My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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The day we reopened White Wolf for business was also the day we had the most customers ever.

There hasn’t been this many of them since the dragon and wyverns appeared.

I understood exactly why there had been an increase: it was because Hollowbottom Fort had been completed.

The open-space dungeon,『Sundial Forest』, was adjacent to Greenhollow Town. Within the bottom floor of the dungeon existed a hidden cave.

The cave led to a spacious underground area called 『Territory of the Demon King』. That was where the castle of Gandalf, the dark elf demon king, was.

In order to close off the cave on both sides, bases were established at both 『Sundial Forest』 and 『Territory of the Demon King』in order to prepare for the inevitable war against the demons; together, they made up Hollowbottom Fort.

At Hollowbottom Fort, there were the Golden Fang Knights who were dispatched by the kingdom, and high-ranking adventurers hired to investigate 『Territory of the Demon King』.

— Residents of Greenhollow who wanted weapons for self-defense.

— Low-ranking adventurers who gathered herbs at 『Sundial Forest』, as well as those who were working as an assistant for a high-ranking adventurer.

— High-ranking adventurers who were hired to either investigate or subjugate monsters at 『Territory of the Demon King』.

— The Golden Fang Knights who were preparing themselves for war against the demon army.

All of those people wanted equipment that corresponded to their objectives.

In order to fulfill these demands, they rushed off to the only weapon shop in town: my shop.

「One, two, three… I’m definitely missing one here. Garnet! Get me one set of leather gauntlets!」


Garnet rolled up her sleeves and ran to the back of the shop, bringing out the product in its bag quickly.

She was assigned to be my bodyguard by the Silver Wing Knights, and was now working at White Wolf to hide her role. However, she worked hard and didn’t seem to mind the job.

Perhaps due to the way she looked and dressed, along with her mannerism being rather rowdy, none of the customers seemed to realize that she was actually a girl.

「Oh, Sakura, can you deliver this to Hollowbottom Fort? It’s a quote for the order from before.」

「Understood. I will deliver this right away.」

Sakura used【Shukuchi】and teleported outside of the shop in an instant.

I felt grateful that she still came to help out, despite the fact that she probably had adventurer work to do.

Since Sakura was the only Easterner in Greenhollow Town, she caught the eyes of other adventurers.

Her sword skills were also highly regarded, so there were many that wanted to work with her.

「Luke-san, I’ve brought some refreshments.」

Silvia came into the shop through the back entrance, and placed her basket of snacks down on the counter.

「Sorry about this, Silvia. You’re helping us out even though the inn must be busy right now too.」

「It’s fine. I brought some stuff that’s easy to eat with one hand, but… Huh? Did Sakura go out?」

「I asked her to deliver some paperwork for me. I picked a bad time to ask her.」

Spring Leaf Pavilion, which was where Silvia lived, was one of the places that got terribly busy from the influx of adventurers who came to Greenhollow.

Being the biggest inn in town, their dining hall also served customers outside of the inn guests, so during meal times, it began getting rather chaotic.

「If only I could hire another person to help out…」

「I guess. With only you and I here, it’ll be hard to make decisions too.」

Garnet ate a stuffed bun in one bite, and returned to work right after.

「I’ll prepare some herbal tea for you. The herbs that Sakura brought back from 『Sundial Forest』 just finished drying.」

Silvia walked off towards the kitchen.

I stretched to refresh myself and focused on handling the non-stopping flow of customers coming to the counter.

If I were to hire another person to work here, where should I look?

(The first place that comes to mind is asking the adventurers… It may be work experience, but not many people like requests like these…)

For short term work that only last a couple of days, like the construction of Bottomhollow Fort, hiring adventurers was a good way to get workers.

Some adventurers will grab onto any request they can get if they want a temporary income.

However, if the request requires them to work for an extended period of time, most of them lose interest immediately.

For adventurers, their main objective is to clear dungeons. All other requests are simply treated as money-makers.

If they work at a shop, they would have less time to spend doing adventurer things, meaning they would lose out on everything related to their actual occupation.

(I could ask the residents in Greenhollow or maybe ask the neighboring town too… It sounds like I should get a good amount of good applicants.)

The influx of adventurers due to the completion of the fort benefited not only Greenhollow Town, but the neighboring towns as well.

Many places decided to try and expand their business, meaning they also experienced a lack of workers.

Posters were all over town seeking workers. It wouldn’t be surprising if there were many shops like White Wolf that were being overrun by customers.

They were either screaming with joy, or screaming in fear.

(For now, I’ll try discussing it with the guild house. Since they also run the bar, they get both adventurers and regular people.)

It was now past the evening, and so it was time for the shop to close.

Sakura and Garnet got the last couple of customers trying to stick around to leave, returning the shop to a quiet state.

「Phew… When I first started this business, I thought,『It’d be nice if I could do things slowly and leisurely.』Except it’s now the complete opposite.」

「Isn’t it good though? It’s better than the shop being in a slump.」

Garnet made a good point, but at the rate we were going, my body wouldn’t be able to hold up for long.

As I’ve already decided to hire some more people, I decided to invite the three who helped me out today.

「It’s already getting late, so let’s have dinner at the guild house. Of course, it’s my treat.」

「Really? Thank you!」

「That reminds me, Mareeda-dono mentioned something about getting some high quality meat.」

「Alright, there’s meat! If you’re treating, I’m feasting tonight!」

Garnet really intended to feast without holding back.

Of course, I wasn’t going to tell her to hold back. Instead, I was curious about how much she could possibly eat.

The four of us left the shop and went down the main street of Greenhollow, which was bustling more than ever, towards the guild house.

「Welcome! Oh, it’s Silvia and Luke-san. What brings you here today?」

The receptionist and pretty girl who attracts the customers into the bar, Mareeda, gave us a mature smile.

Mareeda gave off a mature feel that made it hard to believe that she was the same age as Silvia.

「I was thinking of having dinner here with everyone. Also, there’s something I want to talk to you about, later on…」

Mareeda brought us to a table, and we started chatting. Then, we heard a voice come towards us from the center area of the bar.

「Ohh! Luke, it’s you! It’s been a while!」

I looked over to where the voice came from, and saw a man surrounded by many adventurers waving at us.

He was a robust guy with a body that looked like a lion’s. I knew him very well.

「Travis, is that you? Man, you haven’t changed at all.」

Travis, the Black Swordsman.

He was one of the high-ranking adventurers who I asked for help, when the big dragon first appeared and caused Greenhollow to go into a state of panic.

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