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Chapter 15 – Wings, Please Lead Me To The Sky (Part 1)


On a certain day…

“… O-ooh whoa!?”

I found it. I finally found it.

Iluna looked at me curiously as I raised from the throne with a sudden shout.

She was sitting on my knee, so she got out of the throne when I stood up. Shii on the other hand was on Iluna’s lap, so she fell on the ground, which made the slime turn towards me grumpily.

I did not pay any attention to it though, because this is what I have been looking for the whole time… To think my expectations were answered.

“… Fufufu, hahaha, hahahahahaha! I’m going to the sky, this is wonderful!”

While laughing loudly, I walked away from the throne.

* * *

I was touched, I finally found it.

Ever since Fir showed me the ‘Everchanging Chains’ I started looking on the catalogue for other similar things, and while I looked through the skills my eyes stopped at a certain one.

And that was ‘Flight’.

Although there were plenty of interesting skills on the list, in the catalogue of normal skills there was nothing that allowed you to simply fly. It was a bit discouraging to compare myself to Lefy, who could fly with her own body’s skill.

However, within the list unique skills I found it, ‘flight’.

I immediately exchanged my DP for it the moment my eyes gazed upon the skill, it cost more than ten times a normal skill, but it doesn’t matter. Two thirds of my DP disappeared with it, but I don’t care for such a thing.

Because of romance. What is needed to live in this world is romance.

A certain pirate king[1. Probably referring to the main character of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy.] also sailed the seas solely for the sake of romance, it’s all that matters in life.
Even if it costed such absurd amount of DP, I did not hesitate.

When I told Lefy she said, “Don’t go wasting money while spouting such nonsense!” But since she has no power over how I spend the DP, there is no problem.

I was feeling excited, I still didn’t know if my wings were a dragon’s or a bat’s, but rather than worrying about that, I made sure to stay a bit far from everyone and then let those Jet black wings that seemed to suck all sunlight appear from my back.

In my past life I used similar wings as cosplay, but now it’s different, those are real, they will become a bridge that allows me to walk through the sky, heading wherever I want.

Today, I will fly through the air with majestic freedom!!

“Let’s go! To the sky!”

With a loud and joyful shout, I flapped my wings vigorously.

………… Hm?

It cannot be.

My wings don’t move.

… No, they do move a bit, but they are not throwing me to the air.

“… Onwards! To the sky!”

I put all my heart to it, but the sky was still far away.


Chapters are split into pages.