Chapter 21

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop

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Felix shouted, but his voice was drowned out by the dragon’s roar.

Ten or so wyverns from the opposite side of the forest, as if the roar was summoning them over.

Is this a nightmare? I thought. I felt dizzy from seeing such a rare spectacle.

Wyverns are a subspecies of dragons. They have wings for forelimbs.

Unlike dragons, which have four limbs and wings, wyverns are weaker, and their breaths are not as powerful, but even just one is too much for an E-ranked adventurer to handle.



The adventurers that had been scraping the bones screamed and scrambled off in a panic.

This dragon was a size bigger than the one we took down a month ago, and was overflowing with murderous intent.

If the dragon we took down was a skinny stray dog, then this one would be a large hunting dog that has been well-trained.

「Bradford! We’ll attack back!」

Bradford dashed up to the front as soon as Felix gave his instructions. Sakura also ran over at full strength.

「Rise, chains!」

As soon as Bradford shouted, several thick chains shot out from the ground surrounding him. The large snake-like chains went through the air, heading straight for the wyverns.

Half of the wyverns were caught between the chains in an instant. The chains dragged them down forcibly, like the swing of a hammer.

Several wyverns stopped moving from that attack, and the ones that were still living were tied up by the chains.


Sakura then vanished.

She reappeared on the back of one of the wyverns that was still flying in the air.

The one she landed on cried due to the sudden weight on its back, but immediately after, the blade of the hihi’irokane wrapped with heat sliced through its long neck.

Furthermore, Sakura jumped off its back to aim for another wyvern.

She sliced off the wings of one wyvern, and at the same time released a flaming『decapitation attack』from her blade, cutting up a third wyvern.

With not even a moment to take a breath, her eyes locked onto the fourth wyvern and her blade slayed it.

The last wyvern shot a fireball towards Sakura, but it vanished as though her katana had swallowed it. Sakura then shot down the wyvern by returning a flaming arc, the heat intensified from the wyvern’s fireball.


I was speechless while I watched from below.

This was all too overwhelming.

I had thought that, as soon as the mob of wyverns appeared, that this situation was hopeless. However, the three of them took all of them down within a minute… no, in seconds.

Adventurers who can do such a feat are few in numbers, even among those ranked B and higher.

Out of all the adventurers I’ve met over my fifteen years of adventuring, only a handful of them could do the same…


Both of Felix’s arms swelled with mana, and a light barrier began forming between Sakura, who was falling, and the dragon.

The dragon spewed flames right as the barrier appeared.

Sakura used【Shukuchi】on whatever she managed to land her foot on.

She was able to use the skill by stepping on what was probably a wyvern’s severed torso, but had she been free falling, she wouldn’t have been able to use it.

Felix, perhaps knowing that she was going to be fine, figured out what she was doing and used his skill to protect her.

「Kuh, I can’t block all of this…!」

The intense dragon breath broke through the mana barrier.

Sakura had landed way before the breath hit, and in the next moment used【Shukuchi】to get out of the attack area. She then grouped up with us.

「I am indebted to you, Felix-dono. I wouldn’t have been able to avoid that attack otherwise.」

「That dragon is clearly on a different level. Bradford and I will stop its movements, so Sakura-dono, please take the offensive. Luke-dono, please retreat to a safe area.」

Felix sent out his orders in a calm manner, holding back his impatience.

He made a perfect judgment.

He even included me, even if I was treated as a non-combatant, so his instructions left no one behind.

No matter how shameful I appeared to be, I would never be considered as a strength for the battle.

In fact, I was basically a heavy burden that they had to protect, so staying here any longer would only get in their way.

「Sorry, I’ll leave it to you…!」

Using the moment I escape from the area as a signal, the three of them immediately launched their attack.

They stopped the rushing dragon through a combination of Bradford’s chains and Felix’s mana barrier. Using that opportunity, Sakura used【Shukuchi】to close the distance between herself and the dragon, and attacked it with her katana.

How shameful of me. Even if my skill had evolved, when it came down to battles, the only thing I could do was run away.

For argument’s sake, say that I could use【Disassemble】on the dragon to damage it. At my current strength and skills, I’d be smashed down before I could even touch it. That was as far as my abilities went.

Silvia and Sakura would probably tell me that my achievement would be how I made the hihi’irokane katana that was used for the battle.

However, I wasn’t sure if that was enough to convince myself that I contributed to the cause.


As I ran towards the forest while condemning myself, I saw something move in the corner of my eye.

