Chapter 11

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop




The next day, Silvia took me to the abandoned house that the guild house had suggested to me.

Although the town was already within the mountains, the outskirts went deeper in.

The building was on the side of the road that went towards 『Sundial Forest』, and was clearly abandoned without a care.

「It looks terrible.」


I accidently said my thoughts aloud.

The abandoned house no longer had the shape of a building. In fact, a large tree had fallen on top of it, smashing a good part of it.

More than half of the roof had caved in, and the walls and flooring had been severely damaged by the wind and rain.

「It used to be just a vacant house, but then a large tree fell during a thunderstorm, so now the place is like this…」

「Even if somebody wanted to rebuild it, they’d have to get the tree removed first. No wonder the guild left it like this.」

However, that was only if they intended to fix it the normal way.

I had an unfair technique that could only be used by me.

「Time to test it out.」

「Eh? Do you mean…?」

「Of course, I’m going to test my【Repair】skill. I’ve never tried my skill on a monster of a building like this, but I have a feeling it’ll work.」

After my escape from『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』, my【Repair】skill felt clearer to me than before.

Not only did I gain new abilities, it felt like the skill in general had leveled up.

「I’ll【repair】the entire building and 【disassemble】the fallen tree to patch up any holes… Alright, let’s go with maximum output. Activate skill, begin【Repair】! 」

I placed my hands on the damaged floor and focused my mana into it.

Light from the mana spread throughout the collapsed building. The fallen tree was【disassembled】and merged with the building to fix the holes.

Unlike the katana【repair】, the building did not get fixed in a a few seconds, but instead was happening at a speed that I could follow. The building was returning to its original shape.

「Guh…! As expected, something like this is…!」

The amount of mana consumption goes up in proportion to the scope of the 【repair】, and in turn the burden on my body goes up as well.

However, if I continued at this pace, I should be able to fix it completely. Once I convinced myself of that, I poured in more mana.

Eventually, the light from the mana dissipated, and all that was left was the unfamiliar restored interior of the house.

「…hah… hah… I managed to finish repairing the place before my mana ran out…」

「This is amazing… it really returned to normal…」

「I’m surprised myself. I never thought my skill could go that far.」

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and stood up.

The【repairable】parts of the house became good as new again thanks to the wood from the fallen tree. Now, all I needed was some furnishing and a carpet. Since the abandoned furniture wasn’t included in the【repair】process earlier; all I had to do now was to fix those individually and I’d be set.

「Well, let’s stop for today. I haven’t gotten all of my strength back, so it’s best if I don’t go overboard now.」

「Okay, I’ll go make lunch then. May I borrow the kitchen?」

Silvia carried a bag of foodstuff with her towards the inner part of the house.

Since we were already here, I decided to accept Silvia’s kindness.

I【repaired】a couple of scattered chairs and a table, then sat down and waited for Silvia to return.

It had been a few days since then.

Right after I finished repairing the building and all of the furniture, several large wooden boxes arrived at my place with good timing.

「Luke-san, what are these for?」

Silvia tilted her head as she stood in front of the boxes lined up outside of the shop.

「The boxes? They’re the materials I ordered from the guild house. The closest guild branch sold them to me for cheap.」

I opened one of the boxes and checked the content.

Inside were swords with broken blades, and a bunch of blade fragments. There were some rusted swords and small wooden shields with cracks.

The box was filled with a bunch of junk equipment.

「Eh? Aren’t these gar-… I mean, aren’t these all damaged?」

「Well, normally people would consider these as garbage. These are all used goods that the guild took in from adventurers. The adventurers decided it’d be faster and more efficient to buy something new rather than getting their stuff fixed.」

I described it the way Silvia had almost said before she changed her language.

「But anyway, this is a mountain of treasure for me.」

I picked up a broken sword and a blade fragment, put them close together and activated my【Repair】skill.

The sword blade reconstructed itself in a second, and the sword shone like it was brand new.



This would solve the lack of inventory problem that most new shops had.

