Chapter 1
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Dungeons. Mysterious spaces below the earth.

They were danger zones inhabited by countless monsters, but an endless amount of people still challenged them.
People had always been attracted to the precious materials gathered from the monsters, as well as the hidden treasures.

So, the people who earned money by exploring these dungeons came to be  『adventurers』.

A few decades ago, those people were treated as hooligans, but now it was an established and legitimate occupation with its own guild.


Living inside the dungeons were not only monsters, but an intellectual race as well.

They were called 『demons』, and there were a variety of them. Some looked just like humans, while others looked like monsters.

However, demons were not friendly towards humans.

The kings of the demon race — there were some among the demon kings that planned to invade the surface.
In reality, there were countries that were destroyed because of those demon kings.

The people who ventured into dungeons in order to destroy those『Wicked Demon Kings』were respected and called a『hero』.




Adventurers who challenged dungeons out of selfish desires or with a spirit of inquiry.
Heroes who challenged the dungeon with a sense of justice or desire for fame.

In one glance, they looked like they would clash with one another, but in fact, it wasn’t unusual for them to join hands.

To tell you the truth, I was in fact one of those people.

I, a veteran adventurer with fifteen years in this career, was just hired into a hero’s party.
The dungeon we were heading into was the rank A dungeon, 『Hade’s Millennium Corridor』.
It was a difficult-to-clear dungeon where people said a fearsome demon king was sealed within.

The hero was to fight and to crush that demon king’s ambitions.
As his support, my ranking as an adventurer would rise up quickly—




「–hey, wake up! Luke! Third-rate adventurer!」

A full-forced kick went straight to my solar plexus, forcibly removing me from my sleep.

I lifted my face while holding back my unbearable nausea, and met eyes with the hero Falcon, who had an angry look.

「Cough, bleh…… wh-what do you need, hero-sama……」
「What do you think?! Take a look at this!」

Falcon pointed to where the party’s luggage were at. What about it……

「……Ahh! T-the food! It’s been eaten!」
「It’s all your fault, you incompetent fool! The monsters ate our food, and now there’s not even half left!」

Just as I was about to stand up, a second kick flew into me, mercilessly kicking me down.

As I spat out the sand that went into my mouth in haste, I was asked for a detailed explanation.

「P-please wait a moment. I still haven’t grasped the situation……」
「The barrier stone! The barrier stone that keeps the monsters away! I told you to put it in the center of the camp before you went to sleep!」
「Y-yes…… I did place it……」
「The positioning was off! Because of you, our luggage was outside of the barrier!」

When he said that, I noticed that the barrier stone had moved to a completely different spot than where it was originally placed.

「Hey, Julia! How long can we hold out for with our remaining food supply?!」
「Even if we reduced our consumption to the bare minimum, it’s probably impossible for us to complete our exploration goal and head back to the surface……」
「In that case, Luke! What are you going to do about this?!」

Falcon’s tone was getting stronger.
The swordswoman Julia also glared at me with contempt.

「If it was off by even a bit more, one of us could have gotten eaten, you piece of shit!」

I felt bad for escalating the situation, but there was a critical error in Falcon’s cognisance.

「No, I placed the stone exactly where I was told to.」
「Huh?! You’re trying to make excuses now?」
「Come on, think about it. I placed the stone down first and we made the camp surrounding it after, so it had to be in the center.」

I pointed at the spot where the barrier stone should had been.

「I always do this when I had to set a barrier stone, you see? The position of the stone changed after I set it down.」

I did not make a mistake when setting the barrier stone.
The cause must have been something else.

「That reminds me, hero-sama. If I remember correctly, during the middle of the night, you said you were thirsty and went over to the luggage, right? Didn’t you kick something on your way there?」
「Eh? Ah…… That…… may have happened, or it didn’t……」

Falcon’s voice gradually became quieter. It appeared that he remembered what happened last night.

I went to sleep after placing the barrier stone in the correct spot.
Afterwards, Falcon accidently kicked it away, then returned it to some random spot.
In other words, the blame for letting our food supply get eaten was on him. I was innocent.

「You shouldn’t lay the blame on other people like that……」

Suddenly, a status-afflicting spell flew at me from behind, making my entire body go numb.

The one who cast the spell wasn’t Falcon.
It was from another member of the party, a twin girl magician.

「Seriously, who cares about whose fault it was? What’s important is what we’re going to do now. Nee-san, you agree with me, right?」
「Mm……mhm……I guess so……」

The magician with white hair using white magic was Blanc, and the magician with black hair using black magic was Noire.

Their appearance was the exact same, but their personalities were the complete opposites.
Blanc was cheerful and wicked, while Noire was dark-natured and easily went with the flow.

As you could tell, Blanc had an aggravating personality, but Noire wasn’t like her.
Even so, Noire was so bad at asserting herself that you couldn’t tell whether she was a good person or not.

Obviously, if we don’t have enough food, then we just need to cut down on the number of people.」
「Y-you, what, are you……」
In that case, I already decided on who to cut off. Right, shitty small-fry third-rate adventurer-san?」

I tried to complain with my paralyzed body, but all I was met with were the gazes of those looking down on me.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, Falcon and Julia smiled and began agreeing with that idea.

「Ooh! What a nice idea, Blanc! Let’s go with that!」
「That’s right. If we cut down on our party size, we should be fine!」
「Besides, at this point, it won’t make a difference whether this odd-jobber is here or not. His only skill is【Repair】after all. 」

While I was still numb from the effects of Paralyze, the rest of Falcon’s party began getting ready to leave.

「Here, I’ll show you a bit of mercy. I’ll leave this for you, old man.」

A sword full of chips was thrown over by my feet.
It was a garbage sword that the other adventurers had thrown away.

Then, the hero’s party left my paralyzed self behind, continuing their dungeon conquest with just the four of them.

「Uu, uhh, ohh……!」

Due to Paralyze, I couldn’t even shout properly.

Just as they said, I was a third-rate, forever Rank E adventurer.
My fifteen-year long career also meant that I was at the lowest rank for the entire fifteen years.

The only 『Skill』I could use was【Repair】.
The rating I got from the guild was always the lowest one.

The only reason I got hired by the hero’s party was because they asked the guild to「recommend a cheap adventurer who can die for all we care, we just need someone to do odd jobs and to carry our luggage for us.」

The price was way cheaper than renting a horse.
From the very beginning, I was being treated the same way as a luggage-carrying donkey.

Even so……Even so!
I gambled with this dungeon attack!

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If it helps the hero’s party succeed in their exploration!
Believe that your rank at the adventurer’s guild will go up!

The conclusion to that was getting left behind to deal with the hero’s mistake?!
Not to mention, being smack-dab in the middle of a high-difficulty dungeon?!

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