Chapter 20

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop





「There’s no doubt about it, these are the bones of a dragon… This must be the place where you subjugated the dragon, correct?」

Even the level-headed Felix was getting somewhat excited over seeing the bones of the dragon.

There were a few adventurers gathered around the mountain of bones, scraping the bones in a daze.

Just a small bag of bone shards can be sold for a few silver coins. For new adventurers, things like that are considered an indispensable resource to make money with.

On a side note, the reason why there were no veteran adventurers here was because of an unspoken rule in the adventurer world; those who cause trouble in a beginner-level area are met with scorn.

「Hey, wait a second, Felix. Don’t you find it weird?」

While Felix gazed at the bones of the dragon with great interest, Garnet spoke with suspicion.

「The dragon was subjugated over a month ago, wasn’t it? Even if its corpse is worth money, there’s no way that such a stupidly large thing like that will reduce to bones in a single month. This is obviously a load of bullshit.」

「No, it can. It’s because the corpse was inside a dungeon.」

I didn’t want the other two to get suspicious, so I objected without a moment’s delay.

「I told you earlier that plants also have abilities similar to skills. There are some that can decompose an animal’s corpse quickly and turn it into food for itself. A human corpse would turn into bones within two to three days.」

A good example that I experienced recently would be the adventurer inside the labyrinth, whose corpse was reduced to bones.

The light moss used its mana to decompose the adventurer and turned his flesh into nutrients. The pile of bones remaining then turned into a skeleton and attacked other adventurers.

As one would expect, only a small fraction of dungeons out there have the ability to turn bones into skeleton monsters, but the rapid decomposition of corpses is considered a common phenomenon in most dungeons.

Of course, all existing animals out there have some resistance to mana, so living creatures don’t get affected by it, with exception to the ones inside a few certain dungeons.

「That’s how the flesh and internal organs vanished so quickly. Then, adventurers came and looted the scales and claws left behind, and finally, they began scraping at the bones and horns like that.」

Among the adventurers that came here, some of them might have managed to salvage the dragon’s meat before the dungeon consumed it. However, based on the situation, they likely only got a single chunk.

「You really think I’m going to believe that? You just made that up…」

「Garnet. You can go ask the adventurer’s guild to know if it’s true. To begin with, this is not related to our mission. If you say anything further, I will have to report this to Carmine-dono.」


Felix warned Garnet with a composed attitude. Garnet kept his mouth shut after.

As I was being suspected at the moment, it really helped that somebody like Felix was in charge.

He doesn’t assume things based on the results, but rather makes his decisions logically. He was of great assistance in helping dispel the doubts on me.

「Don’t be so serious, Felix. I get it, okay. Everything until now was just some idle talk.」

「Well… maybe you’re getting confused due to the air in the dungeon.」


Garnet purposely tried to change the topic and looked around instead.

It seems like “Carmine” was a considerable weak point for Garnet.

「Anyways, I’m amazed these people came here with such light armor, even though a dragon appeared. I don’t know whether to call that brave or reckless. Or maybe they’re just dumb.」

「Oh, could it be that you’re wearing a full set of armor because you’re afraid of dragons?」

「Of course not!」


Garnet did a sharp low kick at my leg, making a clean hit.

「Ouch… dude, calm down. Ever since the dragon was subjugated, the guild increased security around the dungeon, since that was the first sighting of a dragon in this region. There weren’t even sightings of wyverns.」

「I just said you’re wrong! I’m not afraid! Don’t look down on me, you asshole!」

In the end, we continued our pointless chatter as we left the area and headed for our destination.

From that point on, I will be the one guiding instead of Sakura.

I lead the group towards the large tree that had a hole among its roots.

Beyond the hole were the stairs that lead to『Hade’s Millennium Corridor』, which I had escaped from.

We descended the dimly lit staircase, and arrived at a short corridor. On the other end was a wall with the same properties as the labyrinth walls blocking us from going any further.

「『Hade’s Millennium Corridor』is beyond this wall.」

「I understand. Garnet, check the strength of it first.」

「Alright. If we can break through, then it’ll prove that it’s fake. Prepare yourself, White Wolf.」

Following Felix’s orders, Garnet walked back towards the stairs, and began doing something that looked like warm-up exercises.

Since he was completely clad in armor, every movement some clanking noise in the tight space.

「Let’s go! Activate skill!」

Garnet ran down the corridor with such great force that my eyes couldn’t keep up with him. He sent a flying kick right into the wall.

A sudden gust and impact shook the cramped underground space.

Either he used a high speed movement skill, or he buffed himself to forcibly accelerate hard.

