My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop






The day after the battle against the second dragon on the fifth floor of『Sundial Forest』

White Wolf Shop was greeted with the greatest prosperity ever since we opened.

Not only were there adventurers here buying equipment to prepare themselves, even the regular townsfolk came to buy weapons.

Swords, spears, bows and arrows. Every sort of weapon and armor sold one after another.

I knew exactly why this was happening. Feeling uneasy about the possibility of more dragons and wyverns appearing, everybody wanted to prepare themselves for even the slightest possibility of danger they may face.

Of course, an amateur will never win against an opponent like a dragon, but it’s natural to want to prepare at least something rather than nothing at all.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that dragons are the only monsters that will appear in『Sundial Forest』.

Now that nobody could deny the possibility of other difficult-to-deal-with monsters appearing, it was clear in this situation that you either get a weapon or do nothing at all.

「I can help the next person! Four daggers, that will be four small silver coins please! 」

「You want a spear? About the same length as your height? Luke-san, where are the spears kept?!」

「Luke-dono, an order for additional arrows just came in from the hunter’s association! They want arrows used for shooting monsters rather than for hunting animals!」

I definitely couldn’t handle making all the decisions by myself, so today I had Silvia and Sakura help out.

Even then, we didn’t have enough help. At this rate, it felt like things were going to collapse any moment now.

「White Wolf, do you have some time? I have something important I want to talk to you about.」

As my eyes were spinning from the busy situation, a fully-armored person who was clearly not a customer came up to the counter.

「Garnet? Are you skipping out on your duties?」

「Of course not. Felix told me to rest today. He’d be troubled if something were to happen to the relative of his superior. He’s taking me lightly.」

Garnet shook her head like she was disappointed, her armor making noises as she did it.

「In other words, you’re all better now.」

「That’s right.」

「Okay, then I have a favor to ask. Can you line up the things in this box onto the display case over there? 」

The wooden box was heavy enough to make anybody’s arms shake from lifting it. I forced it onto Garnet, who wasn’t expecting it.

「Woah! So heavy! H-hey, what’s this?!」

「What? It’s just a bunch of whetstones.」

「I’m not talking about the inside! Why are you making me work?!」

Garnet sounded quite upset at the situation, but I had no intention of pulling back from this.

「Can’t you see how terribly busy we are? If you’re not here to talk as a knight, then we’ll leave it for later. If we finish dealing with all these customers quickly, we can talk sooner.」

「That’s right, Garnet-dono. Please look at the line back there. There is no moment for Luke-dono to even rest today.」

「Guh… Okay, fine! I just have to help, right?」

After Sakura pressured her as well, Garnet looked somewhat frightened and began helping, first with restocking the display case.

I know I made her do it, but a knight wearing a full suit of armor helping out at a weapon shop was a rather strange sight.

In any case, Garnet was able to carry the heavy box of whetstones easily under her arm, so her skills must be geared towards physical enhancement.

Before long, it was evening and the number of customers finally decreased. It became the usual level of busyness we were used to having.

「…Phew, things have finally calmed down.」

I was a little annoyed when Garnet suddenly showed up, but in the end, I was glad she came.

I was especially thankful that she did most of the physical work without having any trouble.

Considering how most people just use a single weapon, basically a clump of metal, at a time, it is uncommon for them to handle a bundle.

Just bringing the wooden boxes from the storage to the shop to replenish the inventory required a lot of stamina. Not to mention, we had to restock countless times, so Garnet’s visit was actually a godsend.

「Luke-san, why don’t you take a break for a little longer first?」

「Yes, that’s right, Luke-dono, you’ve been working non-stop. Leave the store tending to us.」

「Alright, I’ll leave things to the two of you then. Garnet, if you want to talk, let’s do it at the back. We’ll take a break at the same time.」

「Man, finally. I thought the sun was going to set before we got to talk.」

I took Garnet to the back of the shop, where the dining room of my home was.

Then, Garnet thoroughly checked that all the doors were closed before slowly removing her helmet and placed it on the table.

Her blonde hair stuck to her face due to the sweat.

That’s probably because she was running around with a full suit of armor.

Furthermore, she began taking off her armor as well, revealing a thin inner top over her sweaty upper half. She left the armor on her lower half, so her appearance was strangely unbalanced.

「If you want to change, can you do it when you go back to the inn?」

「That’s not what I’m doing. I wanted to show this to you.」

Garnet grabbed the knife hanging on her waist, and cut her inner top right down from the neck area down vertically past her chest.

Then, while blushing slightly, she grabbed the cut ends and lifted them away, revealing her cleavage-less sternum to me.

It wasn’t something I should be staring at, but the person in question told me to look, and so I did.

