Chapter 19

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop

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Two days have passed since I was told about the hero’s status.

Together with the three knights from Silver Wing, we visited the E-ranked dungeon, 『Sundial Forest』.

More specifically, we had gathered at the entrance of the dungeon. We were getting ready to enter.

Silvia wanted to come along, but she had her work at the inn, so she stayed behind. Instead…

「Hey, White Wolf. Why did you bring an outsider along?」

Garnet asked as he glanced at Sakura, seemingly displeased that she had come along.

Although the other two knights were wearing light armor similar to an adventurer’s, Garnet kept his armor on, including the helmet.

「I have received permission from Felix-dono to come along on this trip. Please treat me as Luke-dono’s bodyguard.」

「And as our guide. I don’t know the area that well myself.」

「Geez, you’re doing so many unnecessary things.」

Sensing Garnet’s dissatisfaction with things, Felix used his leadership skills and guided the conversation towards a briefing of our plan.

「Today’s goals are to confirm that the stairs connecting 『Sundial Forest』and 『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』exist, and to take a sample of the labyrinth walls. We will take the sample back to the court alchemist to analyze so we can determine whether or not the walls are made of mithril.」

The proof of my innocence depended on that analysis.

There was no guarantee that it was going to work, but I couldn’t possibly go without trying.

「So it’ll be awhile before we hear back on the results of the analysis…」

「That’s correct. We cannot do anything until His Majesty makes his judgment. He’ll likely order you to stop producing goods using the mithril… and, well…」

Felix hesitated in saying the next part.

「…In the meantime, we will be monitoring you. You can continue on with your life and business as usual, of course. Only one of us will be monitoring you at a time.」

「I guess there’s nothing I can do about that. I don’t mind.」

I agreed immediately.

Those were only conditions, and honestly, it would feel ominous if they had decided to leave me alone instead.

「Thank you for being understanding. I’m sure His Majesty will also treat you preferably. Well then, let’s depart. Please bring us there.」

With Sakura, who was the most familiar with『Sundial Forest』, leading the way, we descended the grass-covered slope down the dungeon.

The day the dragon was subjugated, I lost consciousness immediately after healing Sakura. I haven’t stepped foot in this dungeon ever since.

Therefore, I didn’t know where the area the dragon was at.

We followed a path that countless adventurers had walked through. We then reached a relatively flat area.

「Are we there yet?」

Garnet asked rudely.

「No, we are still on the first floor. This is a safe zone, so regular people can come here to pick herbs themselves.」

「Hmph… Only those who don’t know the true nature of dungeons use medicinal herbs picked in a dungeon.」

Garnet spit out, lumping both adventurers and villagers who pick medicinal herbs together.

Although I couldn’t see his expression underneath his helmet, I could easily tell from the tone of his voice how he felt about it.

Right now, he was probably making a disgusted face.

「Do knights not use medicinal herbs?」

「We do, but we use quality ones grown in a medicine garden. Still, the ones from a dungeon taste terrible, but they work well, right? I bet they’re nothing more than inferior goods though.」

As always, he went off on a rude tone. His way of talking made me forget that he is a knight.

Putting that aside, Garnet’s way of thinking was a stereotype about dungeon-grown medicinal herbs.

There were quite a lot of people that thought of them that way as well, because dungeons were considered faraway land with little blessing from the Gods.

「You’re saying that dungeon herbs are inferior, but do you even know how the herbs are used to heal wounds?」

「Huh? I don’t need to know stuff like that, it’s not like I’ll die if I don’t know it. I’m not a doctor or pharmacist.」

Garnet clearly had no interest in the healing process, so I decided to explain it regardless.

「Fundamentally, they work in the same way as a『skill』. Just as humans use their mana to release flames or to buff themselves, medicinal herbs use mana to heal their wounds. That’s probably how there are so many plants out here that survive. 」

Humans are not the only species that can use mana to exert a special type of power.

Plants and animals use their abilities together with the ecology and habitat they inhabit, in order to survive.

Medicinal herbs do the same.

Although they are easily preyed upon, they have a high regenerative power, so even if an animal eats them, they can regenerate themselves like nothing happened.

「Since medicinal herbs can recover wounds, based on the amount of mana, it can be used on humans as well. Since dungeons are rich in mana both in the soil and in the air, the medicinal herbs that grow inside of them would naturally have a high skill level in recovery.」

If one covers their wound with partially crushed medicinal herbs, the herbs would activate its ability to try and heal itself, recovering the person’s wound at the same time.

However, when the herbs are completely crushed, it does not regenerate into its original condition, and instead would only heal the wound of the person it was used on.

This is how the mechanism of the medicinal herbs works. It heals the physical wound that it is pasted on.

There are medicinal herbs that you can consume instead, and those work differently as well. That type is more closely related to the medicinal herb’s『skill』.

I’m sure the medicinal herbs themselves never expected to be used in this way.

「In other words, medicinal herbs grown in a dungeon are the same as the ones grown in a medicine garden. Also, the ones from a dungeon would be richer in mana.」

「Ugh… what are you, a teacher?」

「As an adventurer, I can’t overlook any prejudice towards dungeon-grown medicinal herbs. Well, I’m taking a break from adventuring right now, but still.」

Herb gathering is a precious source of income for new adventurers.

If rumors like that spread, then it would become difficult to sell medicinal herbs, and that would damper the lifestyles of new adventurers. In the end, the adventurer world would no longer be sustainable.

「Also, isn’t it better for you to take off that armor? We’re going to be walking through a forest. At least take off your helmet.」

「Who’s going to take this off? Idiot.」

For some reason, my simple suggestion was rejected, and he called me an idiot.

We continued our conversation like that down the dungeon, and not before long, we reached the fifth floor.

『Sundial Forest』is only ranked E. Seeing how Silvia only needed Sakura as a bodyguard to climb all the way down here, this dungeon should be easy for me to travel through as well.

Emotionally though, I wanted to leave right away.

「Heeh, what a weird-looking terrain.」

Garnet’s gaze — although I couldn’t see his face underneath the helmet — was at the large amount of ivy hanging off of a precipitous cliff. It looked like a green curtain was hanging there.

It can be used to climb up to the fourth floor, but other than that, there is nothing good about it.

Rather than climbing up and down with it, it was faster and safer to head down the common footpath.

「Garnet, we’re leaving.」

「Yeah, yeah.」

We walked through the fifth floor and reached an open grass plain.

Even I remember this place very well. This is where we fought the dragon.

「Oh… that’s…!」

Felix let out a surprised voice, which was unusual for him.

On the grass was a slightly elevated white mountain of something.

At first glance, one might think it was countless stacks of pumice stone on top of one another, but it wasn’t that simple.

It was the corpse of the dragon. The irrefutable evidence of the achievement that my sword and Sakura’s skills had accomplished.

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