My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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A few days have passed since the unexpected battle at the underground ruins.

The construction of Hollowbottom Fort continued smoothly, and I finished all of the tasks I had to do.

The demon king hadn’t attacked us anymore once the mutated hero was defeated, as though it was being cautious.

Now, the day I get to reopen my shop has finally come.

「I’ve got everything set up to open shop again, but… I should really clean this place up too.」

I looked at the pile of leaves and branches scattered around the front of the shop, and sighed.

Greenhollow Town was a place surrounded with an abundant amount of nature.

There were trees and plants overgrown everywhere, so letting one’s guard down would lead to this sort of situation.

I had to shorten the opening hours in order to help build the fort, so I didn’t spend any time cleaning up the store front. However, I should do it today, at the very least.

「Okay! I’ll clean as much as I can until we open.」

I pumped myself up and started cleaning.

After sweeping with the broom for a while, I managed to tidy up most of the fallen leaves and branches. Then, two familiar faces came up to me.

「It’s been a while, Luke-dono.」

「I heard from the Golden Fang guys that you got caught up with a troublesome guy and almost died.」

It was Felix and Garnet, from the Silver Wing Knights.

Instead of their armor, they wore civilian clothing. Felix’s clothes looked up-to-date and clean.

As for Garnet, she wore a boyish, sporty outfit.

If I didn’t know about Garnet’s gender, I would’ve thought that she was a pretty boy who looked like a girl.

「I heard about the great contributions you had made for the fort. Thank you for all the work you’ve done.」

「Don’t sweat it, it’s also thanks to it that I can continue with my business comfortably.」

「That’s good to hear. Actually, I came to visit you today because there is something I wanted to tell you regarding your business… Please, take this.」

Felix handed me a sealed letter.

The seal had the emblem of a two-headed dragon. The emblem of the palace, where the summons from King Alfred comes from, was also on the letter.

「It’s a license for the mining, manufacturing and selling of mithril goods. There are some conditions which are enclosed in the letter, but I’ll tell you a summary of them.」

There were three conditions:

First, I am only allowed to mine for mithril in『Hade’s Millenium Corridor』, accessed through the hidden stairs located in『Sundial Forest』. It is also the only entrance that is not sealed.

Second, the palace will determine how much mithril I am allowed to mine and use for production every month.

Finally, I have to report what I make using the mithril, as well as the person who purchases the goods. I will be making the reports to the Silver Wing Knights.

「That’s the gist of the conditions.」

「It’s pretty much what I had imagined. Of course, I have no problems with those terms.」

「Thank you for understanding. There is one more thing, although it is a request from the Silver Wing Knights… Will it be alright for you if we leave Garnet here as your bodyguard and messenger?」

The conditions for handling mithril weren’t surprising, but this request was.

I glanced at Garnet, who just shrugged her shoulders.

「We are aware that the hero Falcon had fallen into the hands of the demons.」

「The higher-ups from Golden Fang and the palace were freaking out. They were like, how’d the hero turn into a demon chimera? 」

「Garnet, I’m in the middle of an important explanation, so please be quiet.」

Felix told Garnet to be quiet, cleared his throat, and continued talking.

「Our mission is to uncover the reason for the hero’s unrepatriated status, and to investigate why it happened. Of course, that means we have to ensure the safety of our only witness, you.」

「That’s why you’re leaving Garnet here… as a bodyguard.」

「That’s correct. It’s best if he hides the fact that he is a knight, so it’d be great if you could hire him as an employee.」

Honestly, that proposal was good for me too.

Now that Westland Kingdom will be facing off against Demon King Gandalf, it would be best for me if there were more ways I could protect myself.

Also, if I were to consider the amount of orders coming in from the knights and possibly an increase from the adventurers, I should hire a worker or two.

「I’m really grateful for the offer, but are you sure you want to leave Garnet here? You could just get another regular knight…」

「Of course, we don’t mind. You don’t have to worry about his brother, please use him like you would with a regular employee.」

What I was worried about was her actual gender, but I recalled that Felix didn’t know about it.

Garnet looked at me from behind Felix like she was saying,『Don’t say anything unnecessary.』

「It’s decided then. Well, I was planning to stay even if you said no.」

「So you wanted to become a nuisance.」

「Wha-, it’s not like I wanted to do this. Once this mission’s done, the big shots are probably going to send me on some super boring search mission. Obviously, staying at your place is much more comfortable.」

「Why thank you. Since you’re good at physical labor, I’ll ask you for help with that.」

「Sure, leave it to me!」

Since Garnet herself was okay with it, there was no reason for me to refuse.

Right as our conversation ended, I saw Silvia and Sakura coming towards us from the path to town.

「Well then, please excuse me here. If Garnet causes you any trouble, please let me know. I’ll come back right away.」

「I’m not going to cause any trouble.」

Felix bowed and left.

Then, Silvia and Sakura came up to us.

「Good morning, Luke-san!」

「We came to help you out for your reopening. Oh? You have an unusual visitor here.」

「Hey Sakura.」

Sakura and Garnet exchanged greetings in a familiar manner, but Silvia stood next to them looking like she didn’t catch on to the situation.

「Um, who might you be?」

「Oh? ……Now that I think about it, Silvia, you’ve only ever seen him in his armor.」

「It’s me, Garnet. Some stuff happened, so I’ll be working at the shop starting today. Let’s get along.」

「……Garnet…… Ehhh?!!」

Yeah, that’s a pretty good reaction.

Due to the helmet, Silvia had never seen Garnet’s face nor heard her voice clearly, so it was no wonder that she couldn’t figure out who Garnet was.

「I thought you’d have a scarier face! I never expected you to look so much like a girl……」

「Hahaha. Silvia, that is a rude thing to say to a warrior. I was taken aback when I first saw his face, but I know a few men who have similar facial features. 」

It seemed like Silvia misunderstood Garnet’s gender, exactly the way Garnet wanted it to be.

As for Sakura… I wasn’t sure if she knew and was pretending she didn’t, or if she really thought that Garnet was a guy.

「Anyways, let’s continue chatting inside. We’re opening soon.」

「That’s right, Luke-san! There are a lot of things I wanted to ask you about!」

「I also have a lot of things I’d like to talk about. Actually, as of today, I have been promoted to rank C.」

「Really? Didn’t you reach rank D not too long ago? That’s great! 」

As I relaxed myself in this peaceful conversation, I invited the three of them inside.

Before I closed the door, I flipped over the small sign hanging by the entrance.

— White Wolf Shop, 『Open』For the Day —

My new everyday was starting. I wanted to spend the time in this irreplaceable place slowly.


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