My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

「Is that you… Falcon…?」

The hero, Falcon. The man who left me behind in『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』, the one who had become Demon King Gandalf’s prisoner; he now stood in front of me, his body fused with that of a dragon.

「You bastard! You’re alive! Why you?! While we’re!! Argh!!!」

Flames spewed out from his mouth and from the wounds on his chest and back as he screamed.

Why did Falcon become a monster? I thought, though I knew the answer to that.

I didn’t know how it was done, but after he was captured by the demon king, the demons must’ve decided to『remake』him.


Now that Falcon lost his armor, his chest swelled up with blood and flames spilling out from the wounds caused by the few sword blades that pierced through.

Then, a vehement fire breath was shot straight at me.


I swung the hihi’irokane wakizashi to intercept the flames.

However, either because I had bad timing or because the power of the breath was stronger than I had expected, I couldn’t completely block all of it, causing it to burn my skin.



Falcon’s monstrous howl ran through the lingering flame in the air, and with his left arm which had transformed into a dragon’s forelimb, he grabbed my head.

My vision blurred, like it was spinning back and forth. I felt an intense pain in my forehead, and warmth spread through my face.

I only noticed that my head had been smashed against the stone floor once my body was forcibly lifted up by the head.

「…Haha. You definitely aren’t someone I can fight head on…」

I gazed straight at Falcon with half my vision covered by a blood-red color.

He was so close to me that his breath felt like it was burning my face.

His dragon-like eyes gleaming with hatred glared back at me.

「You bastard! Asshole! How dare you do this to us!」

「Hey, hey… You’ve got to be kidding me, dear hero. I’m just a useless third-rate adventurer, remember?」

「Shut up! You! You, you hid, your powers! If only you weren’t here!」


What he said threw me off, and I couldn’t come up with a reply.

After a couple of seconds, what came out of my mouth were not words, but laughter.

「…Ha, hahaha. Ahahahaha!」

「What’s so funny?!」

Falcon threw me down with all his might, and I felt my face smash against the cold stone floor once again.

This time, I heard the sound of bones cracking.

Even so, I couldn’t hold back my laughter coming from the bottom of my stomach.

Even if he didn’t know the circumstances, that was an unbelievable misunderstanding on his part.

Rather than being resentful of the terrible outburst of anger I was receiving, I couldn’t help but find it funny that the difference between our cognisance was so great.

「……I didn’t hide anything from you guys. I only have my【Repair】skill, it’s just a little higher level than most people’s. That’s all that I have…」

I gripped the wakizashi in one hand and the mana crystal in the other. I twisted myself to rest on my back and changed my posture.

In my line of sight, I saw the dragonified Falcon looking down at me.

It’s likely that the demon king had ordered Falcon to go attack the base as it was being constructed. Then, he decided to attack me as soon as he saw me because he was angry at the fact that not only was I still alive, but doing well.

Afterwards, he ignored the base and decided to chase me all the way down here because he held a grudge due to the misunderstanding.

「I was able to heal my wounds and break down walls only after I was left behind by you guys. I was desperate, and I struggled and struggled… As a result, I was suddenly able to do those things… That’s all there is to it.」

For the first time, Falcon didn’t look angry.

Instead, he looked bewildered, uneasy. It could be described as disturbed.

Falcon had a bad habit of overestimating his own abilities and thus leaving his guard down, but fundamentally speaking he wasn’t stupid at all.

That’s why he understood; what he held onto was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

If Luke of White Wolf Forest hadn’t hidden his true abilities, then all of us wouldn’t have ended up like this, Falcon must’ve thought. That was the mistake caused by him trying to push the responsibility onto another so he wouldn’t be at fault.

「If everything had gone well… If the five of us had reached here… I’m sure that I would’ve ended up like you guys as well. Do you understand, my dear hero?」

「…Shut up…」

「You ended like this, because of you. It’s not anyone else’s fault, it’s yours. You ruined yourself!」


Falcon raised his leg, ready to smash down onto my head.

As I laid facing up, I used a large amount of mana from the mana crystal in order to activate【Disassemble】against the stone floor.

The floor beneath us collapsed in an instant.

Below us was a space so dark we couldn’t see the bottom of it. The hole swallowed us in together with the rubble.


Thrusting the wakizashi【synthesized】with hihi’irokane and steel into the wall of the hole, I activated【Fusion】to fuse the wakizashi into the rocks, thus saving myself from falling in.

The blade began to bend due to my weight, but I constantly activated【Repair】to restore its shape, preventing the blade from snapping completely.

When I first【analyzed】the floor here, I knew that beneath the few meters of rocks was a hollow space.

That was my『last resort』. As for Falcon–


He stretched out his remaining wing as far as he could, desperately reaching up with his arms, but there was nothing for him to grab onto.

Because the sword blades had dug into the joint of his other wing, Falcon lost his ability to fly.


That was the last thing the hero cried as he fell into the darkness.

Rather than directing his anger at me or his hatred for the demon king, he called out his lover’s name despite the fact that she wasn’t here.

Ten or so seconds passed, and I heard the distant sound of something hitting a body of water.

「An underground pond… maybe. Sorry about that, dear hero. It’s my turn to leave you behind.」

This situation was truly ironic.

After I was left behind in the labyrinth, I used my newly gained abilities and made it out alive.

Meanwhile, the hero who left me behind was turned into a monster, and fell deep into the abyss.

I looked up and used【Repair】with the surrounding rubble and dirt to fix the hole, turning the place back into the way it was before.

「……It’s over, finally.」

I laid down on the cold stone floor and stretched.

The mana crystal I had in my left hand this entire time turned black and crumbled away.

Rather than feeling excited over the victory, I only felt an indescribable feeling of exhaustion.

It must be because I used my mind and body past their limits. It’s also possible, although it’s out of character for me, that I felt pity for how the hero’s life ended.

…Honestly, it didn’t matter what the reason was. All I cared about was seeing everyone as soon as possible.

This place was, without a doubt, the bottom of the labyrinth. However, the situation was completely different than before.

This time, I have a place to return to. There are people waiting for me to come back.

Those things alone make me happier beyond imagination.

Author’s Notes: chapter will be the epilogue of Arc 1.

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