other cities tried to take the city back. Still, they would lose against the Eastern users and the vagrants. Other clans formed an allied force after realizing how serious the situation was and took Barbara back.

I did not tell them all, of course, but tried to emphasize that there was a high possibility that the Steel Mountain expedition would fail and the vagrants would strike back. Then, I highlighted the aftereffects of such events.

Yeonju Go and my party all looked downcast. While they knew much about Whole Plane, I knew that they questioned whether things would go that far. However, Yeongju Go being here was a decisive factor. As she was one of the ten strongest users and known for her depth of knowledge, how she saw my plan would confirm its probability.

Sangyong Shin looked like he was lost, as he was an academic who did not really specialize in things like this. Hayeon looked like she understood my words but remained indecisive. They both did not say anything as I had been the one to speak.

I had predicted their reactions and had spoken more than I planned due to Yeonju Go being here. I smiled at her serious expression.

Yeonju Go clucked her tongue and suddenly grabbed a full bottle of liquor and drank it in one shot. She sighed sweetly before speaking to me in an astonished voice.


“Well, I got more than I expected…User Suhyun Kim.”

I nodded, and her voice seemed pained.


“You’re a scary one.”

“In what way?”

“That a 0-year user could have predicted all that. I had not seen that far ahead… Actually, you trying to use that to your advantage is scarier.”


Yeonju Go sank back in her seat, and Hayeon spoke up carefully.


“How do you evaluate Suhyun’s words?”


Yeonju Go glanced at me before speaking in a tired voice.


“I… it’s uncertain. The facts Suhyun said are correct, as there are many who are against the Golden Lion clan, who would be happy for their failure. Things may swing that way if Golden Lion fails, but…”


Yeonju Go had acknowledged my words, and Hayeon and Sangyong Shin’s eyes widened at that gesture. However, she continued to speak.


“If User Suhyun Kim and his clan want things to be to their advantage, the vagrants would have to move as he said. Will they really do so?”
“Most probably.”

“I know that many vagrants are gathering, but the users will win this time. Since it’s an extermination plan, how will they cooperate with the Eastern users and invade here?”


I smiled as I knew that the Vagrant Extermination Plan would end after the first fight. While the users win, they would focus on the expedition first. Also, SSUN, a representative clan of the Eastern city Halo that’s allied with the Golden Lion Clan will also receive damage.

The remaining vagrants would gather together to go East and would come back with more forces. I spoke up.


“As they are focused on the Steel Mountain expedition, would they really chase after those running away? The vagrants are known for their survival and escape tactics.”
“All right, then how about them going to the East? Will they take the risk of going to another land?”
“The only way to escape is to the East, as they will fight in Halo. Coming back north is suicidal, and I believe that the vagrants would seek revenge once escaping. I think they would create a path even if it took sacrifice from East to the north, and then some may think that an invasion would be possible.”


Yeonju Go nodded before tapping her lips. I placed a cigarette in her mouth and also took one for me. Yeonju Go spoke up after taking a smoke.


“So, the Vagrant Extermination Plan ending early is key…Well, they would act that way. It may be possible. Then, the Northern Lands would fall into chaos, and free mercenaries would be able to act more widely… I anticipate your growth as a user. However, I have some questions.”


It seemed that Yeonju Go was organizing her thoughts while considering some of my words. I waited for her to speak.


“Can your new clan become famous? Going into a new clan is a risk, despite your accomplishments.”

“That is why I want an elite team of a small number.”

“You’re arrogant.”

“But, if there is a secret class, two rare classes, and other strong users in my clan, who would be able to ignore us?”


I saw Yeonju Go pale at the words ‘secret’ and ‘rare,’ and she spoke with a complicated expression after a while.


“I heard you. Can I ask one more question?”

“Of course.”
“Why are you saying such things to me?”


I did not answer her at first but looked at Sangyong Shin and Hayeon. They hesitated once they realized my meaning but stood up. Sangyong Shine spoke first.


“Leader, while I do not know how you feel, I like your caravan and hope to learn more. I wish to stay if you will have me.”

“Suhyun, I have already told you how I feel. While your words today seem surreal, I trust you.”


I nodded after hearing their words.

“While I wanted to speak longer with you, I think I need to finish up here. I would have not said such things today if I did not want you two to join. Then, thank you for today.”
“It’s nothing.”

“I will see you two in the morning.”

They went out slowly after saying goodbye to me, and Hayeon silently bade me be careful as they went out. Only Yeonju Go, and I remained in the room, and she snuggled closer to me before speaking in a low voice.


“So, again. Why did you say such important things to me?”

“That’s because…”

I stared at her for a moment before continuing.

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