Chapter 4

My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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— what I saw was a forest filled with warm sunlight.

「Hah….hahaha… I did it! I really got out!」

The smell of dirt and trees. The sunlight’s warmth that could not be felt from light moss. Everything healed my weakened heart.

The exit at the top of the stairs was connected to the root of a large tree.

It was a different entrance than the one I had gone through with the hero’s party, but really, who would care about that now? It didn’t change the fact that I escaped from the labyrinth.

As soon as I relaxed myself from joy, my forgotten hunger overwhelmed me.

「Ugh, if I don’t eat something soon, I might actually die… A forest should have some nuts or fruits… there’s one!」

I plucked a ripe fruit off of a tree that was easily reachable and brought it to my mouth.

The moment I was about to bite into the fruit, an intense warning signal echoed through my mind.

「…! I can’t eat this, it’s rotten! …but how do I know something like that…?」

Even though the fruit looked temptingly delicious, I lost all my appetite for it.

I couldn’t understand the reason I was able to deduce that the fruit was hazardous. That felt more ominous than the fruit itself.

Before I could come up with an answer, a high-pitched voice sounded from nearby.


It had been about half a month since I heard somebody else’s voice. The scream sounded like it belonged to a young girl.

「…?! Is somebody there?!」

Out of reflex, I dashed in the direction of the scream.

To be honest, I didn’t know if I was running there to help the person who screamed, or to get help for myself.

(Shit! Shouldn’t I be running away from this?)

That thought came to mind for a moment, but I quickly dismissed it.

Even though I escaped from the dungeon, I didn’t know how to get to a human settlement from here.

What a terribly funny story it would be if I had an accident and died in the middle of a forest rather than in a labyrinth.

In any case, it was best to group up with other humans, who were likely to know where a human village or town would be.

「It’s them! Over there…!」

In an open space surrounded by trees were two young girls.

One of them was petite and wore a cheap-looking robe. She didn’t look like an adventurer, and rather looked like a town girl who got lost.

The other girl had black hair and wore light armor with an unfamiliar design etched in them. Her long hair was tied up into a ponytail, and the pants she wore were red and flared out at the end, looking almost like a long skirt.

If I remembered correctly, it was a type of clothing called the hakama that people from the east wore. When I took another look at her light armor, I noticed that the designs were also in an eastern style.

「Run away, Silvia!」

「B-but I can’t leave you behind, Sakura…!」

The black-haired girl, called Sakura, taunted the enemy in front while trying to protect the other girl called Silvia.

The enemy was a winged monster that every adventurer out there thought of as a unique existense:

(You’re kidding me! There’s a dragon outside of a dungeon?!)

It was so shocking I wanted to praise myself for not raising my voice the moment I saw the dragon.

That monster would kill and eat me in a split second. If it spotted me, I wouldn’t even be able to run away from it.

Not to mention, it wasn’t like a wyvern, which was a subspecies of dragons with wings as forelimbs. It was an actual dragon, with all four limbs and wings on its back.

While I was still shocked at the current situation, I looked back over at Sakura. Unlike Silvia, Sakura’s fighting spirit was showing, but something was wrong with the situation.

(…ahh!! What on earth is she doing?! She’s heavily injured!)

There was a lot of blood gushing out from the side of Sakura’s torso. Not to mention, the sword she was holding was broken in half.

I see. That scream from earlier was from Silvia after she watched Sakura get injured.

「Silvia! At the very least, you must survive and return home! Hurry up and go!」

「Sakura… I’m sorry!」

Silvia sobbed and ran in my direction.

I ran in the opposite direction of her, towards Sakura instead.



Squeezing out the last of my exhausted body’s energy, I threw the knife that was【synthesized】with the light moss at the dragon.

The knife rotated through the air before rebounding off of the dragon’s forehead hard enough for it to vanish into the forest.

It did no damage, but that was fine. The dragon got distracted by the glowing 『thing』and looked away from Sakura.

Using that moment, I threw my long sword over to where Sakura was. While it would’ve been cool if the sword pierced the ground from the momentum, I had no energy to throw it that hard, so the sword landed on its side and tumbled over.

「Can you hear me, samurai?! Use that!」

「…! You have my gratitude!」

The dragon lost its interest in the glowing knife, and once again looked back at Sakura, baring its teeth at her.

Sakura had already picked up the sword and used a swift sword skill to slash at the dragon’s legs and neck.

The dragon fell as though its head was forced against the ground, and it stopped moving without a twitch.

That moment happened in a split second. It was so fast, the dragon must’ve not realized that it had been killed.

「You did it!」

I exclaimed in joy without thinking.

The sharpness of the sword was beyond what I had imagined. To think that it could face off against a dragon and give it fatal wounds.

「Hah, hah… I, thank you, for your assistance. Thanks to you, I…」

Sakura was walking towards Silvia and I when half-way through, she collapsed as though she had lost all her strength.

「Ahh! Sakura!」

「Hey, are you okay!?」

Silvia and I ran over to Sakura, and then we checked the wound on the side of her body.

「This is bad. This might be fatal…!」

In my fifteen years as an adventurer, I have seen many people succumb to serious injuries.

I told Silvia about my experience. Sakura would die unless somebody healed her wounds with a healing 『skill』.

「Do you have a healing skill?」

Silvia shook her head while crying. Judging from this situation, they probably used up all their potions too.

「W-what about you… do you have any…?」

「I’m sorry, but I don’t either. The only skill I can use is 【Repair】, and using it on a human is…」

Wait a minute, was it truly impossible? I asked myself with a strangely clear mind.

The【Repair】skill could not recover the injuries of a living object. That was common sense; everybody knew that.

However, was that still true?

Could the me now save this young girl in front of me from dying?

This wasn’t some baseless self-confidence I had. There was a reason I could say that the possibility was greater than zero.

「It’s worth it… let’s try it…!」

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