Chapter 16
My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop


–A month had passed since I got out of『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』and arrived at Greenhollow Town.

I had a lot of concerns at the beginning, but now, my weapon shop business was going smoothly, and the locals seemed to have accepted me as one of their own.

One thing I did not expect was the amount of customers who were not adventurers.

Not only did people come to buy swords or request a repair from me, but I was getting requests that required me to travel to other places.

I got several of those requests today.

I used this as an excuse to close the shop for the day, and since the morning I’d been going in and out of town — today was just that sort of day.

「Alright, everything’s closed up. First, I have to meet with the hunter’s association.」

After checking that I locked the windows and doors, I flipped the sign hanging off of the shop entrance to the side that said 『Closed For The Day』, and headed towards the central area of town.

White Wolf was located outside of Greenhollow Town.

It was set up along the road that lead to the closest dungeon to town, 『Sundial Forest』.

It was a bit inconvenient for me when I wanted to do some shopping in town, but for a weapon shop that catered to adventurers, the shop was not in a bad spot.

「Ah, Luke-san. Good morning.」

「Morning, Silvia.」

I ran into Silvia, who was outside of the inn getting ready for business.

It was quite early in the morning, but many of the locals were already awake.

The main industries of Greenhollow were hunting, forestry, and hospitality based on the hot springs.

In addition to all that, lately some businesses targeting the new adventurers who worked at 『Sundial Forest』began springing up.

Since the town only produced enough crops for the locals to eat, the town had to resort to buying crops from the neighboring town to meet the demand.

If we were still in the age where taxation was paid by harvests and not money, most of the land here would be suffering.

「Let’s see, the hunter’s association is… here.」

Relying on the simple hand-drawn map, I headed for the building the association resided in.

Once I reached the building, I saw a man standing outside waiting for my arrival. He looked just like what one would imagine a『huntsman』to be like.

「Oh, you’re here! We’ve been waiting, White Wolf-san!」

「Hello. The association’s request is the【repair】of everybody’s hunting tools, correct?」

「Right. Normally, we’d fix the stuff ourselves, but we figured we should have a pro take care of them once in a while.」

The hunter guided me to a hut where a large amount of spears, bows, and rustic blades were placed.

I had seen scenes similar to this when I was still working as an adventurer.

Due to my eternal E-rank status, I couldn’t pick up any quests that had a large reward. The only thing I could do was earn some pocket change【repairing】other adventurers’ weapons and tools.

「The entire association is requesting the service, if I remember correctly.」

「That’s right. Everybody chipped in some money for this. How long do you think you’ll take?」

「I should be able to finish【repairing】everything by noon.」

「Alright then, we’re counting on you.」

And so, I immediately went to work.

There were a lot of items, but the【repair】process was simple. Since all the items had been maintained regularly, my main task was to fix up the small damages that had accumulated over the years.

(If I’m being asked to fix the tools and weapons that the hunters use for their work, doesn’t that mean they have quite a lot of trust in me? If so, I do appreciate it, but…)

As I thought about that, I worked in silence until just before noon.

After I finished the hunter’s association’s request, I headed for the town hall, where my next request was from.

The town hall was not located in the center of town, but rather on the outskirts of town opposite from White Wolf. The building was on one of the many routes that descended the mountain.

Walking along the mountain path just wide enough for a wagon to go through, I reached a spot where a river flowed off the cliff into a ravine.

「Oh, we’ve been waiting for you. Over here!」

Someone among a crowd of people standing by the river called out to me.

「See, the storm that hit the town earlier in the month destroyed the bridge here. That storm was also the one that destroyed the house your shop is now in, White Wolf-san. Well, the house was already damaged before, but that storm dealt the final blow.」

「I see… the bridge has been completely destroyed.」

The bridge girder had collapsed into the ravine, and the remains were floating in the river.

Since the current wasn’t that strong and the water level was not that deep, most of the bridge did not get carried away.

「There’s a way to detour around this, but we’ve delayed the repairs for the bridge for quite a while now. We decided that it would be faster to get it【repaired】than to rebuild it.」

「I’ve heard about the details from the town mayor. I told him that I would need at least half of the bridge to do it, but…」

「Yes, and that’s why all of us have gathered today. We’re going to pull the bridge out for you.」

The man, who had been speaking up until now, pointed at the group behind him. Half of the group were locals from Greenhollow, and the other half were adventurers.

