My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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「Those bringing in materials, right this way! Arrange the【Repair】base materials in the order it was designated inside the construction area! The wood and stone used to compensate for the repair can be placed around them!」

Members of the Golden Fang Knights gave out orders, while the hired adventurers and laborers moved the【Repair】materials around.

First, we had to work on the earth.

We dug out the ground slightly beforehand so we could cover it using the earth and stone materials from the foundation of the disassembled buildings.

Afterwards, we were to place those buildings on top, and use the wood and stone supplied through the dungeon to fix them.

The process was something that the royal palace’s architectural technicians came up with.

They expressed that rather than simply【repairing】the buildings, we should strengthen the foundation. However, because it hasn’t been done enough to verify the effects, the demand felt like it was to make themselves feel better.

「Luke-san, about what we discussed the other day, I would like to request that you do not use the earth and stones in the ground during the【Repair】process.」

One of the technicians came up to me during the operation to confirm that.

「Yes, I remember. There are countless traces of underground tunnels here, so digging up the ground poorly can result in the place caving in.」

「That’s correct. Of course, nothing will happen if you don’t do anything to it, and those tunnels are basically ruins that had long been abandoned.」

The rocky mountains that were spread throughout『the Territory of the Demon King』were being developed as a mining area by the demons.

In the present, they were doing mining far away where the ravine was, but it appeared that they did some work on this side a long time ago.

Either they mined up all the ores here and moved locations, or something else had happened.

In any case, there were no demons around this area now.

The only things here were dragons, but because they dislike the magic set off by the barrier stones, most of them moved elsewhere as well.

「By the way, it’s unusual to see you carry a sword around, Luke-san.」

「I borrowed it from an acquaintance so I can protect myself. It’s actually a katana though, rather than a sword.」

I grabbed the『wakizashi』that was hanging around my waist. Sakura lent it to me before leaving for her job.

「I see. However, the Golden Fang Knights are protecting the area very well, so I don’t think there will be a chance for you to use the sword. 」

As we talked, all the materials were set, so it was finally time for me to work.

「Let’s see…」

I took out a red crystal from my waist bag. It was about the size of a knife grip, and angular like an ore.

It was a mana crystal. Just as the name implied, it was a crystal which contained a large amount of mana.

Just like the barrier stone, it is a product of alchemy, so obviously it’s not something a poor adventurer could get their hands on.

If I remember correctly, it costs at least one small gold coin for one.

「I will now start the【Repair】.  Everyone, please stand back.」

Once I told that to the people around the area, I placed my hand on the mountain of materials.

I gripped the mana crystal with my other hand, and activated【Repair】with all my strength.

I【disassembled】the building wreckage and repair material, and then mixed them together as they were wrapped in light from the mana. The result was a massive building.

「There we go… Done.」

Once I finished the【repair】on the first building, the mana crystal that I had in my hand shattered into fine dust.

「Well done, Luke-san. Please take care of the next one as well. However, how should I say it… It’s difficult to watch such an expensive mana crystal be used up so easily like water.」

「Without it though, one building like this would take several days to【repair】. If you think of it as buying several days’ worth of time, then it’s a small price to pay.」

「Yes, that may be true, but it’s still bad for my heart.」

Well, I understood how he felt. When I used a mana crystal for the first time, I had the same feeling.

The cost of a single crystal was a commoner’s entire monthly income.

I still had two or three of them inside my poach.

There were still many more that I couldn’t carry with me.

Seriously, it was a confusing situation.

「Well then, Luke-san, please do the【repairs】for the armory next…」

Just as I turned towards the next area for【repairing】,

「Hm…? Just now, over there…」

From the foot of the mountain, a large human-like『something』jumped out.

It flew at us like it was being catapulted over, and landed with such speed that our eyes couldn’t follow.


The impact created a cloud of dust, and the knights immediately surrounded the area, preparing themselves for what was going to come next.

「What were the soldiers keeping watch doing?!」

「Are the demons attacking?!」

「There’s a possibility of explosions, be careful!」

The shroud of dust slowly settled, and the human-like thing appeared from within.

If I were to describe it, it looked like a distorted dragonewt.

It had the wings and tail of a dragon, and its left arm was covered in thick scales with claws for its hand. Both feet resembled dragon claws too.

Other than those aspects, it looked exactly like a human.

Its body, right arm, and right leg were clad in solid gold armor, and rather than a helmet, it wore a mask to protect its face. Its right hand was holding a well-made sword.

「It’s an enemy attack! All members, attack! Destroy its mana barrier!」

The commanding officer issued the commands, and the knights began their attack without wavering.

A mana barrier. Now that they mentioned it, I could see that the dragonewt was covered with a layer of mana.

It must’ve used the barrier to protect itself from the impact of landing.


The soldiers in the back attacked with arrows and magic.

Their plan was to stop the dragonewt by simultaneously firing attacks at it, destroy its barrier, and then finish it off by hand.

However, the masked dragonewt did not take a single step,


Instead, it flapped its wings and created a strong gale, blowing away the attack.

The knights dived beneath the gale that was launched into the sky and rushed at the dragonewt.

There were mighty swords, and swords so fast it didn’t even leave an afterimage. Alongside the knights was a sharp, piercing storm that made it hard for one to breathe.

However, the dragonewt’s barrier and scales, as well as its gold armor and sturdy sword, blocked all of those unbelievable attacks.

It countered the knights with its claws and sword clad in flames.



The knights were definitely not weak. The masked dragonewt was abnormal.

Its power and technique clearly surpassed that of the knights.

Even if Sakura or the Silver Wing Knights were here, it might not make a difference in this battle.

「Luke-dono! Over here!」

One of the soldiers tried to get me to a safe area, shouting as loud as he could.

Right after, the dragonewt howled and spread its wings, and launched itself straight ahead, just barely touching the ground.

Is it going towards that soldier?! The moment that thought flashed through my head, it felt like something crushed all the bones in my body. I flew into the air like a piece of paper.


I crashed onto the hard ground and tumbled a bit.

Because I landed on the slope right before a cliff, I continued to roll down, the rocky terrain hurting my body even more. Eventually, I stopped, feeling strangely cool.

While I was rolling down the slope, I used【Repair】on my body over and over.

The mana was dispersing, so the more I【repaired】, the less I healed. The amount of damage kept building up.

However, if I didn’t do it, the rocks would’ve torn up my body, and all of that combined would’ve killed me.

「Cough… gah…! That thing… It was aiming for me… not the soldier…」

As I used【Repair】on myself again, I stood up to try and see where I was at, and to think of the reason why the dragonewt attacked me.

There was so much going on though that my head felt like it was going to explode.

It appeared that I fell to the bottom of the ravine, seeing as I was next to a river with spring water.

The pouch on my belt had fallen off during the impact and disappeared somewhere, but the wakizashi and a single mana crystal fell nearby.

As for the reason the dragonewt attacked me, I have no idea.

I was definitely not a visible threat. If it was because the soldier called out to me, then the dragonewt would’ve attacked the other soldiers first.

In that case…

「That thing had a reason to aim for me… for Luke of White Wolf Forest…?」

This was just a hypothesis, but if the demon king had received some information like,『The one building the fort is a human named Luke,』then perhaps the dragonewt was sent as an assassin whose purpose was to interfere with the construction.

If that’s true, then that would explain why it went for me as soon as the soldier said my name…

However, there was no longer time for me to think calmly.

I could see the shadow of the dragonewt, descending straight down towards me.

「Shit! How persistent!」

I picked up the wakizashi and mana crystal, and made a run for it.

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