Chapter 2

My 【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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「Hah, hah… shit…」

After the effects of the paralyze wore off, my knees fell against the stone floor.

The hero took all of the remaining food along with my equipment. My last ray of hope was my 【Repair】skill and the dull sword full of chips.

This situation was hopeless. The fact that I didn’t get killed by a monster while I was paralyzed was nothing short of a miracle.

「E-either way, there’s no way I’m dying in a place like this…!」

I didn’t want to die, and I didn’t want to live inside the dungeon for the rest of my life while hiding from monsters.

(First, I should use the 【Repair】skill on this sword… fortunately, the hero didn’t take the pouch of iron powder with him…)

I grabbed the small pouch that hung off of my belt, and placed it on top of the blade of the dull sword. The powder in the pouch was a mixture of powdered iron and iron scraps.

「Activate skill, begin【Repair】!」

Mana flowed into the pouch and the sword. The powder decreased while the chips in the blade were slowly filled in.

What we adventurers called『skills』were not the so-called technological skills. Instead, they were a special type of power activated through mana.

For example, my 【Repair】skill could restore a dull sword to its original condition, given that I have enough material and time.

「There, now the sword’s good to go… Now, I just need to hope that I don’t run into any strong monsters along the way…」

And so, the story of my hopeless escape from the dungeon began.


The inner structures of dungeons have an infinite amount of variations. It is said that if there are a hundred dungeons, then there are a hundred different classifications.

The『Hade’s Millennium Corridor 』, the dungeon the hero’s party was challenging, was an extensive underground labyrinth stacked together with countless layers. In general, it was considered a labyrinth-type dungeon.

If I were to be honest here, these dungeons were dark, cramped, and hard to breathe in. I hated this type of dungeon the most.

Although I complained that it was dark, it wasn’t like it was pitch black in here. There were some wild moss that released light particles. The brightness was like lighting a candle inside a room during the night.

「I’m so hungry… If only this was a woodland dungeon, then at least I could pick some plants to eat…」

I walked with my feet staggering, aiming for the surface.

It has been half a month since the hero’s party abandoned me. During that time, I haven’t eaten a single thing. They had taken my equipment and all of the remaining food, after all.

Most of the monsters in this dungeon were inorganic monsters like skeletons and mud golems, as well as ghost-type monsters. Because of that, I couldn’t eat them.

Rather, I would be lucky to only run into skeletons, because if I had to fight against a golem or ghost, I would most certainly die. Even running away would be impossible.

Of course, there were living creatures like mice and bats here too. To begin with, those were the monsters that ate up the party’s food supply.

However, those monsters carried toxin in their body, and I couldn’t eat them as they were.

If I wanted to eat them, I needed a white magic skill to cleanse my body of the toxin. Yes, like the ones Blanc learned.

One of the reasons『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』was an A-ranked dungeon was because of that. The level of difficulty escalated dramatically just because it was impossible to replenish one’s food supply in here.

「…If I remember correctly, about half of the deaths caused in this dungeon was due to the consumption of the light moss, which also has toxin. Hahah… This is no laughing matter…」

I looked down at a pile of human bones in front of me and felt my cheeks cramp in fear.

Only the wall the bones were near had a small amount of light moss. This person was probably poisoned to death because they ate the light moss out of desperation

The corpse disintegrated through some sort of magic, so there was no doubt this person became the light moss’s nourishment.

「Most humans can only fast for about a month… it’s too late to turn around… no, that’s only wishful thinking too……」

A human could only fast for at most a month if they barely moved during that time. In order for me to find the exit, I have to walk around, so that meant my time limit was a lot shorter.

Then again, it wasn’t like I walked around for an entire day. I held my breath to avoid being detected by monsters, and took long breaks in between walks.

If I didn’t do that, I would’ve passed out from exhaustion days ago.

The most fortunate thing was that underground water seeped out from various places around the labyrinth.

I was already thankful that I could stay hydrated, but there was more to it; the underground water in this dungeon had mana dissolved in it.

From what I’ve heard, some hermits and sages from a remote region lived for tens of years only drinking water rich in mana.

I didn’t know the principle behind it and whether it worked just by drinking it, but I might gain a bit of 『Longevity』if I continued to drink this water.

Rather, the water might be the saving grace that got me this far.

「Then again… I had already been down here for three days after we descended into the dungeon… no wonder I’m this lost…」

Unlike me, the hero had a lot of skills, and one of those was the skill【Mapping】.

【Mapping】projects your surrounding topography on a piece of paper. That skill was a labyrinth-killer. The most difficult part of a labyrinth dungeon was the navigation, and that skill made it child’s play.

That skill was the reason the hero was assigned to clear the 『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』.

「…Let’s continue forward. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll find another party of adventurers…」

I had been muttering things to myself for a while now, to keep myself sane.

I walked past the pile of bones when suddenly —

— clatter.


As soon as I turned around, I swung my sword down with full force. The pile of bones had turned into a skeleton and was about to get up.

Since I struck first, I managed to smash the sword against the skull, stopping it from completing its transformation. The skeleton returned to being a silent pile of bones.

Skeletons were a threat when they appeared in groups. The me now could handle the situation if there was only one.

However, because I swung my sword with so much force, the tip also struck the labyrinth wall and broke off with a high-pitched ring.

「…Dammit, it’s too brittle now. It’s because I kept using 【Repair】on it without any materials… It’s like how a famished kraken eats its own legs and ends up weaker…」

Since I kept restoring the blade almost every single day, I ran out of iron powder long ago.

I could still use 【Repair】 without any material, but when I do that, the sword uses itself as material.

The more I did it, the thinner the blade became. Eventually, it would become like this; so brittle it could no longer be used.

「Why did this happen to me… Dammit all!」

As I exploded in anger, I drove my 【Repair】skill into the broken sword with all my might.

In that moment, the blade was smashed into fine iron clumps.


Did my skill fail?! I panicked and used 【Repair】again. Then, the iron clumps gathered up and became a sword again, as if nothing had happened.

「That scared me… what the hell was that just now?」

Once I regained my composure, I calmly began to analyze the phenomenon that occurred just now.

「I remember now. I heard about this from somewhere before… The【Repair】skill works by simultaneously disassembling the parts that need to be fixed together with the materials, and then the skill mixes those together to return the item to its original condition.」

Could it be? A certain idea appeared in my head. I looked over at the labyrinth wall.

I placed both hands against the wall, and used the 【Repair】skill against it.

— rumble!

The labyrinth wall rumbled, and then it crumbled down. My skill made a hole big enough for a human to fit through easily.


I was overcome with laughter.

「I destroyed it! A wall that even the hero can’t destroy!」

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