Her pale skin was beautiful, with not a single wound on it. There wasn’t even a trace of the dragon’s claws tearing away the『inner part』of her.

「…Wait a second, there’s nothing wrong. And here I had thought that I made a mistake with the【Repair】or something.」

「No, your【Repair】was perfect. That’s the issue though.」

Before I could ask her what she meant, Garnet continued.

「Can you bring back a wound with your skill?」


I tilted my head in confusion at what Garnet asked.

Bring back a wound? Was she talking about the injury she got from the dragon? If I did something like that, she would die for sure this time.

There’s no way she would ask for something like that. In other words, Garnet wasn’t talking about the wound she got from the dragon.

On the chest that I had【repaired】, there was another wound she wanted me to recover. There was only one answer.

「I see now… You had a wound on your chest before you got attacked by the dragon, and that attack 『overwrote』the scar. You’re saying you want me to recover that scar.」

「Exactly. Can you?」

「Words aren’t exactly sufficient here. I won’t know if it works unless I try.」

I sat on the dining chair, and rested my chin in my hand on the dining table.

「Generally speaking, the【Repair】skill references the target’s memory of『what shape it originally had』in order to restore it. Depending on how much the skill references, the【Repair】will come out differently.」

What I was explaining was a slightly more detailed version of what I had told Sakura before.

「Let’s see… For example, let’s assume there’s a wooden plank with something carved onto it, but now the surface has been shaved off.」

「That’s similar to what happened to my body.」

「Correct. Now, assume that the person performing the【Repair】did not know that there used to be something carved on the board, and they tried using their skill as fast as possible. Because the person did not retrieve enough memory, they end up turning the wooden board back into its 『 brand new condition』… Or rather, most cases are like that.」

That was what I did with Garnet’s wound.

Because I used all of my efforts to stop the wound from killing her, I used【Repair】as fast as I could, imagining a clean, uninjured condition as the original condition. Because of that, 【Repair】did not recover any scars that were on her body before the dragon’s attack.

If I had done【Repair】on her while staying calm, the results would probably be different. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to do things slow and steady at the time.

「I don’t know if I can bring back the carving unless I tried. There really are many factors, like how long the carving was on the board for, or how much time has passed since the last【Repair】.」

「Are there any other factors?」

「If the person who did the carving put a lot of effort into it, then it should be easy to recover it. Likewise, if the person did it on a whim, then it’d be much harder to recover it. There are countless reasons, I can’t possibly list them all.」

「Ugh… Even stuff like that has an influence.」

Garnet’s expression showed just how tiresome she thought the process was.

I felt the same. Among the many questions of【Repair】, the rewinding aspect of【Repair】was quite the troublesome one.

「…White Wolf, just try it. Please.」

「It must be really important to you, for you to ask me so honestly. Was it some wound that has some prestige to it? Will your superiors get mad at you for getting rid of it?」

「How should I put it… Well, it’s something like that.」

Based on how Garnet evaded the question, it sounds like my guess was wrong.

It wasn’t some mark of honor she got as a knight, but at the same time she didn’t want it to disappear.

I had no idea why she wants a scar back, but if we’re just trying, then there’s no reason to hesitate. It was also a good chance for me to see just where my skill was at.

「Alright, can you think about the time you got the wound, as clearly as possible? If I can gather most of your memory about that moment, it might increase the chances of 【Repair】succeeding.」

That itself was 『worth trying out』.

If the memory of the【Repair】’s target could control the results, then perhaps there’s a reason why it does that.

I placed my hand on Garnet’s chest, and silently released my mana.

「Activate skill, begin【Repair】…」

Suddenly, an intense image streamed into my head.

— Flames. Smoke. A burning mansion. The smell of humans burning hung in the air.

The owner of the memory was running down a burning hallway, being pulled along by a woman who looked like a mother.

A burnt pillar collapsed and blocked the path. The perspective turned around, and I saw a man pointing his sword towards them.


The mother crouched and embraced the owner of the memory: her young daughter.

The long sword pierced through her back.

The sword was cruelly stabbed through the mother’s body as she shielded her child, and the tip of the sword left a wound on that young girl’s chest.


I completed the【Repair】, and took my hand off of Garnet’s chest.

The traces of an old-looking blade wound resurfaced on Garnet’s chest, in the same spot where the sword touched; the sword that went through the body of someone trying to protect her.

「I did it… I think. Take a look yourself.」

「Ooh, great! You brought it back completely! Thanks, White Wolf!」

Garnet’s face beamed with a juvenile-like smile.

…What on earth was with that scene I saw in my head? I never expected【Analyze】to activate in such a strange way as it retrieved the memories that Garnet had recalled.

However, I didn’t have the courage to ask if those were actually her memories.

I felt that it was an area where a stranger like myself should not get involved in.

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