If one were to look on a map, they could see that this route with the bridge was the shortest between Greenhollow Town and the neighboring town.

Even though people could just detour around, it wouldn’t be surprising if many people wanted the shortest route back.

「…Hm? Hey Sakura, you’re here too.」

I saw a familiar face among the crowd.

「I thought I would help out. It would benefit me if the bridge gets repaired, and luckily, I have a suitable skill that would help here.」

Sakura tapped her chest with her fist lightly, boasting her skill.

I realized that I had never asked Sakura what skills she had.

Adventurers would confirm each other’s skills before forming a party. However, since I wasn’t working as an adventurer, I never bothered to do so.

「Alright everyone, first, we’ll pull out whatever remains are in the river. Once we get about half of the bridge, I can do the repairs using regular lumber.」

「Understood. I’ll climb down the river, so please toss a rope to me. I’ll tie the rope to a suitable part of the wreckage.」

「Are you going to be fine by yourself?」

「Yes. In exchange, I will leave the pulling to everybody else here.」

Sakura explained her plan to everybody, and then kicked the ground lightly, like she was about to make a dash.


As soon as Sakura said that, she vanished into thin air.


All of the townsfolk, including me, stood there dumbfounded, but most of the adventurers carried on like it was normal.

Right after, we could hear Sakura’s voice from below the cliff.

「Luke-dono! Please toss me a rope!」

「I’m surprised. Was that skill one that increase your speed?」

「Oh no, it is more similar to teleportation! I’ll tell you about it later!」

Putting that aside, we began to set things up so that I could 【repair】of the destroyed bridge.

I threw one end of the rope down the cliff, and Sakura tied it to a moderately-sized rubble. Around ten people, including a wagon horse, pulled the rope.

That itself was a difficult task, but it was faster and cheaper than building the bridge from scratch.

「Alright, this should be enough.」

We moved all the prepared lumber closer to the wreckage, and I began the【repair】process.

Given that I had enough material, the process was instant.

Just like when I【repaired】the shop, the wooden bridge returned to normal at an amazing speed.

「……Alright, the 【repair】is done!」

「Ohh!! That’s amazing, it’s like it’s brand new!」

「Now we don’t have to detour around anymore!」

Everyone cheered in unison.

While I couldn’t make anything with the【Repair】 skill, with enough preparations, I could do things like this.

As I received some thanks and praises from the group, Sakura called out to me after returning to the top with her【Shukuchi】skill.

「Hey, not bad. That’s an interesting skill you’ve got there.」

「I still have a lot of training to do, but I’m glad it was enough to be useful.」

Sakura then explained her skill, 【Shukuchi】. It wasn’t a movement speed skill, but rather, it was a teleportation skill.

Depending on the skill level, the distance that one is able to travel and the amount one could carry increases. According to Sakura herself, she still had a long way to go.

She described the distance to be 『far enough to see her opponent’s face clearly』, and the only things she could carry were 『 her clothes and equipment』.

However, one of the problems with that skill was that it used quite a lot of mana, and using it continuously would tire her out quickly.

「But still… With a skill like that, no wonder you took down that dragon so easily.」

「Hahaha… you flatter me. My mind went blank when I saw my katana snap in half. It was soon after that…」

Sakura and I walked back to Greenhollow Town together while chitchatting.

「Oh, wait. I apologize, but I have some business to take care of at the guild house, so please excuse me here.」

「Alright. I’ll see you later.」

We went our separate ways, and I strolled down the main street of Greenhollow back towards home.

「Now that I’m done with all the requests today, I guess I’ll visit Silvia’s place and have a meal before heading home.」

Just as I was about to change the direction I was heading, three people clad in armor suddenly came up and surrounded me.

They weren’t adventurers, given that all three of them wore a full face helmet. They were wearing a knight’s armor. They all wore a cloak with the same symbol on it.

No matter how I thought about it, they looked like they were up to no good.

Having a bad feeling about this situation, I decided to strike up the conversation first.

What I was about to say had nothing to do with what they were after me for; that much I understood.

「Is something the matter? If you would like to place an order for a weapon, please come visit me when the shop is open, please.」

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