Maou ni Nattanode Chapter 1

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Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 1 It seems like I have grown wings




I stared at my face and body reflected on the hand mirror from various different angles.


Black hair, black clothes and the face I have seen countless times now. My face did not quite have any special traits, except the sharp looks, if you count that as one.

With not a tall figure, neither a short one and not a tough body, neither a weak one.


Well, up till that, it is fine.

Only up till that.


The reason I am staring at myself like this is not because I am a narcissist. I was confirming something particular.


I changed the angle of the hand mirror and reaffirmed my back.


Reflected on the mirror, there were —- wings.


From the scapula part on my back, deep black wings, like those of bats or dragons, had grown.


I wasn’t used to something like this so it felt quite weird but after I tried to concentrate on them a little, I was able to flap them so I guess they are a part of my body now.


And then there were — my eyes.


My eyes were black before but now, only one was black and the other was red. A very bright red.


It seems to be because of a particular skill a species would have, called the demon eyes but…. this is just chuunibyou stuff now.

It just reminded me of my dark past –— so embarrassing.


And even though I had looked like that now, I was wearing a T-shirt and a jeans so it kinda gave off a very mismatched impression. Like a very bad cosplay.


Wait a minute… is the part torn from where my wings are supposed to be coming out of? I can’t quite see but it should definitely be torn, shouldn’t it?


“………..Let’s just go to sleep.”


*Sigh* I kinda felt worn out from all this so I stopped thinking altogether, exchanged a futon with DP — dungeon point, spread it on my throne, and went to sleep.




Name: Yuki

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 1

HP: 2100/2100

MP: 6700/6700

Strength: 651

Resistance: 685

Agility: 550

Mana: 897

Dexterity: 1250

Luck: 70

Skill point: 5

Unique Skill: Mana Eye, Language Translation

Skill: Item Box, Analyze Lv1

Title: Demon Lord of a Parallel World

DP: 900