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More than a few blessings

Chapter 27 (Part 1) – Attacking the Liang’s

At the time when “Soaring Birds” got famous, there were suddenly photos published on the Internet showing President Liang having a mistress behind his wife and son. Of course, what made people angry was that there were major safety issues revealed regarding high-level community of the Liang’s, and it had just recently passed the quality inspection.

Just when everyone thought the person who revealed the information was Liang ’s opponent, very soon, someone else had also shown that Liang had evaded from tax for his real estate, and had created a fake account. This person also had provided a series of evidence, and his tone sounded like someone working for the Liang’s. It also seemed like he did so as he wasn’t happy with the way young master of the Liang’s was, and he revealed these info as a means of revenge.

Most people didn’t really care about which company had evaded from taxes and create fake accounts, but all in all, President Liang happened to be the most famous private entrepreneur in recent years, and reporters also often described him as a family man who loved his wife on the news. Also, there were shows on TV about how he and his wife Zhang Fang supported each other for their business, creating an impression that he’s the kind of man who would never abandon his wife.

Liang Guoming, the President of the Liang’s had a mistress, who also gave birth to his daughter. When the proof was shown, the image of him being a good man that he’d created collapsed instantly.

If it’s a man who cheated all the time, people would at most give comments like “your circle is so messed up” after seeing this proof; but when a model of a good man was found having a mistress, even a daughter with this mistress, it meant that some people’s trust was crushed as well. Therefore, after this incident, the people who once admired him the most turned out to be those who hated him the most.

When things had become like this, it had already become a huge drama in the business field. Then, someone else said that a certain female celebrity was involved with Liang Guoming, and he also said that even a certain male celebrity was once “bought” by him. This incident had already become a full-blown drama in both the entertainment and business fields.

In this world, there’re always people who like putting salt on people’s wounds. Aside from posting some shady matters about Liang Guoming online, Lu Chengyu also sent these info about Liang Guoming to his opponents anonymously, and of course, these opponents started to dig more different scandals of Liang Guoming.

Since Liang Guoming could become a well-known private entrepreneur from an ordinary person, it explains that it’s a person with means, and there’re naturally people that he’s offended to make it happen. There were people waiting for all these problems to happen on him.

On the Internet, it became pretty fussy because of this incident, and a lot of newspapers started reporting about it as well. Even people who did not go online often had realized that Liang Guoming was an unrighteous businessman, and he’s even a modern version of Chen Shimei.

After all these incidents, the reputation of Liang Guoming had become really bad, and it had a direct impact on the sales of his products too.

What’s more troubling is that the Tax Department started to check his accounting, and certain people who were doing business with Liang Guoming dared not get involved in this naturally. Regarding the high-level community built by the Liang’s that had passed the quality inspection, the Housing Inspection Department started to re-evaluate it as well. In the end, the results weren’t that shocking – there was an issue with the quality.

The issue with the quality had also revealed certain rotten apples, and all of them started to be criticized. After that, people started describing Liang Guoming was an expert in selling his teammates and basically a scumbag.

Just when the incident was getting worse, Liang Guoming’s wife, Zhang Fang stepped forward and said that she would forgive her husband for having cheated on her, she also accused the netizens of being too nosy, and claimed that she was the person who understood her husband the most. For other reproaches, she didn’t comment at all.

Liang Guoming also apologized to his wife in front of the public media, and said that Liang’s heir would always be Liang Deyou, the young master of the Liang’s. Then, he quickly fixed the problem with his taxes, and he had also compensated the communities with quality issues.

Originally, Liang Guoming, as the legal representative of the company, should be sentenced to prison for all these issues with taxes and housing quality, but since he had kept a good attitude in admitting his mistakes, fixed the issues with the taxes and showed a medical certificate stating that he was in his 60s and that he’s in a poor health condition with diabetes, he ended up staying in the detention center for only one day before being bailed out.

Liang Deyou, the successor of the Liang’s, cried in front of the media. He said that his father was already very old and his health wasn’t good. He also said that his father had suffered a lot in his youth, and asked the media to go easy on him.

The netizens who had originally felt sorry for Zhang Fang and Liang Deyou were no longer feeling sympathetic after seeing how the Liang’s reacted in front of the media. There was even someone who said that the family of Liang Guoming had been a family in their past lives as well.

There’s an old saying – life is like a drama. The Liang family had expressed this saying to the fullest.

In the end, although the Liang’s managed to survive, their business and reputation was severely damaged. The sales of Liang’s products dropped dramatically, and in order to acquire more funds, Liang Guoming had to sell several branches.

Since then, the reputation of Liang Guoming, as a private entrepreneur, started to decline. Netizens gave them new names – Zhang Guoming as the best actor, Liang Deyou as Liang Erdai (in Chinese, there was a negative meaning of “Erdai”- literally, it means “the second generation” but it also means a useless person born in a rich family), and Liang Guoming’s wife as the best actress.





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