My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop






(In any case, there’s nowhere I can run to…!)

I was at the bottom of the valley, so my left and right were surrounded by mountains. Up the shallow river was most likely the dragon’s nest, while down the river led to the demons.

And above me stood the masked dragonewt…

「…It’s all or nothing!」

I touched the mountain and activated【Analysis】.

If there were mine tunnels throughout these mountains, then there may be a tunnel near the surface here.

「There’s one…! Activate skill!」

I immediately【disassembled】the stone wall that was several meters thick, sending the remains of the wall inside.

I crawled through the hole I opened up, and using the stones and sand remains, I activated 【Repair】. I sealed up the hole at the fastest speed possible.

Right before the hole closed completely, I saw that the masked dragonewt had just landed by the riverside.

「I made it… but… this isn’t a tunnel…?」

What I had imagined was a 『tunnel』was actually a man-made cave.

However, it was different from a regular cave. The walls and floor were smoothed out, like I was in a temple.

The ceiling was brimming with light, similar to the sky in the『Territory of the Demon King』, illuminating every corner of the passageway.

「These look like… ruins of some sort…」

I looked in amazement at the unexpected scenery, when suddenly I felt a strong impact against the thick stone wall next to me.

「Is that bastard trying to smash the wall down?!」

That dragonewt had some insane strength. If that thing doesn’t intend on giving up the chase, then there’s two options for me.

Assuming that either Theodore or another high ranking adventurer would come to my rescue, I could stay here and continue to【repair】the wall from the inside, making it a battle of endurance. Either I run out of mana first or the dragonewt runs out of time.

Otherwise, I could try escaping by going down the passageway, and hope that there was a place to hide or escape to.

(Either way, I have to decide what to do now…!)

With the first option, I still had a mana crystal, so I had the advantage here. However, I didn’t know how strong that dragonewt really was, so that was concerning. It’s possible that the people who come to help might get defeated by it too.

As for the second option, I could try and confuse the dragonewt since there were 『 two directions I could escape in』. However, if the way I run to is a dead end, it’s over for me.

「…Here goes!」

As soon as I made my decision, I did a small【repair】on the wall, and ran off as fast as I could.

It was too dangerous for me to have a front-on battle with this opponent, seeing as I couldn’t read its moves.

The only card at my disposal was my【Repair】skill backed with the mana crystal. However, it wouldn’t be strange to assume that my opponent had multiple trump cards.

I continued to run without turning back, and eventually I reached an area at the end of the passageway.

「Did I pick… the wrong side?」

The place I reached was a large cylindrical space.

I was at the upper end. At the center of the space stood a spiral staircase going downwards. However, the bottom was pitch black and I couldn’t see what was there.

No matter how I think about it,  it was a path leading underground.

From the looks of it, it goes deeper down than any other part of the『Territory of the Demon King』. It felt like it went to a place that no human should ever step foot in.

「It’s too late for me to go back…」

I heard the sound of a stone wall being pulverised back in the passageway.

「…it seems.」

I mustered up my courage and ran down the old spiral staircase.

There were holes spaced out along the wall of the cylindrical space, which lead to visibly empty caves.

It was like I was looking at a bunch of rooms; uninhabited rooms with not a single trace of furniture or tools.

「Was this place a town?」

If the guys that enjoy dungeon crawling for artifacts were to see this, they’d get so excited they’d probably lose their minds.

According to Noire, the『Territory of the Demon King』was inhabited by two races: the dwarves and the dark elves.

Based on the size of these holes, they look like they were made for humans like myself to move around easily. They were clearly not meant for dwarves.

In that case, perhaps this place was made for dark elves to live in.

It’s possible that there used to be another type of demons that lived here though…

(…Wait, this is no time to be thinking about that.)

This is no time to be getting distracted.

I focused on running down the spiral staircase, and eventually reached the bottom of the cylindrical space.

「A dead end, huh… No, maybe there’s a secret path I can go through…」

I touched the stone floor which had an artistic pattern carved into it, and using the power of the mana crystal, I activated【Analysis】.

Information on the physical structure of the entire area flowed into my head.

Immediately after, rocks suddenly came crashing down, the impact causing me to lose my footing. My skill was forcibly canceled.

(No way! It caught up already?!)

The moment I turned around, I felt an intense pain pierce through my body.


The masked dragonewt stood in front of me. Pierced through my stomach was a sword.

Fresh blood dripped onto the stone floor.

Right as the dragonewt calmly tugged at the sword to pull it out from my body —


— it noticed that it couldn’t.

It couldn’t even move the sword a bit, as though the blade and body had fused together.

「…I’ve caught you now…!」

Even in my dreams I would never imagine using『that technique』in this way.

I used【Fusion】, which I had thought of when the eccentric noble requested me to make him a sword that couldn’t be pulled out from the stone it was in.

At the time, I did it with a sword and stone. This time, I tried to replicate it with a sword — and my own flesh.

Now that the masked dragonewt was confused, it was my chance.

I【disassembled】the part of the sword that pierced past my body into fragments, and forced the pieces onto the dragonewt’s armor.


Using the material from the armor, I replicated several crooked swords through【Repair】,  which now pierced through the chest of the dragonewt.


An anguished wail came from beneath the mask, and at the same time, flames began spewing out from where the swords pierced through.

I quickly took out the hihi’irokane wakizashi I got from Sakura and used it to absorb the flames.

Sakura’s hihi’irokane katana was able to absorb a dragon’s flaming breath. In that case, the wakizashi should be able to do too.

「How’s this?!」

With the scorching hot wakizashi, I aimed right for the dragonewt’s neck.

The dragonewt still managed to react while in pain, moving its head so that its mask could block my attack.

The blade of the wakizashi went right down the mask.

However, either I wasn’t very skilled or because the dragonewt moved smartly, my attack did not get to the face completely and only destroyed the mask.


The dragonewt leaped back.

My first attack ended in failure, but the swords that I【repaired】into its body were still there, and one of dragonewt’s wings was torn like it had been ripped off.


I released the【Fusion】I had used on the sword in my body and removed it. Then, I readied myself as I【repaired】my wound.

Even if I were to attack the dragonewt straight on, I will most definitely miss. Using 【Disassemble】on its body directly would be impossible as well, due to its resistance to mana.

I probably won’t be able to use either【Repair】or【Fusion】again on it. Not to mention, I was lucky I didn’t die from stopping the sword using【Fusion】.

Furthermore, the dragonewt couldn’t even pull out of the sword despite using all of its strength right from the start.

If it did manage to pull out the sword, there’s no doubt that my blood and flesh would be all over the floor by now.

(I already did everything I could… If it doesn’t die from this, then I’ll have to go with『the last resort』…)

Unfortunately, the dragonewt was between me and the spiral staircase.

As I thought about whether it was possible for me to run, the dragonewt, who lost its mask, shouted at me with a human-like voice.

「Luke!! You…! You bastarddd!!!」

I was very familiar with the face that I had slightly slashed with the wakizashi.

The skin was mostly covered by scales, its eyes the same as a dragon’s, and long pointy fangs hung from its mouth; however, I still recognized who it was.

「Is that you… Falcon…?」

The hero, Falcon. The man who left me behind in『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』, the one who had become Demon King Gandalf’s prisoner; he now stood in front of me, his body fused with that of a dragon.

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