Thinking that it was a wyvern that survived, I braced myself and looked over.


On the side was Garnet, bloodstained and lying on his back, suffering from his wounds.

The dragon’s surprise attack had sent him flying towards the forest.


I reflexively changed directions and ran towards Garnet instead.

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t sure if Garnet was still alive.

I thought I saw his body move a little, but he could be having convulsions like a frog whose head had been smashed.

I have definitely never tried using【Repair】on a dead person, so I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. Unfortunately, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t.

Praying that Garnet hadn’t died yet, I looked over at his bloodied face.


His face was in such a disastrous state that I gagged without thinking.

(…This is terrible. His face was almost completely shredded off…)

The dragon’s claw marks stretched from Garnet’s right side towards the center of his chest. His face was slashed through vertically.

The wound wasn’t shallow like from a sword or axe, but rather, the thick and sharp claws had gouged through Garnet’s armor and flesh, etching a deep wound into his body.

He was still breathing, although barely. It was a miracle that he even could.

A serious wound… no, normally, an attack like that would be fatal.

Rather than saying that he wasn’t dead yet, it would be more accurate to say that he was in the middle of dying.

「Will I make it…? I’ll fix his armor afterwards, first I have to heal his body… Activate skill, begin 【Repair】!」

Focusing on recovering his flesh, I began using【Repair】.

Felix told me to run to a safe area, but I couldn’t assert that this place was safe.

I should just run and ditch this guy… It’s stupid of me to put myself in danger for a guy I can’t stand…

I’d be lying if I said those thoughts didn’t come to mind.

However, I decided to【repair】the damage done on Garnet.

I wanted to help, even just a little.

Of course, I felt compassion with how overly pitiful Garnet looked.

However, anything beyond that was…

(Just because I was called useless and abandoned, am I going to do the same thing to someone about to die because we don’t get along? Hah, what a bad joke!)

I wanted to avoid a situation where, through a stroke of bad luck, I run into the hero again and he’s able to mock me and say,『You did exactly what I did to you.』

I wasn’t trying to save Garnet because I wanted someone to think that I am『different than the hero』.

I just didn’t want to disappoint those who cared about a mere third-rate adventurer like me. I didn’t want to do anything that I would be ashamed to tell other people, like to Silvia.

If I told somebody about it, then it would be for my own satisfaction. Here, I was trying to save Garnet because I myself wanted to.

「That reminds me, you kicked me pretty hard earlier. I’m going to make you bow down to me and apologize, so prepare yourself… Give up and return to reality!」

Just as I was about to complete the【repair】on Garnet’s flesh, the situation with the dragon took a bad turn.

Despite getting slashed at multiple times, it broke through the chains and destroyed one of the barriers with its fierce breath.

The three that were battling the dragon managed to avoid a direct hit thanks to the multiple barriers Felix had set up prior. However, the scorching waves of flames that went past the barriers burned through the grassy plain and was heading right at me.

「Of all times, it had to be now! Dammit, it’s sink or swim here…!」

As I continued the【repair】on Garnet with my right hand, I unsheathed my silver knife and used【Repair】on it before stabbing it into the ground.

I【synthesized】 that knife with fragments of the labyrinth wall earlier.

I forgot to hand it over to Felix earlier since I thought it’d be better to give it to him once we returned to the surface.

My【Repair】target was the labyrinth wall I had fused into the knife.

Using that material together with the ground…!


The earth around me gathered up and made a wall, blocking the breath. That was a close call.

Normally,【Repair】cannot restore an object to its original state if it lacked the material to do so.

However, if there is an exceedingly large amount of inferior material that can be substituted, then【Repair】will work.

At this level, it was basically the same as a child trying to replicate a piece of art using clay. Even so, it was extremely rare for there to be enough material to work with.

「…If that hit us directly, we would’ve been wiped out completely…」

The mud wall I made was barely enough to protect the both of us.

Considering how it was an idea I thought of and used on the spot, it went rather well.

Just as I sighed in relief, I finished the【repair】on Garnet.

「Alright, I healed… him…?」

I looked back at Garnet, and quickly stiffend.

Garnet’s helmet had flown off somewhere, and the right side of the chestplate up to the neck had been destroyed.

In other words, Garnet’s face and right chest was exposed.

「Wait a minute, hey… you’re…」

Garnet had the face of a young boy, yet I felt that 『we were not of the same sex』.

On Garnet’s pale chest was a modestly-sized layer of fat.

I never would’ve imagined, even in my dreams, to see this sort of scene.

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