My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop

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Travis got up, his large frame making it cramped for him, and got out from between his party members’ seats.

「Luke! I’ve heard you switched from being an adventurer to owning a weapon shop! You didn’t even discuss it with me, how mean!」

His muscular arms wrapped around my shoulders and shook them with all his might.

Travis was an adventurer with a large-built, robust body, on par with King Alfred. But while King Alfred resembled a lion, Travis was more like a big dog.

No matter who he’s up against, he did not discriminate. He just wants to have fun with everybody.

「Boss, who is he?」

「He’s a friend of mine. We both started out as adventurers at the same time. He runs a weapon shop in town.」

「Ahh! I’ve heard of him before! He’s the guy who sells mithril swords, right?」

Travis’s party members got excited and began chatting about it. One of the guys went to get a chair, trying to get me to sit with them and Travis.

It seemed like they were trying to get me to eat dinner with them.

Although Travis was welcoming me, I already had plans for today, and declined his offer.

He let me go from his grasp, and I took a few steps back while trying to fix my ruffled hair.

「Sorry, I’m here with some other people.」

「Okay, then call them over!」

「Ah… Well…」

With good timing, Silvia came to get me.

「Luke-san, we got seated already. The other two are starting to get annoyed because they want to eat meat, so please come back soon.」

In the next moment, Travis jumped back like he got knocked over by a strong wind.

Oh man, this guy really hasn’t changed at all. I was stunned by his usual over-reaction.

「Don’t mind him, he’s bad with women.」

「I-I-It’s not like I’m bad with women! I just don’t know how to handle them! What if they smash me down because I accidently touched them or something?!」

「That’s the same as being bad with them. I can see that your party members are all men even now. I guess you have no intention of getting over that fear of yours, huh?」

When I first met this guy fifteen years ago, he was already like this.

What if I touch her by accident and something happens, yada yada yada… His excuses haven’t changed either.

He’s fine with old ladies, and can even carry them on his back. He only has this sort of reaction with young girls in particular.

「I’ll come back soon enough, so tell them to order first. You can order anything you’d like.」

「Really? Okay then.」

Silvia went back to our table. Once she left, Travis came back cheerfully.

「Phew… Luke, what kind of relationship do you have with that young lady…?」

「She’s the daughter of the owner of Spring Leaf Pavillion. She’s been helping out with my shop, so I’m thanking her by treating her out to a meal.」

「So that’s how you talk to her… Man, even from the beginning, the only thing you had a terrible amount of was bravery…」

「Don’t say it like that, you’re going to cause misunderstandings.」

Look, now your party members are giving me a suspicious look of respect.

They definitely interpreted what Travis said as, ‘This guy must have a technique for winning girls over.’

「Anyway, I’m going to get going. My shop is called White Wolf, and it’s just outside of town. If you have time, come drop by.」

「Oh, that’s right! I forgot about something important.」

Travis tapped the side of his fist into his open palm.

「Can you give my gauntlets some mithril coating? Of course, it’s a request to you, the weapon smith.」

「…Just the outer layer?」

「Yeah. I want it to be easier to put mana into. 」

「I’m out of mithril right now. I’ll get some more on my next day off, so will it be okay if I work on your gauntlets afterwards?」

「Of course, that’s fine. I’ll leave them to you then.」

Travis’s party members got riled up and cheered.

For high-ranking adventurers, mithril is a priceless material. It made sense that his party members would be excited to know that their boss was getting mithril in his weapons.

I turned around to leave these guys, who were about to order a bunch of alcohol for their party, and was ready to meet up with Silvia and the others when I saw an adventurer sitting a couple of tables over stand up.

He had two spears, both wrapped tightly with cloths full of curse marks. He was skinny and  covered in black clothing from head to toe.


「I’ve read your letter. Even a boring connection like you has its uses.」

Dustin, the dual spear wielder. He was also one of the high-ranking adventurers I asked to come, along with Travis.

Dustin wanted nothing to do with me other than that, and walked past me.

However, Travis got in front of him.

「That’s a funny way of saying hi, Dustin.」

「…Sorry, but can you move? I don’t have time to talk to a fellow adventurer whose brain is made of muscles.」

Travis’s party members stood up in anger at the insult, but Travis stayed calm.

Dustin’s words were brimming with insults, but he himself wasn’t exerting ill intentions.

Rather, it felt like we were looking at a ghost. He was rather lethargic.

You could tell from his voice or behavior that he had not an ounce of aspiration. Even the part between his eyes looked like it was going to evaporate and disappear any moment now.

Travis noticed it as well, and without getting agitated by Dustin’s insults, he responded with composure.

「Both Luke and I haven’t changed since the beginning, but you, you’re like a different person.」

「People change. I refuse to die a meaningless death.」

Dustin pushed Travis aside and tried to leave, but suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked at me.

「I’m happy for you, Luke. You finally listened to my warning. I told you before that you should quit being an adventurer, because otherwise you’ll die sooner.」

「…I’ve forgotten about that completely, actually. Now that you mention it, I remember now.」

I tried to reply sarcastically, but even then, Dustin barely reacted..

This time, Dustin left, and both Travis and I didn’t think about stopping him.

「Hey, Luke. I know we’ve only partnered up with that guy a few times in the course of things, but to see how much he has changed was a bit… It really didn’t feel good.」

「I feel the same way. But, that’s our problem. We should consider each other’s feelings.」

「You’re telling me to do such a difficult thing with ease.」

「No, I know it’s not easy.」

This time, we finally said farewell to each other, and after calming myself down, I went to the table where Silvia and the other two were waiting.

The past is in the past, but we are in the present. I shouldn’t cause others to worry about me for no reason…

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