Chapter 22

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop

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There was a small bump on Garnet’s chest, which was exposed from the crack in her armor.

Her breathing returned to normal after I 【repaired】her body.

「Thank god… I made it…」

Even so, to think that a secret like this was hidden beneath Garnet’s full set of armor.

Since she was a knight, I was caught up by my preconceptions of them.

When I think about it, the name Garnet can be used for both men and women.

Then, the dragon’s roar resounded from the other side of the crumbling earth wall, and a terrible tremor shook the grassfield.

The impact caused a part of the wall to collapse, which rained dirt down onto us.

「Woah! Crap, the dragon must have mustered the last of its strength and is raging. They’ll probably subjugate it soon, but…It won’t be good if we get caught up in their battle, so we should get out of here.」

The only thing I could do was to leave the dragon to Sakura and the other knights.

I tried to lift up Garnet, who was still unconscious, but I was overwhelmed by her weight.

「So heavy…!」

Of course. She may be a young girl, but she was still a full-sized human. Not to mention, her entire suit of armor added a lot of weight.

Even if she looked light enough to be carried, her total weight was probably around a large-built man’s.

People say that a full body armor did not weigh that much. That’s because they’re mostly from the point of view of a person wearing one.

At the very least, the weight was spread throughout the body, so carrying somebody wearing armor purely depended on their total weight.

Not to mention, it’s generally more difficult to lift someone who fainted as they don’t use any strength, making them feel heavier.

Due to all those factors, it made lifting Garnet that much more difficult.

「In times like this… If I lift her up that way…」

I somehow managed to turn Garnet’s body so that she was face-down, and I lifted her up to my shoulders.

If I hold onto one of Garnet’s arms and legs with my right arm in this position, I should be able to carry her without much trouble.

Once, when I was adventuring with some people, one of our party members passed out, and another one carried him around like this.

「Keh… Even like this she’s still heavy… Maybe I should【dismantle】the armor… No, but armor sets like these are incredibly expensive…」

As I worried about the costs like a commonfolk, I escaped through the forest, heading down the route we took to get here.

As I was walking, Garnet regained consciousness and struggled.

「Uwah! What the heck?! What happened to me?!」

「Stop moving, you idiot!… Gweh!!」

I fell over with Garnet still over my shoulders.

「…That’s right, the dragon! That bastard got me good!」

Garnet immediately stood up and tried to run back towards the dragon, but lost her balance and fell a few steps in.


「Don’t push yourself like that. You lost a lot of blood, you know. Isn’t it painful just to stand?」

I may have【repaired】her wounds, but all the blood that was spilled when she was cut by the dragon’s claws was lost forever.

There was no way she could fight while anemic.

Of course, Garnet understood that as well, and sat down on the ground with a pained expression.

Her gaze went down, like she was going to check her body, when suddenly,


She made an inaudible noise.

「Ah, my bad. I forgot to repair your armor.」

「Wai…! You…! You saw…!」

Garnet’s face turned bright red and she glared at me, either due to anger or from embarrassment.

「There’s nothing I can do about that. You were hurt so bad I wouldn’t have been able to save you if I didn’t put off the armor for later. I would’ve been more considerate if I had known that you’re a girl from the beginning, but I didn’t, so it can’t be helped that this happened.」

I touched the shoulder of the armor and used【Repair】.

「There, done.」

I sat down on the ground as well to take a breather.

Me, who has no battling capability, and Garnet, who is currently anemic… At the moment, both of us were unable to fight.

Either we wait for the other three to finish their subjugation first, or we head back to the surface first and alert the guild.

Either way, taking a short break here seems good.



The time passed with both of us not saying a single word.

The first one to break that silence was Garnet.

「…Hey, White Wolf. Aren’t you going to ask why I was keeping this a secret?」

「Hm? Well, you’re keeping it a secret because there’s something going on that you don’t want others to know about, right? That’s why I won’t ask. Not to mention, anything that has to do with  important people in the chivalric order is too scary for me to meddle in.」

I answered while laughing, but Garnet’s green eyes went wide in shock.

「H-how did you know?!」

「That you’re related to some important people in the chivalric order?」

That was easy to explain.

「Well, Bradford calls Felix 『vice captain』, right? Even I know how the positions for knights work. A vice captain is the adjunct to the battalion captain, so it’s quite a high rank.」


「When that vice captain brought up the name『Carmine』he said 『he was going to report your actions to him as a violation of his orders』, you called that person 『brother』. Obviously, that means your 『brother』is 『Carmine』. It’s natural to assume that he must be someone with a rank of captain or higher. Did I make a mistake anywhere?」

Not to brag or anything, but I have quite the confidence in my memory.

If I didn’t retain the useful information that I overheard, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my job as an adventurer with only an eternal E-rank.

「…So you figured out that much.」

「Well, I thought you were the 『younger brother』 though, rather than the 『younger sister』.」

I got her gender wrong due to my misconception

It seems like I still have a long way to go.

「If you’re the younger sister of a captain, then it’d be hard for the other knights to reprimand you for kicking down a civilian… At least, until I thought about it a little more. I realized that when you kicked me, Felix wasn’t even looking our way.」

I rubbed the spot where Garnet had low-kicked me earlier.

Felix and Bradford had been listening to Sakura’s explanation, and thus were not looking in our direction at the time.

If they had witnessed that moment, then they most definitely would have scolded her.

「Guh… W-well, that’s…」

Garnet mumbled, and looked back and forth restlessly. She then roughly ripped out some of  her blonde hair, and looked at me straight in the eye as if she prepared herself for the worst.

「I have a reason for acting that way towards you. Looks like you’re 『different』from those people though.」

「Are you talking about mithril smugglers…? You hate them, right?」

「…! Who told you that… wait, it was Felix, wasn’t it. Bradford is way too untalkative…」

「You don’t have to tell me the details. If it’s something I need to know, you can tell me then.」

I said, and tried to stand up, but Garnet grabbed my arm and pulled me down strongly, so I fell back down.

Garnet took a deep breath before lifting her face, then lowered it again and breathed out. Once her breathing became steady, she began to talk.

「I won’t make excuses. If I stay stubborn like this, my mother will scold me. White Wolf, I’m sorry about what I did. Also, let me thank you for healing my wounds. You saved me.」

Garnet then bowed deeply she sat on the ground.

Considering how she couldn’t stand up due to how much blood she lost, this was probably the best she could do.

I know I said 『I’ll make you apologize』while I was healing her, but I didn’t expect her to actually face me head-on like this and apologize, so I was too perplexed to give her a reply.

「…You’re more honest than I thought. Alright, I get it. Let’s just forgive each other and forget about everything that happened. That includes me seeing your unmentionables, I’ll forget everything about it.」

「Unmentionables…? ….! Y-you!  You better forget about that even if I don’t tell you! Forget everything! Seriously!」

「Huh? No, that’s not what I meant… gweh?!」

Garnet’s face turned red and angrily grabbed my shoulders and shook them.

I was talking about how I saw her real face and found out her gender, but it seems like Garnet thought about something else.

She shook me quite aggressively. It felt like my memories were rolling out of my head.

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