If he did that to a human while in full armor, there is no doubt that person would be crushed flat. It was a powerful attack.


Garnet clicked his tongue unpleasantly.

He removed his armor-clad foot from the wall, leaving a visible dent on the surface.

However, the damage was repaired immediately, and the wall returned to normal within a second.

One of the reasons the hero couldn’t break the walls in『Hade’s Millennium Corridor』was because of this trait.

「How is it?」

「The wall only looks like stone on the outside. The inside is probably made of metal. It’s really hard, and even if I dent it, it’ll just repair itself. No wonder the hero can’t break it.」

I was a little surprised at how Garnet smoothly gave his analysis, as it was the same as what I had thought when I first【disassembled】the wall.

Despite how his attitude and choice of words made him sound like a hoodlum, Garnet did actually have the knowledge and education of a knight’s.

「Felix, does mithril repair itself even if it is destroyed?」

「Of course not. I’m afraid the labyrinth must be using some sort of magic. Mana is drawn from the earth, and mithril has a high affinity with mana. After a prolonged period of time, the wall must have improved itself to become like this.」

「Hmph. I don’t care who made this, but they really made something troublesome.」

Garnet came back to us while shaking his head, and then demanded me to go to the wall instead.

It seems like it’s my turn now.

「…I don’t want to stay here for long, so I’m going to make this quick.」

I placed my hands on the wall and focused my mana on it to activate my skill.

Just like before, the labyrinth wall 【disassembled】, shattering into fine pieces.


「He destroyed the labyrinth wall so easily…」

I did a sidelong glance towards the shocked group, then took out a knife I brought along and 【synthesized】it together with the labyrinth wall shards.

「This is how I made the silver swords I am selling at my shop. I didn’t know that the walls were made of mithril. I’ve never even seen real mithril before this.」

「I see… Bradford, collect the pieces. Also, Luke-dono, I would like to see the wall you used to make the dragon-killing sword with, if possible, so we can collect a sample of it too.」

Ugh, I mumbled out loud.

Due to my experiences in the dungeon, I was incredibly hesitant in stepping any further.

「Is it really necessary?」

「Yes. There is no proof that all the walls in the labyrinth are made of mithril. That means the sample we took just now is not enough. It is essential that we collect samples from multiple areas to create concrete evidence.」

「…A-alright then.」

Although I felt like running away, I encouraged myself and continued【disassembling】the walls further in.

I only had to【disassemble】a few of the same walls I repaired during my escape to reach a familiar area; the spot where the skeleton attacked me.

「This is the place. Let’s collect it quickly so we can go back to the surface.」

「Hey, what’s wrong with you? Spooked?」

「You want a taste of what it’s like to be left behind in this place?」

Garnet got close to my face, and I could tell he was laughing at me from beneath his helmet. However, I was being dead serious.

I was not composed enough to return his frivolous talk with my own.

「Stop it, Garnet. Luke-dono, once we collect a sample from here, we’ll wrap up the investigation.」

With Felix leading the operation, we quickly finished what we had to do here, and rushed back up the stairs to the fifth floor of『Sundial Forest』.

Of course, I didn’t forget to【repair】the walls on the way out.

「Phew… it’s finally over…」

「Ugh, it was so dark and cramped inside, I was starting to feel depressed!」

「I hope you understand at least a bit of how I felt after being left in there for half a month.」

「It feels like I got sand in my armor. Let’s go back to the inn, I need to get changed.」

Garnet ignored my grumble and did some stretches, making noises with his metal armor. Then, he began walking off on his own.

We followed suite until we approached the open area with the dragon’s bones.

「Felix-dono, since we’re here, how about we bring back some of the dragon’s bones as commemoration?」

「Oh, that’s a good idea. I’m sure many of our knights will like them. Bradford, let’s bring some back to give to our subordinates as a souvenir.」

Since Sakura nonchalantly gave us that suggestion, Felix and Bradford slowed down their pace.

However, Garnet continued walking without even looking back.

「Do what you want. I’m going back first.」

Immediately after, the tree leaves and branches around us were blown down, as if it was getting split open from the top.

A strong gale blew through, accompanied by a roar that sounded like thunder. A large winged creature was above us, as if it was a crag. It was a dragon.

Nobody was able to react as the dragon swung its forelimbs down like it was trying to brush aside the pebbles in its way.

Its massive claws grazed Garnet, who happened to be close, and sent him flying like a piece of paper.

Garnet’s helmet flew off of his head, flying through the air before landing by my feet.

There was a deep cut on the front of the helmet, with fresh clots of blood sticking to it.

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