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Many things were decided at the imperial meeting today.

The most important thing that was decided on was about the frontline base that will scout the underground space and battle against the demon king’s army.

Basically, the details that were decided right after my arrival didn’t change.

The proposed locations for the base were on the fifth floor of『Sundial Forest』and the aforementioned underground space.

Their plan was to place one at the entrance and exit of the cave that the dragons and Noire came out of, in order to surround the area and effectively creating a blockade.

Once the bases are completed, nobody but our allies can go through the cave.

In order words, as long as the enemy doesn’t break through the bases, Greenhollow Town and『Sundial Forest』’s safety would be guaranteed.

The name of the base was Hollowbottom Fort. It was very easy to understand; it was a fort at the bottom of the dungeon by Greenhollow.

The two locations of the base were called『forest side』and 『underground side』, but apparently those weren’t the official names.

There was another important thing that was decided was the indefinite shutdown of the A-ranked dungeon,『Hade’s Millennium Corridor』.

If we were to treat the『dragon’s cave』as a hidden route that was connected to the underground space, then『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』was basically one massive entrance.

It was also concluded that the demon king’s army would likely pass through the labyrinth when they invade the surface. Therefore, the kingdom will forbid entry into the dungeon, and together with the adventurer’s guild, place heavy surveillance around the labyrinth entrance.

However, not many people would suffer from the shutdown of the dungeon.

『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』was known to be a difficult dungeon with little to gain from it. Only those who liked to challenge unexplored dungeons would go, and even then there were only a few that did.

Save for the guild’s watchpost, there was barely anyone around the main entrance to begin with. Most of the monsters that lurked inside were golems, skeletons, and ghosts, and there were barely any resources you could gather… At least, that’s what the public knew.

It goes without saying, but another reason the dungeon was being sealed off was because of the labyrinth walls made of mithril.

At this point in time, only I was successful in mining the mithril, but obviously it didn’t mean that other people wouldn’t be able to do it.

It might be possible to use other skills to do it. I’m sure that if the alchemists do a lot of research, anybody would be able to work out a way to mine them.

For a kingdom that wanted to limit the circulation of mithril, it was obvious that they would want to hide and seal off the area.

Finally, there was a not-so-important decision made, although it wasn’t trivial either.

Since it was confusing to keep referring to the underground space as『underground space』, the council decided to give the area an official name.

They named it『Territory of the Demon King』; starting from now, we will refer to that underground space with that name.

Once the imperial meeting was over, the government officials and other important people left one by one. Suddenly, King Alfred called me over for some reason.

「Luke of White Wolf Forest.」

「What is it, Your Majesty?」

「Oh, it’s nothing important. Just wanted to chat for a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve heard that name, so I felt a bit of nostalgia.」

「I see…」

King Alfred laughed as he stroked his chin.

It felt like he put aside all of his majestic qualities to talk to me freely.

「…White Wolf Forest. More specifically, you’re from the village, right? I only stayed there for a night, before I went to do the trial to become king. That was the only time I ever went, but it left quite an impression. 」

The trial to become king…

I didn’t know much about the details, but I heard that the participants were told to explore a certain dungeon and bring back a specific artifact from there.

「I could speak my mind with my party members back then. Personally, I had nothing but good memories then.」

「…Your Majesty, why did you decide to become king?」

「Hm? Do you want to know? It’s not really a secret, but don’t go telling other people, okay?」

Even though I accidentally asked him a personal question, King Alfred grinned at me.

He bent down and brought his face closer to me, as though he was about to tell me a secret.

「It was because of the weakness known as love.」

「…Excuse me?」

I said, not expecting that answer.

「Actually, the person that ascends the throne was to be adopted into the family as a son-in-law, which meant they were to marry the princess of the family. However, the princess was incredibly strong-willed, and seeing as her partner was being chosen in such a way, she decided to do things her own way.」

「The princess did things her own way…?」

「Right. The princess became an adventurer, and she formed her very first party, which I was a part of. I was really thick-headed back then though. I never realized her true identity, much less figured out that she was there to observe the people who were trying to become king. 」

King Alfred looked up towards the ceiling of the tent, like he was immersed in nostalgia.

He wasn’t reminiscent of the past because he was unhappy at the moment. Rather, it felt like he was thinking about the past because it was the foundation of the brilliant present he was in.

「In the end, I only realized the truth when the conditions to become king were announced. At the same time, the princess was being taken back home. At that point though, we were somewhat attracted to each other. That’s when I decided that I have to become the king.」

He did all that for the sake of a single woman.

For that reason, he became king and proceeded to conquer most of Westland.

「When I spent the night at the village of White Wolf Forest, I was already feeling quite the pressure. I told stories about my past to the village chief’s son to distract myself.」

「…To the village chief’s…」

「I told him the story of how I was out at sea one time and tried to get ashore onto an island, only to find out that I climbed onto a massive turtle. And, there was the story of how I cut across a mob of dragons covering the sky… What else did I tell him about…」

「You told me the story of how you managed to steal a magical crown from the undead king, Your Majesty.」

「Oh, that’s right! ….Hm?」

That was a story from twenty years ago.

It was an old story about my past before I came to Greenhollow Town. One that I hadn’t told anyone about except to Silvia and Sakura.

When I was a child, I listened to the dazzling stories that adventurers who came to the village would tell me. Because of them, I began to look up to the way that adventurers lived.

To think that thrill I felt in my chest that day would reappear today in this way.

「Thank you so much, Your Majesty. Now I can believe that it wasn’t wrong for me to look up to adventurers.」

Somebody called for King Alfred from outside of the tent.

I silently bowed towards the flabbergasted King Alfred, and left the tent.

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