Chapter 23

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop





During one of the breaks Garnet and I took while we were heading for safety, the other side of the forest suddenly went quiet.

「…I think they completed the subjugation.」

「Seriously?! Dammit, the battle ended before I could give it a good hit!」

Garnet let go of my shoulder and looked in that direction with a serious expression.

Even if we were wrong, the three of them shouldn’t lose to the dragon.

If they did lose, then either we would hear the dragon howl as a sign of its victory, or see it fly through the sky.

Based on the way dragons live, I heard that they do either of those two actions, and rarely anything else.

I don’t know the reason behind it. That’s just the way things are, as based on experiences from other adventurers.

「In this case, we should try to meet up with them rather than escape first. Can you stand, Garnet?」

I offered my hand over to Garnet.

Garnet looked a bit sullen, but took my hand anyway and pulled herself up.

Then, I followed Garnet’s pace as we walked, retracing our steps back towards the grass field where the dragon was.

「Hah, pant…」

Garnet’s legs were still shaky. If she pushes herself anymore, she might collapse.

I didn’t feel like suggesting that I carried her on my back though. She’d get angry and use even more strength to move. That’s the opposite of what I want.

I couldn’t recreate the blood she had lost with my【Repair】skill.

Accurately speaking, I couldn’t think of a supplementary material I could use with the skill to replace the blood.

Even if I were to use another person’s blood, then just like how you normally transfer blood, I couldn’t deny the possibility that she might have a bad reaction to it.

「Hey, White Wolf, say something. It’s easier on me if you talk.」

「Even if you tell me to say something… Okay, well, I just wanted to make sure, but who are you keeping your face and gender a secret from? Can we meet up with Felix and Sakura like this?」

Garnet’s full-face helmet got blown off by the dragon and we did not pick it up.

Or rather, we didn’t know where the helmet flew to.

If she didn’t want the others to see her face, then we couldn’t meet up

「Don’t worry about that. I at least show my face to the guys in the upper echelons. I’ll just make that chick Sakura sign a contract to stay silent about this after.」

「The one where we cannot leak out any information about the investigation to outsiders, right? …Feels somewhat far fetched, but I guess your identity would count here.」

To begin with, I had the same conditions on me as well, since I was the target of the investigation.

However, even if that wasn’t the case, I had no intentions of telling Garnet’s secret to other people.

「But still, I don’t think Felix and Bradford know that I’m a girl. You see, our chivalric order is full of these out-of-date customs, so all the knights have to be male. Isn’t it so old-fashioned?」

「I heard that female knights aren’t uncommon nowadays. Same with adventurers.」

The gap in physical differences between a man and a woman is easily covered by skills. A good example would be Sakura. Her physical abilities have been trained to a point far beyond myself.

Even in Falcon’s party, three of the four were girls. It might also be because Falcon was a lustful man, but all three girls had the appropriate abilities that made them worthy of being on the hero’s party.

Nevertheless, if the chivalric order is imposing a ban on all women from joining them, then they must be full of『unchanged traditions』.

「That’s why, well… It’d be problematic if they find out. I was passed through because I was supposedly Leader Carmine’s 『younger brother』, but even that has its limits itself.」

「Got it. Not a word to anyone then.」

I see. Garnet wasn’t keeping her gender a secret because she has a『reason to hide her gender』, but because she has『a reason to want to stay as a member of the Silver Wings chivalric order』.

I was a bit curious about said reason, but I won’t ask her.

I gained her trust because I made a promise not to tell.


For some reason, I suddenly couldn’t hear Garnet’s footsteps anymore. I turned around, worried that she might’ve fallen down.

Garnet was still standing, but she wasn’t looking at me, but at a completely different direction.

「Hey, White Wolf… You see that too, right? My eyes aren’t going crazy, right..? 」

「That…? …What?! Y-you’re kidding me…?」

She was looking at the precipitous cliff that reached up to the fourth floor.

It was the soaring high rocky cliff that Garnet mentioned had an『interesting shape』.

The cliff was supposed to be covered by the natural green curtain that was made up of a large amount of ivy, but for some reason, a chunk of said curtain had been torn off.

On the surface of the part of the cliff that was exposed was the entrance into a massive cave.

「I wasn’t seeing things. When was such a big hole dug out?」

「…No, I think that hole was there from the beginning. All of the ivy hanging off the cliff must have covered it, which is why nobody noticed it until now…」

I heard that, until the dragon corpse appeared on the fifth floor, not many adventurers ventured all the way down there.

The reason was not because of the difficulty of the dungeon but the lack of harvest.

About ninety percent of the scavengable medicinal herbs could be gathered from the fourth floor and above.

There were no merits worth climbing down to the fifth floor for, so that decreased the probability of this large hole being discovered.

「Hey, White Wolf. I just imagined something pretty bad.」

「What a coincidence, I too have a bad feeling about this.」

「The dragon that appeared a month ago, and the one that appeared earlier…」

「…Must have come out of this massive hole. No wonder the guild couldn’t figure out where the first dragon came from.」

The first dragon that appeared wasn’t that big either, and fortunately only one of them appeared at that time.

It’s very likely that the dragon came out from this hole and pushed aside the ivy like an actual curtain, which explains why the hole was still covered when we first came here together.

Then, the dragon that appeared today was massive, and it brought along ten wyverns.

Because the big dragon and the mob of wyverns tried to force their way through the cave hole, it must have torn off a large portion of the ivy curtain, exposing the hole they probably came out from.

「We have to report this to the guild…」

Suddenly, the cliff lightly vibrated, and a metal door began rising up from the bottom of the hole. It then completely sealed off the big hole.

「H-hey! What’s that?!」

「That’s a common mechanism in the labyrinth. It occuring on such a big scale is quite rare though. Anyways, could it be that… all of this, including the dragon, is one big dungeon trap?」

If that is just a simple hole, then it might be connected to another dungeon somewhere where the dragons live in, just like how I escaped from the dungeon through those stairs.

However, because there is such a mechanism in place, the hole is not simply a connection, but it is designed to allow the dragons to come and go.

In that case, the switch that triggers the trap is…


「White Wolf, look! Over there! Right below the hole on the ground! There’s somebody there!」


Just as Garnet said, there was a person lying on the ground below the hole.

「Are you okay?! Sorry, Garnet, wait for me here!」

「Yeah! Go!」

I ran down the slope that connected to the bottom of the cliff, and called out to the person who was completely dressed in black.

Perhaps my voice woke them up, as that person lifted up their face slightly.

It was a girl with long, black hair. She had a slender body shape, so one wouldn’t imagine that she has any training in combat.

Beneath the long bangs covering the face was…

「Could it be… Noire?」


–She had a face that I couldn’t forget.

The black magician, Noire. One of the members in hero Falcon’s party.

She was an introvert and not very assertive. She didn’t treat me as poorly as the other party members did, but I barely interacted with her to begin with. That was the type of person she was.

「What are you doing in a place like this? What happened to the hero? Why was the party declared “unrepatriated”?!」

「Eh… Ah… Uu…Uwah!!」

Noire suddenly cried and screamed. She buried her face into my chest and began sobbing.

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…!」

「Come on, calm down. What happened to the hero? Are Julia and Blanc not with you?」

「…E-everyone is, in the dungeon…」

Once she told me that important information, her body began quivering violently as though she was struck by lightning.


「H-hey! Noire!」

And then, Noire lost all of her strength and her body slumped onto me. She wasn’t dead, but lost consciousness.

The hero’s party’s status… As I held onto the person who knew the secret of what happened to them, I was at a loss and couldn’t do anything.

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