My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, so I Thought I’d Open up a Weapon Shop

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— The investigation of『Sundial Forest』was completed, and we returned to Greenhollow Town’s guild house.

Noire was still passed out, so we let her rest in a room inside the guild house for now.

In the meantime, I was about to explain to Felix what had happened up until we found Noire.

Since we focused on returning to the surface first, where it was safe, there was no time for me to explain everything.

「…Where should I start from…」

Even I couldn’t believe most of the things that had happened.

First, there was a giant hole in the precipitous cliff that was sealed off.

Then, we found Noire, who collapsed under said hole.

Those two things plus the second dragon appearing made it impossible to imagine anything other than that they were all related.

「…I see. This cannot be ignored. Our original mission was to investigate the reason why the hero Falcon and his party have not returned. We’ll have to ask the miss what happened.」

For Felix and the others, they didn’t consider the investigations on whether I was the reason for the hero’s repatriation, or whether I was illegally selling mithril, to be that important.

Felix and the others came to Greenhollow to investigate those just because a certain cabinet minister was butting into the investigation with his theories.

Just as Felix said, their original mission was to investigate the hero’s party, so now that we found Noire, we have definite proof in the form of a living person.

「However, it is also our job as knights to prevent danger from being exposed to this town. We will assist you as much as possible.」

「Ahh… Why did this happen… Wasn’t that place supposed to be a harmless E-rank dungeon…?」

The perplexed man standing next to Felix was the owner of the bar and the manager of the guild house, Malcom.

Since this incident was related to『Sundial Forest』, naturally we had to inform him about what happened.

Malcom is Mareeda’s father, and his family has been doing business in Greenhollow for a long time.

…In other words, he was neither an adventurer nor a knight.

After『Sundial Forest』was classified as a dungeon, he took on the managing position for a guild house as a side business. In other words, he was just a regular person.

「I only agreed to manage a guild house because I thought that an E-rank dungeon would be safe… if I had known this would happen, I should’ve just stuck with only managing the bar…」

「Sir, please stay calm. We cannot interfere with anything that is related to the guild, so you must handle it on your end.」

Felix, who is always calm and collected, sounded rather flustered as he spoke to the panicking Malcom.

「What’s happening?」

Garnet peeked into the room through the door crack.

She was wearing the helmet I【repaired】for her, and was back to wearing the full suit of armor I first met her in.

Now that I knew she was a young girl beneath all that armor, seeing her like that left a strange impression on me.

「Geez, he’s the manager of a guild house. What good would it do if he caused a panic? He’s the one in charge, isn’t he?」

「I don’t blame him. This small guild house is a side business with his bar and inn. He received guidance and training based on the rank of the closest dungeon to the town, so there are many things he isn’t trained to handle. 」

I tried to explain Malcom’s behavior, but as expected, it was impossible to say anything that didn’t make him sound like he was taking his guild house job too lightly.

「How pitiful. White Wolf, how about you become the manager instead?」

「Don’t joke like that. I’m sure he thought of a way to handle situations like this…」

「Garnet! I thought I ordered you to rest!」

「Oh crap!」

Felix scolded Garnet, and she ran off quickly.

Meanwhile, Malcom continued to clutch his head and muttered something under his breath.

Felix was at his wit’s end and looked at me, as if he was asking me to do something about this.

I guess it can’t be helped now that it has come to this.

There’s nothing else to do but to help out, to the best of my ability.

「First, you should contact the guild branch. Based on this facility and the number of staff working, the best you can do would be to deliver a letter to the branch using a fast horse.」

「In that case, let’s have Bradford do that. I planned to have him deliver a report to the chivalric order, so I’ll have him deliver the guild’s letter as well.」

「Thank you very much. Malcom-san, please prepare a letter immediately. You have a supply of official guild forms, right?」


Malcom dug through a drawer in a hurry, took out a form used for internal reports as well as a pen, and held them out at me with a pitiful and confused expression.

…Why do you want me to write it? Aren’t you the manager?

There was no time for me to fight back. Luckily, I had a template in my head that could be used to write the letter.

After I wrote down the most important things in a hurry, I returned the pen to Malcom so he could sign it.

「Once you sign it, put it in an envelope and seal it with wax! Then give the letter to this knight here!」

「Seal?! T-that’s right, a wax seal!」

「If we don’t deliver this to the branch before night time, their response will be delayed!」

If Garnet was here, she would’ve made the situation worse by saying something like, 『This guy can’t even write a report to his superiors.』

Even for the adventurer’s guild, not every single area can do their job perfectly.

During my fifteen years as an adventurer, I have come across multiple employees who were unbelievably incompetent at their job.

Inevitably, I ended up with experience on how to deal with such people.

「Also, we have to check on the adventurers’ wellbeing as well. Please confirm whether those who had accepted a gathering quest at『Sundial Forest』have returned to the surface or not. 」


「It’s best if you get someone who will recognize the adventurers. Please ask Mareeda-san to do it.」

「I-I will tell her immediately!」

Malcom handed the letter he sealed up to Felix, and rushed out of the room while nearly tripping.

Seriously, it was getting hard to tell who was the actual manager of the guild house.

「I would like to take a look at the area again, but… Since Sakura ran out of mana, I guess I have to hire another adventurer…」

Sakura had used【Shukuchi】too many times during the battle, so she ran out of mana and collapsed as soon as we returned to the guild house.

She can probably walk around without a problem now, but I didn’t want her to force herself anymore either.

As I was thinking about asking for someone to drag along, Felix offered me a solution.

「In that case, I will accompany you. Although it is not very good, my mana barrier can also be used as a protective barrier. If I have to set it up, it should be strong enough to prevent another dragon from coming through the hole in the case that it is unsealed.」

「You’re doing so much already… thanks, that helps a lot.」

「Please don’t mention it. I am obligated to help you since you saved Garnet’s life, Luke-dono. This is the least I can do for you.」

Felix said, and was about to leave when he almost ran into Sakura who flew into the room.

「Oh! Sakura-dono, are you feeling better now?」

「That’s not important! The black magician woke up!」

— Noire regained consciousness.

Feilx and I exchanged eye-contact, and decided to leave all other matters for later. We all rushed over to the room Noire was resting in.

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