This pile of wreckage was bought by the adventurer’s guild for cheap from adventurers looking at getting rid of their old equipment.

Adventurers didn’t sell to blacksmiths because the selling price was too little, and often wouldn’t offset the cost they purchased the items at. When the guild offered them a price that was slightly higher, they happily handed their things over.

I got a good amount of equipment, so I didn’t have to worry about the inventory for a while.

「I have to prepare some featured products as well.」

「Featured products?」

「Since the adventurers at the bar heard that the weapon used to kill the dragon with was made by me, I need to put up other weapons made in a similar way. Otherwise, they might think, “I’ve been tricked!”」

「Ah, I see what you mean!」

Good first impressions were crucial. If people were to get a bad impression of my shop at the beginning, it would affect things later down the line too.

I placed the broken swords on the work table, and opened up my important pouch.

Inside the pouch were the mysterious metal powder from the【disassembled】labyrinth walls of『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』.

「Um, is that silver-colored sand…? It kind of looks like iron sand… Was that sword made from these?」

「That’s right. How I got these is a trade secret though. But anyways, the sword got a lot stronger after it was reinforced with them.」

Sakura’s sword skill was amazing, but it wasn’t enough to go through a dragon’s scale. The quality of the weapon played a big role in the defeat.

Even the hero couldn’t damage the labyrinth walls. It might be obvious then that a sword【synthesized】with the material from those walls would have enough strength and sharpness to cut through a dragon’s scales.

「Activate skill, begin【Repair】!」

I began generating several swords similar to the sword used to defeat the dragon.

If I made a good couple of these, I should be able to satisfy those adventurers’ expectations.

When I run out of stock… I decided to consider whether I should collect more from the labyrinth when that time came.

「Hey, nii-chan! Do you want the sign installed here?」

「Yeah, please set it there.」

It had been another few days since then.

I placed an order for a custom-made sign from the local craftsman, and it was finally being set up.

I had already finished all the preparations for the grand opening beforehand.

A bunch of novice adventurers gathered around the shop, waiting for me to officially open.

「Luke-san, so you decided to name your shop White Wolf…」

Silvia muttered as she looked at the sign.

While I had been getting the shop ready, Silvia helped me out quite a bit.

Although I fixed up the building and prepared all of the products myself, Silvia prepared all of my meals.

Of course, I paid her for the groceries and a wage that I thought was appropriate, but it didn’t change the fact that she took care of me.

Once the shop goes off as planned, I should give her a proper present.

「That’s the name of your hometown, right? If I remember correctly, you said you lived in White Wolf Forest…」

「Yeah, I couldn’t think of any better names.」

White Wolf Forest, the place I was born in, and the place I hadn’t returned to in over fifteen years.

I didn’t name my shop after my hometown because I missed it, but because I said that name often during my introductions.

『Luke of White Wolf Forest』was running a shop called White Wolf.

There couldn’t be an easier way to remember me than that.

「I think it’s a nice name. I wish Sakura was here too, since it’s your grand opening.」

「That reminds me, I haven’t seen her recently. Is she working somewhere else right now?」

「She told me,『I’m going to pick up an important item that was entrusted to me by an acquaintance』.」

The last time I saw Sakura was the day we went to the guild house together.

I convinced myself that she was too busy putting effort in her adventuring jobs, but it seemed like she had been doing something else.

Thanks to her portion of the bounty money, I was able to set up the shop with ease.

Just as Silvia said, I also wished that Sakura was here to celebrate the grand opening.

However, she had her own circumstances. Let’s give her my thanks the next time we meet.

「Alright! Nii-chan, the sign’s up. Looks perfect.」

「Thank you very much.」

The craftsman finished setting up the sign and climbed down the ladder.

Now all the preparations were complete. I opened the door to the entrance, and turned to face the novice adventurers who had been waiting.

「Welcome to White Wolf. We are open starting today!」

Author’s Note: I managed to make it to the weapon shop opening. We have reached a turning point in the story, but of course, there is a continuation. All your bookmarks and reviews give me a boost of encouragement.

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