Chapter 13

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop




「Hey hey! Is this the shop that’s selling the sword used to kill the dragon?」

That caused a commotion amongst the adventurers inside the shop.

「If you haven’t sold it yet, then I want to buy it and take it home with me quickly, if you don’t mind. Of course, I will pay in cash upfront! Hey, take out the money.」


The muscular man accepted the aloof man’s order and took a step forward.

It appeared that the aloof man was of a higher status than the muscular man.

They were adventurers… right? At the very least, the muscular man was probably one, since his muscles were clearly different compared to the rookies.

If he was a high-ranking adventurer, then that meant they didn’t come to Greenhollow to conquer the dungeons here, but to visit my shop.

Then again, when one registers to become an adventurer, the guild does not ask about the person’s background. It was possible that the muscular man was a low-ranking adventurer.

For example, he might’ve changed jobs from being a mercenary to becoming an adventurer. Then you’d get an E-ranked adventurer who was basically a war veteran.

「We have prepared coins that were freshly minted. Please allow us to purchase the sword.」

The muscular man looked like he was about to take out some money, so I asked them to check out the swords first.

「If you want the sword, there are plenty available over there.」

I pointed at the silver swords in the corner of the shop.

However, the blonde man smiled and shook his head.

「But those are merely low quality replicas, no? I want the actual sword that was used to kill the dragon.」

「Ah, unfortunately, I don’t have that one displayed…」

「You must be keeping it as a commemoration. Mhm, mhm, I understand how you feel. However, I have my reasons as well. Are you willing to negotiate with me?」

The muscular man then shoved his uncouth hands into his breast pocket and took out a big gold coin, which he placed on the counter.

To my surprise, the muscular man took out more gold coins of the same size and stacked them on top of another. The noise the coins made proved how heavy they were.

The other adventurers in the shop began making a lot of noise. I couldn’t tell whether they were cheering or screaming.

(Are you serious…?!)

One big gold coin was equivalent to one year’s salary for a commoner, and yet the muscular man stacked five of those like they were chump change.

Honestly speaking, it was very unusual for someone to take out coins with such value out of their breast pocket that easily.

Either these two were influential knights or nobles, or they were the servants of one.

People with that sort of status would buy a sword with big gold coins.

(I’m sure there are rich knights or nobles that would want a weapon filled with prestige… Taking out this many gold coins isn’t strange at all… is it?)

If that was the case, I wasn’t sure if they would back down if I refused their offer.

「Hmph. Looks like you’re not satisfied, as expected. How about this then?」

Following the blonde man’s cue, the muscular man stacked another five big gold coins on the current stack.

Ten big gold coins? It felt like I was going to be dizzy from seeing such a crazy amount of money.

That amount over-exceeded the amount I had thought the sword was worth.

Either that, or my money sense was too much like a commoner’s, and in reality the value should be this much.

「Would you accept this?」

「…Please excuse me. I would like to check the coins, if you don’t mind.」

I took half of the stack and poured my mana through it.

My mana reacted to the carving on the coins, and the coins began releasing a unique faint light.

There was no doubt about it; these were real coins.

Obviously, Westland’s gold coins were not made of pure gold. Gold was mixed with a secret ratio of an unknown material. Only the royal family knew the recipe.

By using that『unknown material』together with its unique carving, the royal family had created such a strong anti-forgery system that nobody has managed to forge gold coins so far.

If I was still a child, I wouldn’t be able to tell if the coins were real or not without a specialist’s appraisal, but of course, I now had my convenient skill to rely on.

「Okay, this is fine. I’ll sell it to you.」

「Thank you! Man, I’m glad you’re such an understanding owner!」

I took out the rumored sword from underneath the counter, and handed it to the blonde man.

The two of them checked over the sword, and the blonde man thanked me with a satisfied look. They got ready to leave.

Without thinking, I asked them if they were sure about their decision.

「Are you really sure that I can have ten big gold coins for the sword?」

「Of course! I trust my own eyes the best, after all. Although the craftsmanship of the sword isn’t as good as it could’ve been, had the『purity』been higher, I would’ve paid you three times, no, five times that amount and I wouldn’t even regret it!」

The strange men left the shop. As soon as the door closed, I collapsed on the chair behind me.

「Fuu… That was tiring.」

「…Pwah! W-what was with those guys?!」

It seemed like Silvia had been tense and held her breath mostly due to nervousness.

「L-Luke-san, those are all big gold coins! They must’ve been adventurers, right?!」

「No, there aren’t many adventurers out there as formal as them. I think they might’ve been knights, or the servants of a noble family.」

Silvia was excited seeing the unimaginable amount of money in front of her, and then the other adventurer customers were chatting loudly about the transaction.

A single sword became ten big gold coins.

I felt more shock than happiness about the amount of money, so much that nothing from the transaction felt real.

「At the very least, the proud-looking guy has good judgment.」

After all, that blonde man could easily tell that 『the craftsmanship of the sword wasn’t as good as it could’ve been.』

The reason why the sword wasn’t made as well as one would hope was simple. All I did was use a derivation of【Repair】on it.

For example, if I【repaired】a copper pot by【synthesizing】it with tin, the final product would be a bronze pot. However, the physical construction of the pot would stay the same.

That sword was the same. The only thing that changed after I used my skill was the material it was made up of.

I explained that to Silvia, but she nodded with a confused expression on her face. I couldn’t tell if she understood what I meant.

「I see… Those two guys weren’t ordinary people then.」

「Well… to put it simply, yeah. They might have checked that the sword was the actual one that killed the dragon by using some sort of skill.」

In fact, it was more unnatural that they would just leave ten big gold coins on the table before I even brought out the sword.

Even if that blonde man did not have the skill himself, with that much money, he could easily hire somebody with a skill that could check the validity. Perhaps the muscular man that was with him had such a skill.

「Anyways, I better put away all these big gold coins…」

I stopped thinking about the two men and was about to bring the coins to the safe when the door swung open again.


I looked up, hoping that the two men did not come back.

Instead, the customer was in fact someone I would welcome with open arms.

「It has been a while, Luke-dono.」

Sakura, donned in her eastern-style clothing, stood at the entrance with a cheerful smile.

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